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why you shouldn't that

  • Why Shouldn't We - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "We believe in things that we cannot see Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we Hands that heal can set a chained man free Why shouldn't we, why shouldn't we We believe in peace within every heart Why shouldn't"
  • Shouldn't do that - Kajagoogoo
    "ime for everyone But this ain't the time or the place When will you see what you're doing to me My tear stains are easy to trace (CHORUS 1) Shouldn't do that, you shouldn't do that now baby Shouldn't do"
  • You Shouldn't Do That - Hawkwind
    "You shouldn't do that, should do that You try so hard to get somewhere, They put you down, and cut your hair, They're saying you're no good, they just don't care, You're trying to fly, you get nowhere, You"
  • Shouldn't It Be Me - Raze
    "Here I stand I'm a lucky man 'Cause I should have been dead but I stand here instead I'm alive Another one died in my place Through grace, the gift of God Caused my hope to revive I did the deeds I thought"
  • It Shouldn't Take Too Long - Cutting Crew
    "Too many times have I told you, feel your way If it's question of answers, then have your say Don't go giving me reasons, we all have a price And in that moment of indecision, you'll never understand"
  • Shouldn't Do That (Undisciplined) - Kajagoogoo
    "''(INTRO)'' (Shouldnt do that, shouldnt do that now baby) (Shouldnt do that!) (Shouldnt do that, shouldnt do that now lady) (Shouldnt do that!) (Shouldnt do that, shouldnt do that now lady) (Shouldnt do"
  • Shouldn't Have Done That - Edwyn Collins
    "I spent half the morning lying in bed I should have quit while I was still ahead Instead I stumbled out I took the air I should have stayed home, should've washed my hair Should've done that Should've,"
  • I Shouldn't Have Done It - Slick Rick
    "Well I'ma tell you a story and I come out bluntly Wanna ugly shot, hey nobody will want me I used to walk around and get upset and upsetter Till I figured out ways to make myself look better As I got older,"
  • Love Shouldn't Hurt - Michael Bolton
    "Born in pure innocence Born without fear She says "mommy what did I do wrong, To make you cry your angry tears?" Feeling dirty and ashamed Keeps making up excuses She's learned how to hide the pain But"
  • Where It Shouldn't - Offset
    "Wrong side of the bed today Newspapers floating my way I close my eyes... Dont want to read the headlines Because Ive started to lose faith All the colors turn to grey And it seems to me that hope cant"
  • You shouldn't have left - BB King
    "You shouldn't have left me, babyBaby, you shouldn't have gone awayOh, you shouldn't have left me, babyBaby, you shouldn't have gone awayOh, you left the one that love you, womanCryin' every night and every"
  • You Shouldn't Have Left - B.B. King
    "You shouldn't have left me, baby Baby, you shouldn't have gone away Oh, you shouldn't have left me, baby Baby, you shouldn't have gone away Oh, you left the one that love you, woman Cryin' every night"
  • You Shouldn't Be Sad - The Kinks
    "Can't you see (can't you see) Can't you see by the look in my eyes Can't you see (can't you see) Can't you see I'm in paradise I feel all right I feel okay 'Cause I'm in love (I'm in love) And"
  • Why? - Bazzi
    "I'm still on your Netflix Girl, I know you love me Even though your parents They don't fucking trust me They probably alright though I know I'm an asshole No reply to all your texts girl I do you mad cold "
  • Why? - Kj-52
    "(feat. Mars Ill) Why is it more that things change the more they stay the same? Why do old people drive slow in the fast lane? Why is it when I grab the mic you stare at me strange? Why's every time"
  • You Probably Shouldn't Move Here - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Well I heard that your state could be sinking, deep into the briny sea, and all of them earthquakes got you thinking, 'bout leaving Californee-ee. There's riots and there's flood and its smoggy, toxic"
  • Dangerous You Shouldn't Be Here - Xiu Xiu
    "A witch has come from under the ocean and with a pointed and sharp finger snatched my baby by the crook of her jaw and hooked her breath away and bloated and cut her soft, dearest skin and face her"
  • Shouldn't Have To Be Like That - Fra Lippo Lippi
    "It's always like this, people i know read many books and save every dream, with all of their hope buried inside, somewhere And somewhere a man cries for his love a love that is lost, that withered"
  • We Shouldn't Be Here - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Your love is never Your tears are clear Can't be forever when we are near I can't look forward I'm always back And always yearning for a broken neck But you, you can't deny it That everything we did wasn't"
  • A Game We Shouldn't Play - Helloween
    "Do you believe in fate or chances Design or coincidences Would you say that all the people Live their life for good and evil Some have reached the end of patience Start to play with God's creation They"

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