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wildest times

  • Wildest Dreams - Asia
    "(Wetton/Downes) They decorated all the generals Who fought the wars behind the lines They had forgotten all the soldiers The brandy put them way behind the times Insanity has found its way to TV screens Vision"
  • The Wildest Times Of The World - Vonda Shepard
    "I have fallen, I have stood up, I've had the patience of a tree You have trembled, you have stayed still, you have tumbled like a weed All the mountains, all the deserts, go for miles and miles around We"
  • Wildest Love - Sons Southern
    "It's just talk Small conversation, but it's talk But it's no consolation I go out of my head Thinking of your smile It's a touch Though I know that there hasn't been too much But my mind start to wander I'll"
  • Wildest Moments - Jessie Ware
    "You and I look like We come together every time Do wrongs, no rights We lose ourselves tonight From the outside, from the outside Everyone must be wondering why we try Why do we try Maybe in our wildest"
  • Wildest Dreams - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton/Mac Davis) Let's drink a toast to what might have been To all that we were, but can't be again And let's just be thankful we parted as friends Here's to the past, let the future begin Oh,"
  • Wildest Dream - Journey
    "Two different worlds collide Somehow come together Caught in the moment Blind with desire The way I want of you I should have known better Moving way too fast Jumping through the fire I can't regret you Somewhere"
  • Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift
    "He said let's get out of this town Drive out of the city Away from the crowds I thought heaven can't help me now Nothing lasts forever But this is gonna take me down He's so tall, and handsome as hell He's"
  • Wildest Dreams - Brandy
    "Never, oh, never hey Never, oh, never hey Never, oh, never hey Never, oh, never hey! Out of an unknown place Kinda like left field You came in my life and helped me heal Just in the nick of time When"
  • Wildest Dreams - Brother Firetribe
    "I want you to know Been thinkin' about you since the day that we met You really put on a show There was something about the look in your eyes You said that I'm the one The one to make the best of this"
  • Wildest Dreams - Jamai
    "You, go around in circles in my mind wondering were yoyu are toninght I have a dream your in my life that your lying here it's allright you don't see the smile, that's in your eyes how deep of love"
  • Wildest dreams - Ten
    "In the middle of the night I dreamOf a lover I could never leaveShes conceptual designMore woman than Ive ever seenOn the page of any magazine, in my dreams shes alive(take your time girl) in my mind girl(tantalize"
  • Wildest Dreams - Kim Richey
    "Dialed up your number Though it's kinda late You said call anytime I got something to say You need to know that I ain't fooling around In case there's any doubt But if there's any question CHORUS: Let"
  • Wildest Dreams - New Edition
    "I heard you like to ball alot And you like shoppin' at the mall alot Braggin' to your friends about what you got But all of that's just material Don't really mean a thing to me You should know that There's"
  • Wildest Dreams - Iron Maiden
    "(Smith/Harris) I'm gonna organize some changes in my life I'm gonna exorcise the demons of my past I'm gonna take the car and hit the open road I'm feeling ready to just open up and go And I just feel"
  • Wildest Dreams - Saga
    "I've watched the way you store into the night There's plenty out there and you need to see it all There's something in you that doesn't like daylight You'd better close your eyes and wait until you're"
  • Good Times - Joan Armatrading
    "You're right for And I'm a fool if I try to leave I can't get enough of you baby Can you get enough of me Hey yea Good times You give me good time baby You give me good times You give me good time love I"
  • Your Wildest Dreams - The Moody Blues
    "Once upon a time Once when you were mine I remember skies Reflected in your eyes I wonder where you are I wonder if you think about me Once upon a time In your wildest dreams Once the world was new Our"
  • Your wildest dreams - Moody Blues
    "Once upon a time Once when you were mine I remember skies Reflected in your eyes I wonder where you are I wonder if you Think about me Once upon a time In your wildest dreams Once the world was new Our"
  • Wildest dreams (deutsche) - Iron Maiden
    "Ich werde ein paar Vernderungen in meinem Leben vornehmen. Ich werde die Dmonen meiner Vergangenheit exorzieren. Ich wird das Auto nehmen und einfach losfahren. Ich fhle mich bereit einfach Gas zu geben."
  • In Your Wildest Dreams - Tina Turner
    "Oh baby, oh baby The sun goes down and the moon comes up My heart is pumping for you, and the mad thing starts yeah Ohho..yeah, never in your wildest dreams did you ever get this feeling never in your"

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