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why wouldn't you

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why wouldn't you

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why wouldn't you
  • Fabolous Why Wouldn't I
    "(feat. Paul Cain) Yeah, yo Cain (what up nigga) Why wouldn't these bitches love us nigga? Why wouldn't these niggas hate us huh? (Why wouldn't they Fab?) Yeah, (Desert Storm), uh, yeah, uh Why wouldn't"
  • N-DUBZ Wouldn't You
    "Na Na Naii Oh Na Na Noww Boy ive been seeing you for quite a while And I gotta confess its best what you do to me I need to tell you About the way youve changed my life So many beautiful nights are"
  • Bee Gees You Wouldn't Know
    "Come a bit close to me , let me be kissed Come on and give to me what I have missed I love you women . I know that I'll get you somehow You wouldn't know if I hadn't told you so You wouldn't know if"
  • Kelis Wouldn't You Agree
    "(feat. Justin Vince) When I first met you You stood by my side And when you asked me to be yours You made me cry And so I was prepared To take all the blows at the chin But you never mentioned cheating Please"
  • Pretty Maids Wouldn't Miss You
    "A love explosion One big bang Like a supernova One outstanding date with her Just one flash And I was spellbound Love came crashing right into my world But now she says she's leaving me that love ain't"
  • Keisha White Why
    "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ...Listen I Thought You Were Always Gonna Be Here By My Side It's Taken Such A Long Time For Me To Find What I Want To Do Too Much I Never Knew You Could Do What You"
  • Sabrina Carpenter Why
    "You like New York city in the daytime. I like New York city in the nighttime. You say you like sleeping with the air off. I don't. I need it on. You like the light coming through the windows. I sleep late,'so"
  • City High Why?
    "city high igh igh booga basement here come another one uh (toby) I know things didn't work out for you and me lately but don't worry 'bout my child cause I'm-a take care of my baby I can't keep comin"
  • Crossfade Why
    "Walking madly - feeling strangely and I'm not sure where to go I got a funny feeling - Have I lost my meaning I wish I could go home When you said you were leaving I didn't let it affect me Sat on the"
  • Lionel Richie Why
    "It's been this many years It's been that many years And still have to ask the same question Why? Why don't it feel like it felt on the first night When you and me would kiss at night Remember what we"
  • Sticky Fingaz Why
    "(feat. Still Livin, X1) Aight nigga hold it down baby, one love Aiyyo, yo Bruce - ohhh shit! Aiyyo nigga Yo I know this ain't that nigga Kirk Yo Bruce - yo Bruce, that that nigga Kirk? Look look, look"
  • Michael Ball I Wouldn't Know
    "(Marc Beeson/Robert Byrne/Michael McGuire) Everyone I see these days Still ask me about you I guess they got so used to us together They assume that everything's OK Then I have to say I wouldn't know,"
  • Reba McEntire I Wouldn't Know
    "Everyone I see these days still asks me about you. I guess they got so used to us together they assume that everything's ok and then I have to say... CHORUS I wouldn't know. I haven't seen him. I couldn't"
  • Embrace Butter wouldn't melt
    "Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth Someone said that you'd played around and that's why Me and him had to go out And straighten things out Because Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth My time girl is new"
  • Duncan Sheik I Wouldn't Mind
    "I wouldn't mind If everyday Was like the day I had just yesterday You and I, Hanging on every kiss On all of this I wouldn't mind If all of my nights Were like the nights You held me so tight Your lips,"
  • The Game Wouldn't Get Far
    "For you baby, I'd find you You wouldn't get far (The Game) I done been around the world, been around the block Been around hoes that fucked Biggie and 'Pac Like Vida Guerra, ass took her to the top She'll"
  • Alsou Butter Wouldn't Melt
    "do you think I don't know why you keep on hangin' around will u get it in your head, that honey there's a crowd i can see right through your smile you got a master plan try to get your claws in my man,oh...yeah all"
  • Embrace Wouldn't wanna happen to you
    "Know that I Went as high As I could go on my first time. Where's the fun If your feelings are left behind. But its your right when you mean it To find the proof And make me hear it Cos when I'm wrong I"
  • Kanye West Wouldn't You Like To Ride
    "Wouldn't you like to ride? (uh) (So why don't) you and your friends (get with) me and my friends?" "(My friends) my friends, my friends, my friends" Would you like to ride? (I don't know what happened,"
  • Billy Ray Cyrus I Wouldn't Be Me
    "If I never see your smile again, Or never woke to touch your skin. The truth would be so plain to see, If I couldn't love you, I wouldn't be me. If the night couldn't kiss the morning sun, Like a river"

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