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white krst

  • Czterdziestka - White KRST
    "Zostaw tylko zdjęcie Odejdź i nic nie mów A moje uczucia znowu dostaną wylewu To kilka sekund, to tylko chwila, słuchaj Co dzień z obrzydzeniem patrzę w pierdolone lustra Więc nie powtarzaj mi ze ten świat"
  • White - The Cult
    "White Shining Shining brightly Pure crystal snow White Oh, virgin White White Shining Shining brightly White Yeah, white Shining Shining bright Snow is crystal, the fire is cold I sit back, watch the"
  • White - Herman Brood
    "Like a ghost in daylight operatin' on a crowded street always in danger somehow invisible for the heat I don't wanna be white no more I don't wanna be white I don't wanna be white no more I don't wanna"
  • White - Borknagar
    "Again The empty room White and unmarked, though touched With a sensible structure Underneath the surface Hiding in the corner of the eye Or resting outside the field of vision No doors or windows No entrances"
  • White - Lights
    "Are there oceans full of things you'll never say Are there skylines of the cities you don't see Is there music muted playing underneath Is mathematics keeping you from thinking free Do you see lights"
  • White - Something For Kate
    "you think of white somewhere outside somehow connected to your brain or about to knock on your door eternity is a policy magnetism and mystery wishful thinking and fantasy and i hope that you're not hoping"
  • White - Frank Ocean
    "Could this be earth, could this be light Does this mean everythings going to be alright One look out my window theres trees talking like people I dreamt of storms, I dreamt of sound I dreamt of gravity"
  • White Boy - White Kaps
    "Went to go to see that band and saw them jump around They went so commercial that it really brought me down When they started making cash it went right to their heads Now every time I hear their stuff"
  • White Flag - White Flag
    ""White Flag" Took the acid in the afternoon Just to be part of the scenery with all the lonely People there we are Took a trip out to the galaxy I'm not looking for salvation just a taste of liberation I"
  • White Town - White Town
    "I can't understand After everything that we planned How you could turn around to me and whisper goodbye Well I've been dropped before But not so high off the floor And I just can't seem to pick myself"
  • White Lady - White Skull
    "Don't you remember We spent the night You can't refuse me I can't survive The pain of living twice at same time Destroyed my senses, undertook my mind Heaven in my dreams Hell in real life The pain of"
  • Czasem myślę - White KRST
    "Czasem myślę o przyszłości Czasem mam, tak mam Czasem myślę o przyszłości Patrzę w dal no i widzę, dorośnij Nie mam już mocy Nicości każdej nocy Moje kości łamane są przez tych wrogich Jak z kart domki,"
  • White Orchid - The White Stripes
    "You got a reaction You got a reaction didn't, you? You took a white orchid You took a white orchid turned it blue Something better than nothing Something better than nothing, it's giving up We all need"
  • White Moon - The White Stripes
    "White moon, white moon Breaks open the tomb Of a deserted cartoon that I wrote Creature come, creature, creature My own double feature As I'm warming the bleachers at home Well, my nose keeps on bleeding 'Cause"
  • White On White - Danny williams
    "White on white, lace on satin Blue velvet ribbons on her bouquet White on white, lace on satin My little angel is getting married today Here she comes in her wedding gown lookin' like a queen"
  • Snow White - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
    "She could've been a clerk Or settled as a ticket taker With aces in her hand She threw in with a music maker Well she's not the girl That she used to be 'Cause she's running from Sterile sanctity"
  • White, white dove - Steve Harley
    "Rose and Cross - so is the battle lost?Is there now no time to jive?Rose and Cross - you know the price it's cost?But the hope is still, the hope is still aliveRosicrucius - is your story told?Or is there"
  • The White Raven - Jack White
    "Utwór 'The White Raven' z albumu 'Fear Of The Dawn' Jack White (premiera 8 kwietnia 2022r.)."
  • White light, white heat - Velvet Underground
    "White light goin' messin' up my mind. Don't you know it's gonna make me go blind. White heat, it trickles way down to my toes. Have mercy white light have it goodness knows. White light goin' messin' up"
  • White Light/ White Heat - The Velvet Underground
    "White light, White light goin' messin' up my mind White light, and don't you know its gonna make me go blind White heat, aww white heat it tickle me down to my toes White light, Ooo have mercy while I'll"

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