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why fantacy acce of base

  • Base - Profane Omen
    "I keep my base... I watched our common wealth go down with your preaching, dead empty words like those belong to the self-righteous... Do you have a clue what it means to breath in hell? I don't, but I"
  • Whats Your Fantacy - Ludicrous
    "(Ludicrous) yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Give it to me now, Give it to me now, Give it to me now, Give it to me now. (Some chick) yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Give it to me now, Give it to me now, Give it to me now, Give"
  • Bass - Robyn Hitchcock
    "We're overheating in a small town world We're overeating in a small town world I hear the sound of several different crimes The distant eel and the silver chimes Lieutenant Hodges often said to me "I see"
  • Bass - King Tee
    "(King Tee) Yo Pooh, let's.. drop.. some.. Bass, to make the walls shake and vibrate the floor, just like an earthquake King Tee is back again, but with a new topic I wouldn't listen too close cause it's"
  • Why - Stacey Earle
    "One shinin' bright The other hung the moon Just like night and day One must leave the room Oh why, tell me why First, second, third Sounds just like a lover Home went way out left field Left his base"
  • Double Base - Adelleda
    "Products of lust through incidental reproduction A group of kids stuffed, primed and fated for self-destruction Four or five years will get the job done Sometimes advancement comes with two or even none But"
  • Drummer base - Sonic Adventure
    "Welcome to Sonic Adventure! Are you ready? *DRUMMING* Get up! Go on! Take this! Away! *DRUMMING* You know Sonic is right here! And the others are not near! Get trough times, and think of us! The knife"
  • Why - Donny Osmond
    "Oh-oh Oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh Oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh BASS! It's quarter to two, And I've still got you on my mind, oh baby. I'm just a prisoner, trapped in the chains of your love. It cuts"
  • Why - So Solid Crew
    "It was a dark dark night, I couldnt wait for the first sign of daylight Dark side sound, going through my head making the room spin around Suddenly dark side bass hits me in the face, knocks me round and"
  • Sons Of 3rd Bass - 3rd Bass
    ""Here's my advice to all amateurs plannnnnnnning to give a performace: speak up, and keep the act moving" Servin the role, a sole step-child Talk of C.C. or keep sleepin While wakin up to noise of"
  • Pump that bass - Lil Wayne
    "1, 2, 3, 4... Do It! Ok I Step Up In The Club I See Em Look At MeI Must Be Water But Women Drown When They Look At MeCourt Is Now In Order Baby Girl Throw Dat Book At MeI'll Do Life O Make You My Wife"
  • Pilot To Base - The Morning Of
    "Pilot to base. flight 13 is falling fast. We've lost power and i don't know how much longer we will last And wont it be a beautiful sight. A single streak of fire moving across The amber sky knowing"
  • Back To Base - Fugazi
    "autonomy is a world of difference they're creeping round but they know they can't come in back from the front with observation it's still there across from me an extreme example bringing you what they"
  • Adicted to base - Puretones
    "I got two pale hands up against the window pane i'm shaking with the heat of my need again it starts in my feet, reverbs up to my brain there's nothing i can do to revert the gain i'm looking down"
  • Base Level Erotica - My Dying Bride
    "What do you see What do you see when eyes are closed What do you feel What do you feel when she's below Who do you want Who do you want her to be. A star What do you see What do you see when eyes flick"
  • Don't Forget The Bass - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
    "(Verse 1) I'm ready for action, packing provisions of visions Verbally, every word will be enhanced With the bass that'll put you in a trance Some dance, come take a chance Del won't do you wrong I've"
  • Brand New Bass Guitar - Jamie T
    "Well I, I went to buy myself a handgun Why you think man, to shoot down everyone So you better go running star But I spent all my money on this cracked out piece of shit called the bass guitar Well here"
  • Pump Up The Bass - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    "In the place to be DJ Jazzy Jeff and yours truly the Fresh Prince Ay Jeff, do me a favor, give em just a lil touch of the bass Not a lot, just a lil' touch Jeff Word word Ay Jeff do me a favor man, Jazz"
  • The Bass and the Movement - Atmosphere
    "And we know how to make some music And the music ain't supposed to stand still And little bit of, you know little bits of Negro(?) into the music isn't enough Music is all consuming, let me tell you... "
  • Beat Without A Bass - Lil Wayne
    "I got my apital "S"W"Agger up Ya Digg? Young money cash money dipset byrdgang we a team baby (Freaky) welcome to dipset baby {Lil? Wayne} Okay, my leather so soft but don't think I ain't hard Bitch say"

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