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wilkinson too close

  • Too Close (feat. Detour City) - Wilkinson
    "Shot me down Left me here on the floor I left my self wide open And I should know Don?t come too close I won?t give away my heart /4x"
  • Too Close - Shakra
    "You drive a fancy car Dress up like a gigolo You live life on the edge Always in for more Looking for fun Out on the run TOO CLOSE TO THE LINE OF FIRE SMALL BIRD ON A HIGH SKY WIRE TOO CLOSE TO THE LINE"
  • Too Close - Ariana Grande
    "You know what I want I know what you don't I should be the one you love oh Boy you got my mind Playing truth or dare Daring me to kiss you right here But we've been friends so long And it seems so wrong And"
  • Too Close - Alex Clare
    "You know im not one to break promises I dont wanna hurt you but i need to breathe At the end of it all, youre still my best friend But theres something inside that i need to release Which way is right,"
  • Too Close - Kayah
    "Every night you leave me Outside your deepest dream Of paper dragons Lanterns Colours All within I am to close to be your dream One life with me Isn't enough for you There's another Behind"
  • Too Close - Blue
    "alright, hold on, too close... Baby when we're grinding I get so excited Ooh, how I like it I try but I can't fight it Oh, your dancing real close Plus real real slow You're making it hard for me "
  • Too Close - Cam'ron
    "I wonder if she could tell I'm hard right now, hmmm Yeah, come on, dance for me baby, ha ha, yeah Oh, oh, you feel that? Alright Come on, don't stop now You done did it, come on, uh, yeah, alright, hold"
  • Too Close - Next
    "I wonder if she could tell that I am hard right know (hmm...) yeah come on dance with me now (haha) Oh oh feel that oh right come on don't stop know u know u did it come on alright oh well (Chorus) Baby"
  • Too Far Too Close - BOKKA
    "Where is too far? Where is too close? How to know? When to stop Not to hurt Anyone and yourself I’m lost between desire and shame I’m lost There’s no one I can tell Where ends love and start hate? How"
  • Coming Too Close - No Use For A Name
    "There was a time when you would come and go Now theres no time left to react Just as it starts to heal in comes a bitter end Well you were already to leave my side and then... You're coming too close"
  • Never too close - Gordon Lightfoot
    "I remember when best friends were jealous loversLyin warm asleep beneath the coversDreaming of belonging to each otherAnd so we tried, never too closeNever too near, dyin in timeAnd so we cried but that"
  • Close - Telepopmusik
    "I dont put a smile upon your face no more I cant make your heart shine like it did before You dont listen to my stories anymore You cant comfort me the way you did before Was I too loud, was I too bad"
  • Close - Matt Pond PA
    "the braid from your hair rested on your shoulder shown in the green light from the panel of instruments the hairs looked like threads woven and were perfect shaking when you spoke and the voice near"
  • Close - Blindside
    "Her heart was beating harder for every second The shell was holding up like never before A refusal to where all this has it's foundation The shell hold up, but big dents bulge Not now, maybe later and"
  • Too Close For Comfort - Dianne Reeves
    "Be wise, be smart, behave, my heart Don't upset your cart when she's so close Be soft, be sweet, but be discreet Don't go off your feet, she's so close for comfort Too close, too close for comfort, please,"
  • Too Close For Comfort - Frank Sinatra
    "Be wise, be smart, behave, my heart Don't upset your cart when she's so close Be soft, be sweet, but be discreet Don't go off your feet, she's so close for comfort Too close, too close for comfort,"
  • Too Close For Comfort - Jamie Cullum
    "Be wise, be fair, be sure, be there, behave, beware Be wise, be smart, behave my heart Don't upset your cart, when she's so close Be soft, be sweet, but be descreet Don't go off your feet She's too"
  • Too Close For Comfort - Jem And The Holograms
    "Living real close to the edge, babe Almost right on the brink Judge the day is only moments away Baby, you know what i think We're getting too close, too close We're living in the danger zone Too close"
  • Too Close To Rock - Samson
    "We had you trained, to be so classical And you learned to play the guitar at school, But now we've caught you, you've been playing the fool, We don't think your musical taste is cool. Too close to rock"
  • Too Close For Comfort - Sammy Davis Jr.
    "Be firm, Be fair, Be sure, Beware, On Your guard take care. While there's such temptation. One thing will lead to another, To late to run for cover, She's much to close for comfort now. Be wise,"

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