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  • Wizards Of Waverly Place Thame - Selena Gomez
    "Well you know everything's gonna be a breeze At the end with no doubt just defy the means You can fix any problem with the slightest of ease Yes please When you never find it it'll go to your head When"
  • Place Vendome - Place Vendome
    "Take a look deep in my eyes More than a feeling - I call it pride when I know There's a chance and I've got to take it And I don't mind a bruise, yeah yeah Baby I've got nothing to lose It's only a crazy"
  • Hiding Place - Jars Of Clay
    "Amidst the sorrows of the way Lord Jesus, teach my soul to pray Let me taste Thy special grace And run to Christ, my hiding place You know the vileness of my heart So prone to act the rebel's part And"
  • Last Place - Fury Of Five
    "Feel the pain of the fast lane 4x Traveling at the speed of light Listen to the motor roar Heading down a dead end street With the foot put to the floor Not looking in the rear view There's not thoughts"
  • Perfect Place - Voice Of The Beehive
    "We are all together alone, and these are just wishes and I am just dreaming. If I ever grow up I will take care of the old and all the babies that have no one. You might think I give myself too much"
  • Out Of Place - Oliver James
    "you'll be coming home soon you know your out of place you knock on my doorstep i just need to see your face oh my heart is like a speeded train oh my love and i can feel your pain oh my love yeah i pray"
  • Place of refuge - L'
    "Built on wooden stakes of sorrow By masoners of hatred risen Out of an unseen tomorrow I find my place of refuge Doors connect each separate chamber Each that bears a different pain Made of diamonds and"
  • Out Of Place - Gavin Thorpe
    "You'll be coming home soon I know you're out of place You knock on my door soon? I just need to see your face Ohhh, my heart is like a speeding train Ohhh, my love, and I can feel your pain All night"
  • Out of place - Jasmine Guy
    "Out of place i'm gonna loseI can't wait i'm impatenceI need to wait if idon't iLost control i can not deal with thatRight now out of placeOhh this is not happeningTo mei'm so innocentI never thought nowThat"
  • Out Of Place - Guy Sebastian
    "Out feels like in Ending begin The grass is baby blue The sky is army green Down feels like up I miss you so much When or where will you be coming back to me And help make sense of it all (Chorus) Everything's"
  • Place Of You - Familiar 48
    "Somehow I knew, these familiar places, that I had been before I thought I'd run, to escape feelings that I had felt before No one can take me anywhere like you Nobody else is you. And how will I live like"
  • Place of Birth - Planet Asia
    "(Nod your head to this shit) "Planet" (Rakim) "Asia" (Planet Asia) "Was my place of birth" (Rakim) "Dealin in my cypher, I revolve around science" (Ghostface) "Planet" "Asia" "Was my place of birth" "Dealin"
  • Place Of Nightmares - Valley's Eve
    "Here I am again I can't be extinguished easily Because I am a part of yourself I come whenever I want, taking your sleep, the quiet There will be no way to escape from me And our story will start once"
  • Hidden Place - Bjork
    "Through the warmthest Cord of care Your love was sent to me I'm not sure What to do with it Or where to put it I'm so close to tears And so close to Simply calling you up I'm simply suggesting We go"
  • This Place - Kem
    "There's a fountain of hope Living water for each of us There are rivers of dreams Flowin' through the heartache of this place There are children that flower the trees There are voices of people who need This"
  • Delicate Place - Spoon
    "I got nothing You got something I feel out of place Looking through your window Into the delicate place Reflections stating obvious mating holds I'll own up to you if you own up to me I'll picture for"
  • My Place - Bobby Brown
    "MY PLACE (Written by Bobby Brown, Tim Kelley, and Bob Robinson) Tell me, would it be, baby Tell me, baby (Would it be outta place for you and I to get together) (At my place, just you and me) (Would"
  • Belmore Place - Candlebox
    "The corner of my street Too many miles, too tired to sleep On a plane of dreams and sunbeams Coming home to Belmore Place Fireside flickered lights A brighter sign of winter pines I live it up somewhere"
  • Better place - Michelle Williams
    "Let me tell you I appreciate All the the love and strength you've shown I know it's hard to keep a smile on your face And nobody could ever take their place Every mother, every sister and brother Every"
  • Sam's Place - Buck Owens
    "There's a place down the street we call Sam's Place. It starts a-jumpin' every evening when the sun goes down. You can always find me down at Sam's Place, For that's where the gang all hangs around. There's"

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