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wildhoney tiamat

  • Church Of Tiamat - Tiamat
    "No candycoloured paradise No stary blackholed eyes No more dreams of neverend Through embers only dark descends No more comatose sleepwalking No feeble sideshow toungetalking Not even crucified you'd"
  • Hekal Tiamat - Acheron
    "We are the fears that lurk inside your mind As ancient race of a vampiric kind Ruthless predators in this world we dwell Live the law of fang and claw, with no heaven or hell Hekal Tiamat, Temple of the"
  • I Am The King (...Of Dreams) - Tiamat
    "In the heart of the night I went to forever walk in the obscure eternity Through woods and thickets over mountains and through valleys I left my body this evening and forever I will now live Curious I"
  • Necrophagous Shadows - Tiamat
    "Whispers in the dark held me tight in chains of horror Petrified I sat in the unknown Cemetary amidst the tombs Disembodied voices called me Inhuman eyes watched me Cadaver fumes struck my nose and in"
  • Sleeping (In The Fire) - Tiamat
    "Touch, touch in the flame's desires Feeling the pain's denial, And your fingers in the fire Look, look in the candle light See in the flame of life And my spell is our lie (Chorus:) Taste the love The"
  • The Return Of The Of Nothing - Tiamat
    "The warrior went back to Rome The nomads settled for solid homes The crusader returned to heathen The snake searched for garden of Eden The manikin went back in her cocoon And NASA flew back to the moon The"
  • The Southermost Voyage - Tiamat
    "A sharpened shaft shines through morning dew Drawn out shadows walk on you Alone I stand to face the day Tortured by a deathly silent view Take my hand, please follow me I was your love and your destiny Let"
  • To Have And To Have Not - Tiamat
    "she shivered, afraid that I would shoot she'd panic, afraid that I would not she drank it all right before my eyes said, be my lucifer, be my lord of flies I can take all your blasphemy I can take all"
  • Too Far - Tiamat
    "I've been through all of this a million times before Seems all my demons got me knocking on hell's door I know it's too late to regret what I have done But I still love you like the morning loves the sun Too"
  • Apotheosis Of Morbidity - Tiamat
    "Awaiting dawn for a night of unholiness Awaiting a sign as sacrifice is cast Bow down to the lord of eternal might Save us from the second coming of christ Watching as the virgin writhes in fear Drain"
  • Best Friend Money Can Nuy - Tiamat
    "we drank as much as we could and she drank more than she should we stumbled out of this cheap whisky bar and that is the story so far guieded by the dim streetlights we walked through the black harbour"
  • Dead Boys Quire - Tiamat
    "Hallowed dances upon glorified graves Twisted minds, blasphemous slaves Witches and demons are supporting the dead In worship of who they are led Views of midnightly risen stones Sounds of clattering"
  • Dust If Our Fare - Tiamat
    "there is a time when some of us are healedthere is a time you're clean and undersealedthere is a time it almost looks like funthere is a time for the bullet of a gun no one here drinks waternone of us"
  • Children Of The Underworld - Tiamat
    "We are the children of the underworld We are the children of the long lost dream We lie in wait for our time to come Floating on a neverending stream Make no stay Meet us all by break of day We are the"
  • Cold Last Supper - Tiamat
    "Open casket funeral A catholic tribulation A cold last supper Well, it's only up to you Dreary dead disciples A prostitute Eve A dirty shroud in Turin Well, it's only up to you For the rise of the fallen"
  • However You Look At It You Loose - Tiamat
    "Are you a swanlake or a nutcracker A sleeping beauty or a poor slacker Have you got oil for your glitches Have you got thread for your stitches Are you a suit of armour or silk seethrough Do you think"
  • Sixshooter - Tiamat
    "Lost my mind on a bungyjump on LSD And in downtown Chicago demons haunted me Almost drank myself to death in Malaysia And in a Paris cafe one demon dressed like a geisha And in Rochester my best friend"
  • In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead - Tiamat
    "Deep down in the tombs Dried out and embalmed Royalties embedded Locked under a curse Powers of mortis Trapped in the talismans Shaman's evil spells Await at the door (pre.ch.:) Unbroken silence rests A"
  • The Malicious Paradise - Tiamat
    "He comes at night when the moon is worshipped A living evil on golden wings He comes to take me to the abandoned land The land where darkness is ablazed A leap in the dark, a step into the forgotten through"
  • Nocturnal Funeral - Tiamat
    "In the fields of death at an hour of destruction the wind blew cold A vast field of tombstones and cenotaphs all moisture-stained As I walked across the field I noticed a human circle formation Standing"

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