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who can makes me

  • Who? - Judy Garland
    "Who, stole my heart away Who, makes me dream all day Dreams I know can never come true Seems as though I'll ever be blue Who, means my happiness Who, would I answer yes to No one, but you! A woman's"
  • Who - Janet Jackson
    "I love this Oh my god Oops Uh Uh Who Oops Chorus: Who Yeah who, I do I be lovin' who Yeah who Ask who cares about you I care about you My love for you has got me goin' crazy I thought we could possibly"
  • Who - Janet
    "I love this Oh my god Oops Uh Uh Who Oops Chorus: Who Yeah who, I do I be lovin' who Yeah who Ask who cares about you I care about you My love for you has got me goin' crazy I thought we could possibly"
  • Christmas Makes Me Cry - Mandisa
    "I think of loved ones who've passed away And I pray they're resting in a better place I think of memories of years gone by And sometimes Christmas makes me cry I think of soldiers across the sea Sometimes"
  • Makes Me Wanna Pray - Christina Aguilera
    "(feat. Steve Winwood) He-hey he-hey ohh Oh yeah Well alright He-hey What is this feeling coming over me? I'm taken back in disbelief Is this really me, ha! in the mirror I see? Staring back at me: Could"
  • It Makes Me Sick - Faction
    "Don't try to push your ideas on me, I can think for myself Don't care about what you do to me, don't care about society Who do you think could push the button, not D.C. and not the reds ?? It's in my mind,"
  • He Makes Me Say - Syleena Johnson
    "Being in love is a beautiful, beautiful thing-oh And he makes me say-- oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo yeah yeah yeah yeah (come on) oooo oooo oooo oooo (yeah yeah) oooo oooo oooo oooo I gotta"
  • Music Makes Me High - Canibus
    "(Mr. Cheeks) One time We bless the track rush to the back it's the LB fam dogg pound we attack one time for the LP, LB My family come through This who we do Group Home, Universal bounce one Power moves"
  • Who makes the nazis - Fall
    "Who makes the nazis?Who makes the nazis?I'll tell ya who makes the nazisAll the OsWhite-o'sBurnt O29 year old Who makes the Nazis?Ya mind tellin' me?!Who makes the Nazis?Balding smug faggotsIntellectual"
  • Who Makes You Feel - Dido
    "I don't touch you the way I used to I don't call and write when im away We don't make love as often as we did do what couldn't wait now waits and usually goes away But listen and think when I say it Oh"
  • Might Makes Right - Slapshot
    "You can take your ideas and throw them out the door 'Cause we don't give a shit, who they're fuckin for We like our ideas and we put them in your head And if you don't like it, you're gonna wind up dead"
  • Makes No Difference - Band
    "Band Miscellaneous Makes No Difference Makes No Difference (The Band/Rick Danko) It makes no difference where I turn I can't get over you and the flame still burns. It makes no difference night or day"
  • I makes money - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Chorus: I makes money, money don't make me, that's the way I am and it's plain to see Get right for yourself, they can't put you on a shelf Live and let live, you know its plain enough There ain't a dollar"
  • Makes You Blind - Public Enemy
    "1234567 Rap like hell make it sould like heaven 7654321 zero Black supermen is back as your hero Here ye , here yo America the beautiful Beatiful, the plentiful Now lookin sorta pitiful A third of the"
  • Makes You Dance - Lil' Romeo
    "Hey lil Zane Yo wassup? You and Afficial. Meet me in Orlando. The girlies at Disney World. Two-way me I'm on the freeway. Ya heard? You got that Boy you're my angel. You're my darlin angel. Closer"
  • She Makes Me - Queen
    "I love She makes me She is my heart She is my love I know I'm jealous of her She makes me need She is my love Who knows who she'll make me As I lie in her cocoon And the world will surely heal my ills I'm"
  • That Makes Me - Chris Young
    "I like an old guitar Playin' a Gosdin song In a smoky bar That's what turns me on, yeah If that makes me a little old school Go ahead and call me yesterday's old fool If that makes me a little throwback Throw"
  • She makes me - Terry Lee Hale
  • Makes Me Happy - Stacey Earle
    "It's that every now and then That one given moment You say "please, don't let it end It's mine and I own it" Leaves my heart beating fast And, then, it all seems clear If I happen to ask "Oh God, what"
  • Makes me stronger - Chamillionaire
    "Stronger I ain't the rapper that you want to talk noise toIt only makes me strongerOnly makes me stronger, stronger, stronger Call the police, a paramedic and a nurseRap might be dead, but know what makes"

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