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white no

  • White - Herman Brood
    "Like a ghost in daylight operatin' on a crowded street always in danger somehow invisible for the heat I don't wanna be white no more I don't wanna be white I don't wanna be white no more I don't wanna"
  • White - Borknagar
    "Again The empty room White and unmarked, though touched With a sensible structure Underneath the surface Hiding in the corner of the eye Or resting outside the field of vision No doors or windows No entrances"
  • White Town - White Town
    "I can't understand After everything that we planned How you could turn around to me and whisper goodbye Well I've been dropped before But not so high off the floor And I just can't seem to pick myself"
  • White Lady - White Skull
    "Don't you remember We spent the night You can't refuse me I can't survive The pain of living twice at same time Destroyed my senses, undertook my mind Heaven in my dreams Hell in real life The pain of"
  • White Orchid - The White Stripes
    "You got a reaction You got a reaction didn't, you? You took a white orchid You took a white orchid turned it blue Something better than nothing Something better than nothing, it's giving up We all need"
  • White, white dove - Steve Harley
    "Rose and Cross - so is the battle lost?Is there now no time to jive?Rose and Cross - you know the price it's cost?But the hope is still, the hope is still aliveRosicrucius - is your story told?Or is there"
  • We Have No White Flags - After The Sirens
    "Throw open the floodgates, we want to feel Your love! But haven't I been waiting? Haven't I been getting up from falling dreams and slipping on the frozen streams I build my towers on? Haven't I been"
  • White heat - Undertones
    "White light gonna drive me out of my brain White light gonna make me feel so insane White heat White shapin' them down to my toes White light's got it now - goodness knows White light gonna drive me out"
  • White Witch - Savatage
    "Heart beat is rapid Your blood pumping faster Hands reach for the blade Touch her Feel her Your body it craves her She leads you to your grave She's an image all dressed all in white No, you know you"
  • White On White Crime - Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    "A Wal-Mart shopping spree begins a tri-state killing spree Some Wall Street metalhead with a tribal armband tattoo Has just lost his mind Lost his fucking mind In a white man's world Pointless, cold and"
  • White Walls - Elk City
    "Oh, when you stare at these white walls, they're not too dull for you. Oh, when you try to paint these white walls, a little paint won't do. White walls won't tell me I'm no good. Oh, when you try to"
  • White Bird - The Incredible String Band
    "Who among you has not laid his head beneath some holy awning Would think that such a night of tortured travelling Could bring such a glory morning And feel his heart sucked to his head His head so wide"
  • White Train - Bananarama
    "The white train's running Running down the track And when that white train starts chugging It won't be turning back The white train's coming Shaking off the black The white train is danger Gotta"
  • White Lies - Rez Band
    "Pretending not to notice, you put them in their place, Was a time they weren't so uppity in you kinder, gentler face. White lies, white lies, Truth cries at the white man's lies. That tribe of invisible"
  • White Music - Crack The Sky
    "When we're dancing on the lawn Pink flamingos on the lawn White music in the street White music in the street When we're swimming in the pool Pink flamingo barbeque White music before dark White music"
  • White Zombie - Devil Man - White Zombie
    "..look I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen, but it does happen... Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel on the edge of route 66, yeah! He lived a dark and twisted life and"
  • White Fairytale - Shazna
    "White Fairytale Anata ni TOKIMEKI wo oboete afureta koigokoro White Fairytale Usu beniiro ni irozuita futari no Winter love story Housekibako no youna shiroku KIRAMEKU machi wo Christmas candle & You zutto"
  • White Lie - Foreigner
    "One little white lie One white lie surrounds us One white lie won't stop the love That I feel around us Darlin', do you think about me What I feel for you, don't you ever doubt me You see the lock on"
  • White Boys - Hair
    "White boys are so pretty, Skin as smooth as milk White boys are so pretty, Hair like Chinese silk I tell you that your white boys give me goosebumps, White boys give me the chills And when they touch"
  • White Cup - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. Mike Jones) White, white, white cup (yessir) White, white, white cup (yessir) White, white, white cup (yessir) White, white, white cup (yeah!) I keep a white cup nigga It's Fliperachi a.k.a."

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