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white noise

  • White Noise - Josh Turner
    "Grand Old Opry music show playin' on my radio Fiddle and a steel guitar in some little redneck bar Parkin' lot full of four wheel drives You won't hear no hip hop jive Cowgirls lookin' for cowboys Two-step"
  • White Noise - Rez Band
    "Defective youth, the writing's on the wall, Decline of the West, see the fallout fall, Violence, banner of the tough, Politicians playing a blind man's bluff. Now what? Whose deal? What's truth? What's"
  • White noise - Skrewdriver
    "Things have got worse as time has passed It's my nation, first and last No one's gonna take our pride away No one can tell me that we asked for this To have our land thrown into the abyss Treason and deceit"
  • White Noise - Atmosphere
    "White Noise... The way it swings into my life... It should all get canceled. I don't think I can handle, you going channel to channel. White Noise... The way it swings into my life... It should all get"
  • White Noise - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Rastus is a nigger. Thug mugger junkie. Black golly gob. Big horny monkey. Pimp pusher coon. Grinning piccaninnies. Send him home soon. Back to the trees. Black wogs. Black wogs. Your face don't fit. Black"
  • White Noise - Sofa Surfers
    "Upside twisted Getting long Wanna get it right but get it wrong Act like you knew it all along Signs that you followed Begged, stole or borrowed Won't make a difference when you're gone Silence More than"
  • White Noise - Yellow Tricycle
    "Turn away girl when you talk to me Junk nation i am sick of you Wish i could put my head in the sand Information like a cartoon My girl my girl i wanna feel Fake world my girl you make it real My"
  • White Noise - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Blind - Product Of Pride You Don't Speak For Me Proud Is What I Am But I Never Condemn A Man One Race - No Way Nightmares Come True These Days We All Know This Fight Is For Real Howling Like A Jackal,"
  • White Noise - Sinisstar
    "White Noise It's never the right choice With Idiot-box talk Just slammin' the shit A backlash With an alien contract They're making their contacts Embrace your city I not going down I'm taking over Turn"
  • White Noise - Someday Never
    "White Noise hold on, we're letting go and taking in a little more than just air motionless, a breath of "ready or not" let's once more pretend that we care about every word we say so dry your eyes this"
  • White noise - Dark Tranquillity
    "Time in argument will end Flames of preparation Fingers felt the whipping Hand that feeds the flame Escalate the drought Itching to join the fray Wishing darkness was sound shutting desires out Wishing"
  • White Noise - Everclear
    "All the people that you know, they say you're ready to break down All the people that you know, they say you're ready to fall I hope you know that you are better than you think you are I hope you know"
  • Our White Noise - Therapy?
    "Flowers mark the spot Where this world shut you off Violets, blues and pinks Surrounded by police tape The sky is overcast Winter swallows light so fast Whered the summer go? Smothered under snow We"
  • White Synthetic Noise - And Oceans
    "White Synthetic Noise Inhale/exhale Inhale the exhaled Inhale/exhale Inhale the injected voice Inhale/exhale Exhale the inhaled Inhale/exhale Inhale the lines of white noise Silence depicted the room And"
  • White Noise Maker - Frank Black
    "You know, I hear a lot of talk So I'm headin' for the stereo store To get a white noise maker and turn it up to ten Or maybe the interior Of somewhere like Siberia Yeah, the yak is back again Black harvest"
  • White Noise Monster - Arcturus
    "Crowded mind working overtime in a shrinking stinking home a Presence arrives just out of sight Hides in the maze collects all mistakes White noise withering weeds of deeds Worshipping with filth in the"
  • My White Noise - Blur
    "OI! ???? you let yourself down and you don't know why but you've ???? I'm the original I'm the original when it comes to the suburbs, I'm the original Being English isn't about hate it's about disgust we're"
  • Black Tie White Noise - Pet Shop Boys
    "Getting my facts from a benneton ad I'm lookin' thru african eyes Lit by the glare of an l.a. fire Black tie white noise I've got a face, not just my race, bang bang I've got you babe Putting on the black"
  • White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge) - Disclosure
    "I know you’re smart You spin me round like a knot You know the pieces, pieces of my heart Sometimes it’s fun, you pull my strings one by one Until you get me, get me onto one Lately I’ve been thinking"
  • The White Noise Revisited - Boo Radleys
    "Hey! what's that noise? do you remember? kill yourself at work for what seems nothing at all then you go home and you cry and you feel so very small, so you listen to the beatles and relax and close your"

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