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why back when

  • Why, Where, When - Samiam
    "why don't you quit holding back and say what you want to say where did the trouble go because it hasn't gone away are you going to pretend like you're some other person never saw it never been there never"
  • Why? - Infectious Grooves
    "Why? Why does it have? Have to be...this way When? When will I know? What I should...and why I didn't Why? Why. Does it keep coming back? Back Straight in my face. Face. Yet I can't see it. How? How."
  • Why? - Godsmack
    "How in the hell can I forgive. You made me suffer. Tryin' to see how far you'll push me underground. Oh, back into the rhythm, fast and trippin' me out. When you're in my world, yeah. Everything you say,"
  • Why - Pilfers
    "Open up my heart to you for I cared for you the most And you did to me what I fear the worst Tears fell on pillow then as I contemplated death, I refuse to make this my last breath Hear me when I say WHY?"
  • Why? - New York Rel-X
    "it seems i'm living in a lost and far away place it feels alittle bit like sleep no fun, no motivation, a simple far away state when days are over they repeat i glance around / become aware that this"
  • Why - Godsmack
    "How in my head can I forget you make me suffer, Yeah! Trying to see how far you'll push me underground Back into the rhythm fast trippin me when your in my world, Yeah! Everything you say I find a way"
  • Why? - Any Given Sunday Soundtrack
    "Any Given Sunday Soundtrack Miscellaneous Why? Song: Godsmack How in the hell can I forgive You make me suffer Tryin' to see how far you'll Push me underground Oh,back into the rhythm Fast and trippin'"
  • Why - Marques Houston
    "Summertime, you and I were nothing sure but inseparable. And nothing can come between us, oh no. People say all the time that I was much too young to know. But I think it could of been love, oh no. Ooh,"
  • Why? - Beanbag
    "Falling back into an empty chair. Crawling out and seeing nothing there. Why waste my time when I'm happy? Slipping back into my honest world. Taking things just to feel the swirl. Why waste my time when"
  • Why - Limp Bizkit
    "It might take too long to turn the lights back on I guess I lay awake, I guess I'll lay here and pray Could you pour me one more drink? A glass of gasoline Help me burn my pain, light me up in the rain My"
  • Why? - City High
    "city high igh igh booga basement here come another one uh (toby) I know things didn't work out for you and me lately but don't worry 'bout my child cause I'm-a take care of my baby I can't keep comin"
  • Why - Ginuwine
    "Why not me Is that I'm too ghetto for you Why not me Girl theres nothing I won't cop for you Why not me Im here to give you all you dreams Im dedicated No time wasting Ill fulfill your every need It aint"
  • Why - Lionel Richie
    "It's been this many years It's been that many years And still have to ask the same question Why? Why don't it feel like it felt on the first night When you and me would kiss at night Remember what we"
  • Why? - Gil
    "Every morning I wake up I hear some voices in my head They're telling me softly Things I can never understand I look in the mirror, I see myself I am lonely, I am down I need someone that helps me"
  • Why - Kirk Franklin
    "I pledge allegiance to the (tell me what we gon' do) I used to know you but (you don't call like you used to) If you still love me can I (give me a chance just to say how I feel, it may hurt you but"
  • Why - Amanda Perez
    "I need everybody all around the world to listen I'm gonna talk about what people have a hard time talkin' about Pay close attention Many days I done cried myself to sleep Many days I done asked God to"
  • Why - Kim Putnoky
    "I was walking down the street and i looked up and there you were sitten their reading a book we once read together i looked at you, and you look at me and from that point on i knew it was meant to be the"
  • Why - Twista
    "The New Testament These are the Street Scriptures for all my riders, niggaz, and hoes Let me ask you a question: Why give a bitch fame by sayin' his name? When all I gotta say is you's a bitch Yeah, I'm"
  • Why? - Heartless Crew
    "oooooooooo (woman) im sittin here.... cryin (bridge) lookin back i never thought that things would be this messed up i never dreamed that you and me would be breaking up i cant believe i've lived to"
  • Why - Avril Lavigne
    "Why, do you always do this to me? Why, couldn't you just see through me? How come, you act like this Like you just don't care at all Do you expect me to believe I was the only one to fall? I can feel,"

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