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why you after be so calm

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why you after be so calm

  • Calm After The Storm - The Common Linnets
    "Driving in the fast lane Counting mile marker signs The empty seat beside me Keeps you on my mind Livin’ in the heartache Was never something I pursued I can't keep on chasing What I can be for you Oooohhhh"
  • Calm After The Storm - The Autumn Offering
    "515 days and nights later The generation is still Doomed to watch its fate Flash on a screen Inevitable blinding horizon On high alert for terror This has to be a dream Have you ever wondered What"
  • Calm Down - AMB
    "(feat. Insane Clown Posse) I'm alone, I'm holding my chrome And I have become The only one that sees what is really there I hate that I'm scared, but who really cares? I tell 'em and for me all they"
  • Calm - Circle Of Dead Children
    "I hide inside watching from the stained glass eyes 500 shades of red dance with 500 shades of gray The last festival of humility With just enough room for a baby's first breath Mama, Papa don't come"
  • Calm Down Dearest - Jamie T
    "Big bang, where we going what we doin this night I feel drunk already maybe drink got spiked But more likely of the like that I'm just a lightweight Well I don't care man I've been drunk forever I've sedated"
  • The Calm Before - Mars Ill
    "(Verse #1) I left my footprints on the ocean's waves before the storm came But form changed to man overboard sinking self-aware Thinking no one's there to catch me when I fall to the sandy floor beneath"
  • Calm down - Emil Bulls
    "I beg you to handle me with care coz im fragile...im cussed im cold please go awayJust stay cool calm down relaxand be quietpretend all worries are so farI wann lean back in an armchairand fether my nest"
  • Calm Down - Killing Heidi
    "When your head is spinning and you're feeling overwhelmed And your ears are ringing 'cause your heart is beating so damn loud And your mind is numbing and your heart is pumping out Oh it feels like you're"
  • Insect Calm - Ayria
    "I'm withered inside I've never wanted something so blindly How does one comprehend Dissatisfaction with the unknown I've been bound too long to this confining shell Like a tiny hell that can't calm this"
  • Calm Down - Cam'ron
    "Yo 1 question, where U know Me from? On 40 Duce, got cought with that loaded gun, Sereal scratched Cop Killa U know tha gun, only fear I had wouldn't know My Son. Would of told My Son, who tha hell could"
  • The calm - ICP
    "Here we are. This is the calm before the storm. We off the track now. That means we're heading into brand new unknown territorys y'all. We into the crop circles, It says time waits for no mutahfuckin'body."
  • Calm down - M.M.O.
    "7-1-8 Brownsville what the fuck you want niggaz?New York you ready for this shit? I don't think so motherfuckerYeah!! M., O., P.!! For life!!Radio.. niggaz never play us!!(FiYAHHHH!!!) Yeah, First Family,"
  • After You - Anna Vissi
    "Sometimes I feel so lost and it's frightening This feeling of confusion inside Sometimes I feel my life is an endless why And I have to cry myself to sleep At night And it's killing me That I have to try"
  • Why - 3T
    "Chorus: Why does Monday come before tuesday? Why do summers start in June? Why do winters come too soon? Why do people fall in love When they're always breaking up? Oh why? Why do we love if love will"
  • Why? - Kj-52
    "(feat. Mars Ill) Why is it more that things change the more they stay the same? Why do old people drive slow in the fast lane? Why is it when I grab the mic you stare at me strange? Why's every time"
  • Why - KRS-One
    "Class in session. What, is, democracy? Yo it's the rule of the people. The self rule. It's what the people want! That's right. But is this a democracy? Nah, democracy is a goal to be attained. "
  • Why - Busted
    "Look at me up in the sky I watch the world just pass me by And all my feelings give me away It's happening more everyday Loving you could be so easy Loving you could be so great Loving you could be so"
  • Why - Fightstar
    "Look at me up in the sky, Watch the world just pass me by, And all my feelings give me away, It's happening more everyday. Loving you could be so easy, Loving you could be so great, Loving you could be"
  • Calm Inside The Storm - Cyndi Lauper
    "I can get up On the right side of the bed But that won't stop the rain From coming down on my head I can live my life Playing hide and seek But when I look inside It's hard to make believe, Ah ah 'n lately You"
  • Storm Befre The Calm - Monty's Fan Club
    "Well don't you wish that you were blessed by the presence of her ghost? some might say its for the best and babe I will make a toast with this half filled cup I'd say let memories live on please don't"

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