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whos your daddy necro

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whos your daddy necro

  • Necro - Necro
    "My shit's straight bile You're mild, you've got no style I won't be impressed or you possessed by baliel I make beats like surgeons resume To stitch up your wounds Inside the emergency room They must work"
  • Necro - Caroline's Spine
    "Oh, I'm a necrophiliac and I'm alrightI work it all day and I sleep it all nightI'm a necrophiliac, looking for reactionMy deviance lies at the core of attractionI'm a necrophiliac, close your eyesNo more"
  • Daddy - Mia X
    "This song is dedicated to all the responsible brothers other there Whos how love and support to their children I'd like to say thank you Cuz I have a very important man in my life He means the world to"
  • Who's Ya Daddy? - Necro
    "Yo its necro the sexorcist, the porn king, show me your breasteses, im the best there is the foul shit, bounce with me, degrading, depraving, debouchery, your naked on the couch with me. Bitch getting"
  • Necro Slut - Abscess
    "Dead and stiff lying in a coffin dead Fell her lips No you don't She gives you head Stiff and cold She writhes on your bloated mass Hear her moan with her finger up her ass Rubbing clit on cadavers genitals Tongue"
  • Red Necro - Tech N9ne
    "Follow me to the world of racism (Verse 1:) we're on the highway rolling to californ-i-a seven of us heaven love us cuz it's evil in front of us we must trust that g-o-d got our backs on this t-r-i-p in"
  • Whos The One - Winger
    "I'm out the back door just before midnight I push the pedal to the floor, I run away She says it's only in my head but my heart is screamin' Hey you! What you're tryin' to prove I won't play your game"
  • Whos That Man - Bad Boys Blue
    "In my fantasies I am going through the scenes Of the love we had Sweet emotions that we share What I see is forever you and me And I'm longing for the times When your heart was mine Remember when our love"
  • Look Whos Talking - Dr Alban
    "Choosing BPM Is a big problem Choosing BPM Is a big problem A lot of people get hurt Just for nothing Due to inability To make their mind Make up your mind Before it gets too late Action speaks just louder"
  • Who's Your Daddy? - Toby Keith
    "Here you come knockin on my door baby Tell me what you got on your mind I guess those college boys all went home for the summertime And youre lookin right, lookin good, lookin like a woman should So why"
  • Who's Your Daddy - Benny Benassi
    "Who's your daddy? You're my daddy! I want you daddy I want you more! I want you mine Cause I am yours! I want you stronger I want you harder I want you mine Do you feel fine? Whos your daddy?"
  • Necro As Fuck - Cadaver
    "Merciless suicide realm Treacherous antichrist haze Sacrifice your life to me The monarch of inhuman seeds Send your corpse away Rid you all of pride F**king time to die Torture you even when dead Bury"
  • Whos Ya Best MC? - Nicki Minaj
    "Ya kno dey say Nicki spit crazi Get it poppin like M 80's or twin tre 80's Yunq money first lady Ya kno Baby qirl of dha qroup I'm also known as Baby qirl in dha coupe Neva qet mi confused as Baby qirl"
  • Whos Side Are You On? - Randy
    "I wanna know a little 'bout your heart mister, is it on your right side or on your left? Do you believe in equality or do you believe in theft? Who's side are you on? Tell me now Who's side are you on?"
  • Daddy, Daddy, Daddy - Janis Joplin
    "Oh, it's daddy, daddy, daddy, it's daddy, daddy, all the time Lord, that's daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, all the time If I'm awake or if I'm dreamin' Lord, my daddy daddy's on my mind Well, I brag"
  • The Necro-Filing Cabinet - Embalmer
    "Resurrect the files of the dead effigy The time to rot is near Looking back into lives we discover We've been doomed for awhile Dismembered visions yet to come We are the rotting ones I want all to die"
  • Daddy - Wyclef Jean
    "Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy I'm sure y'all heard about my dad Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy This one goes out for everybody that lost somebody Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy Be strong Da,"
  • Daddy - Lili Haydn
    "Written by Lili Haydn & Jeffrey Connor Trying to save the world while your daddy is dying with your safety net Everything's changed, now my songs make you cry and I feel you, Daddy I feel you, Daddy Fed"
  • Daddy - Die Antwoord
    "Daddy, daddy, please buy me a sweet I know you got money I want that big chocolate bunny In my mother-fucking tummy Come on daddy, buy me that chocolate Bunny, I know you got money I want it, I want it,"
  • Daddy - Jewel
    "My bones are tired, Daddy I don't get enough sleep I don't eat as good as I should, Daddy What's that say about me? Sometimes I sleep past noon, Daddy Drink lots of black coffee and I smoke like a chimney, Yes,"

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