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will come

  • Day Will Come - Shihad
    "Bodies for the flow Day will come, day will come Fodder for the show Day will come, day will come Bodies for the flow Day will come, day will come Fodder for the show Day will come, day will come The"
  • He Will Come - Rhodes Happy
    "(4:07) Percussion and Keys: H. Rhodes, Kevin Bartlett Guitar: Chuck D'Aloia She walked into the room His wine spilled upon the floor Something 'bout the way she dreamed Made his ship come ashore Her eyes"
  • Change Will Come - Cathy Dennis
    "I know that I'm out of place But I know you're just wasting time Your life is your own to waste But I won't have you wasting mine Change will come If you believe Change will come Do you hear me Everybody's"
  • Sleep Will Come - Durutti Column
    "Evening is unreal When morning leaves the moon Approaching most in tears He dances draped and new [?] Armed with many warnings We face the ancient mode[?] If God and battles over Just one of many roads Forgotten"
  • Time Will Come - Agnostic Front
    "Time will come when we will pay There'll be no choice for you to take World War III won't be a fake You just can't look the other way (Chorus:) Time will come and time will go You'll learn to live and"
  • He Will Come - Shirley Caesar
    "(He's an on time God, yes He is. Have you ever called Him and it looked like He wasn't coming. You paid your tithes, you did everything that was right, but yet it looked like you stayed sick all the"
  • Day Will Come - Pacifier / Shihad
    "for the flow day will come, day will come fodder for the show day will come, day will come The little hitler Shout We'll send the boys in to sort you out and the whole worlds to blame for not feeling"
  • It Will Come - My Dying Bride
    "The sun will die, On us tonight. The days are gone, For everyone. The holy cry Forever night What have we done? Who killed the sun? We will be on our knees The time has come Thy will be done Holy men"
  • He Will Come - Waterdeep
    "Soon it will be hammered into what she calls her silly head That she really isn't silly but she's beautiful instead But every time she gets a hold of something pretty, it slips away So she keeps hoping"
  • Time Will Come - Napalm Death
    "Pushed aside the feelings jeopardising all. Caught the chain reaction, rolling with the fall. Forget the friendship, the points made loud and clear. Where was the kinship for which we endear? Soulless"
  • Will They Come - Tiamat
    "Will they come And alight the skies anew? The night is young And so are you Is it true what they say Behind this walls? Tonight We'll see for real Do these mornings ever come? Will we ever see this days"
  • Peace Will Come - Melanie
    "Peace Will Come (According To Plan) Melanie There's a chance peace will come in your life please buy one There's a chance peace will come in your life please buy one For sometimes when I"
  • Tomorrow Will Come - Trish Thuy Trang
    "*Chorus* As time goes by everyday of my life How I long for yesterday Slowly years have gone and come And I know that you'll wait for me till the end Looking back on days of the past that we had so long"
  • Time Will Come - Mustard Plug
    "Girl since the day your eyes met mine, I knew it from the start You were going to steal my heart Then, a world of doubt led you astray Into his arms you went to lay And through my tears I looked away So"
  • Peace Will Come - Hank Williams
    "(e) I'm praying for the day, when the (a) whole wide world can say, That this (e) cruel war it is (b7) o'er, And the (e) boys who are gone, start their (a) long journey home, Oh I'm (e) praying for the"
  • Time will come - Uriah Heep
    "Riding on togetherForever till the endSome people try to come between usBut we know they're not our friendsSo come on join our partyLet the hours slip on byNo more cares or worriesNo more asking yourself"
  • She Will Come - Gyroscope
    "So thankyou for the struggle, we trapped him in the jungle somewhere. Get out there on the double, he's stranded in the jungle somewhere. Can I crawl under your bed, when it crawls upside my head?"
  • Jesus Will Come - Herman Finkers
    "Maak mijn hartje rein Maak mijn hartje vroom Da'k in de hemel mag koomm refr. : I pray for the day that Jesus will come To take me away in his heaven of love To them angels above Hij neemt"
  • He Will Come - Mandisa
    "If what you thought was the truth is a lie And what you fought to keep on breathing has died You face the lonely nights and wrestle with the dark And you reach to find the love to fill the space inside"
  • Time Will Come - Shaaman
    "Times are coming back When nights are getting longer And I can read the promise In your mind To yourself again, that you will Play the strong one But you burn inside, bleed inside - And you remain the"

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