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will a

  • Will Powers - Will Powers
    "What makes one man a criminal, another a celebrity? What puts one man on a park bench and another behind a big desk? What is the difference between failure and success? Will, will powers There's will"
  • Will - Sense Field
    "some will say take cover and some will say take care some will call you over and some will call you out to show you their nightmares, but there are dreams to fill your heart with certainty, there's"
  • Will - Boyz II Men
    "(Nate Morris) Do you remember when? We would gaze upon The heavens up above Revealed within the night Took turns in looking thru A telescope discovering A little star that smiled right back at us I never"
  • Will - Joyner Lucas
    "I am feeling like I think I am a prince I am feeling myself I am loaded whit bills I wasn’t blessed whit no uncle Phil don’t know how it feels I want to flex they told me to chill I am making a flip my"
  • Will - Dresden Dolls
    "I won't try to explain what i cannot understandit's a bird it's a plane it's a one night standif i only we could ride far enoughi'd forget you altogetherit's a bluffthere is no way i could not rememberDon't"
  • Will - The Dresden Dolls
    "i won't try to explain what i cannot understand it's a bird it's a plane it's a one night stand if i only we could ride far enough i'd forget you altogether it's a bluff there is no way i could not remember don't"
  • Will - Novembre
    "Hey you creature who came from the night Why do I feel the need to lose myself deep in your eyes? Is it the same reason for your face tells of a cry? Or is it simply our longing arms just willing to entwine? Tell"
  • Ill Will - D-A-D
    "What we need isn't systems Or some regulating plans But bigger guns to shoot with And a bigger type of man Ill Will For good or ill my iron will Is unrivalled still Evil ill thrill This is the curse"
  • Free Will - A Global Threat
    "It's not some heavy hand from up above that make you late Recall how that night was spent Forget a friendly fate The world perspectives blurred Connect to a herd and leave mind black You could be the black"
  • Ill Will - A Life Once Lost
    "A Life Once Lost Iron Gag Ill Will You are worthless and especially ignorant to human life Words gestures Everything I feel towards your existence Coexists with the hatred I have towards mankind Common"
  • A Women Will - Dave Hollister
    "Mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm Woo, mmm It's funny how a woman does so much There's nothin' she won't do when she trusts you She will let you in She will lift you up She will take good good care of you Have you"
  • A Living Will - Elliott Smith
    "time to kill wrote a living will and gave it to the man in the moon but i'm gonna get well soon this happy face is watching me die elevate me to another world all that i can do in my own is leave well"
  • 421 A Will - Kotoko
    "{{ruby||}} == Romanized Japanese == sakurairo no BU-TSU ga aa... hayaku tsuredashite to sasou gogo kitto kyonen mita keshiki yori mo takaku hiroku tooku toberu you na kodou"
  • Do What You Will Do - Will Oldham
    "do what you will do i will watch with you though i'm charged to wait awhile i will wait for you in style with you as a guide i stay awhile watch with me i won't ask you to be friends with me nor to stand"
  • Willow - Joan Armatrading
    "I may not be your best But you know good ones Don't come by the score If you've got something missing I'll help you look You can be sure And if you want to be alone Or someone to share a laugh Whatever"
  • Willow - The Creatures
    "I remember the island There's a tale to spin of the water wheel Snap of a conger eel A triangular canvas in a sea of green Translucent Man O' War staring to the shore Roller coaster rides, a wish"
  • Willow - Diary Of Dreams
    "Just give me nails To be my burden Crucified emotions struggle to survive And the truth, she has not heard for long Cold and bare, but sacred ? Who has the guts to spread such lies A picture of a willow"
  • Willow - Sarah Slean
    "Willow tree by the sea Where the guards lie How I love to look at you With all my aching lie Winter comes winter kills Let it go by Therell be better days Willow Dont cry Willow star shine afar in a dark"
  • willow - Taylor Swift
    "I am like the water When your ship rolled in the night Rough on the Surface But you cut through like a knife And if it was an openlshut case I never would’ve known from look on your face Lost in your"
  • Will I Ever - Side A
    "I've loved you for so long And the promises you made Keep me hanging on And now I I gotta know Is this love enough Or should we let it go...? Will I ever get to heaven with you? Will I breathe the air"

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