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will young like my fire

  • Like Fire - Bloodbath
    "i am eternal the ruler of the earth and sky i am infernal i am on a quest to see the heavens die my fascination with the dead won't be fulfilled here on this killing spree and when they dream that's when"
  • Like Fire - Joan Armatrading
    "I'm trembling You got the touch I'm under And you got the power When I feel your body next to mine I know everything is gonna be all right Hey, I'm trembling I'm all on edge I'm under And you've got"
  • Will Young - Evergreen - Db Boulevard
    "Eyes, like a sunrise Like a rainfall down my soul And I wonder, I wonder why you look at me like that What you're thinking, what's behind Don't tell me, but it feels like love I'm gonna take this moment And"
  • Young - Hollywood Undead
    "Chorus: We are young, But we have heart, Born in this world as it all falls apart. We are strong, But we don`t belong, Born in this world as it all falls apart. I see the children in the rain, like the"
  • Night Is Young - Love Like Blood
  • Young Money - Ace Young
    "im addicted 2 da mutplication dont need table counting in the stable brush the hourse off nigga cum an niggas leave but if act like leona ima let a nigga bleed he gone flood like a levee not a hurricaine"
  • Fire - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Two steps from the border line Anything closer will kiss the nine Think I'm out the game? You out of your mind Cuz I stay on track, like transit line (FIRE!) Keep it nappy or braided up Dirty in the"
  • Fire - New Direction
    "I can feel the fire shut up in my bones, like Jeremiah, it won't leave me alone. I can feel the fire shut up in my bones, like Jeremiah, it won't leave me alone. Something down inside of me, I can't"
  • Fire - RBD
    "Temperature is rising I can feel the hunger in your eyes C'mon and love me Move a little closer 'cause it's only you and me tonight I wanna feel you Make my body talk just give me love hang in Lord"
  • Fire - Redman
    "(feat. Wendisue Hall, E3) Yeah (I can feel your fire) When you niggas feel cold and your flows ain't got it no more nigga?! (I can feel your fire) Yeah nigga. You know what it is nigga, Gilla House nigga Yo"
  • Fire - Jimmy Barnes
    "It's a little strange you know You might think it's kinda weird But she is my one true love And let me tell you I hold her oh so near She's not like some other girls Picks you up just to put you down When"
  • Fire - Krystal Meyers
    "You make light from dark Illuminate my heart It started with a spark And now I'm consumed I know that it's your will So I'm gonna shine until I'm a city on a hill And they can see you And know"
  • Fire - Mac Dre
    "(Where am I? I smell fire) Who got that fire Fire? I don't smoke that brown I want the bomb Don't like that shit I don't like that shit I need fire, who got fire? Yo nucca It's yo nucca Roll somethin up (Smoke"
  • Fire - Papa Roach
    "Die a little everyday Break the silence when you say You don't love me anymore In my face you slam the door Making up making out Falling in and falling out When you kiss me like a stranger That is when"
  • Fire - Busta Rhymes
    "Busta Rhymes, 2000 We got the fire now Come on! Hey, come on, hey Whether it's from all of us You best believe Busta rhymes more flavor than all the rest From all the mess, hardcoreness from all the"
  • Fire - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Trife Da God)Don't play with me, cause you're playing with fire!(Whooo, smoking, smoking, smoking them Marley Marl'sSmile, smoking, them Marley Marl's now be smokingUh huh uh huh, smoking, light"
  • Fire - Kimya Dawson
    "it seemed like everyone i knew was dying i looked in the mirror and i was on fire somebody yelled out "hey, stop, drop, and roll!" i said "that might save my skin, but it won't save my soul. that might"
  • Fire - X-Clan
    "Cave men! Cave women! And the... Troglodytes! Ah, yeah! Ah, come on, come on, come on! To the East, my brother, to the East! Uh, to the East, my brother, to the East! Come on! "
  • Light My Fire - Will Young
    "You know that it would be untrue You know that I would be a liar If I was to say to you, girl We couldn't get much higher Come on, baby, light my fire Come on, baby, light my fire Try to set the night"
  • Serpentine Fire - Earth, Wind & Fire
    "When I see your face Like a mornin' sun You spark me to shine Tell all the world My need is fulfilled And that's a new design As long as you're near There is no fear Of a victory, all right But when"

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