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  • DJ Zinc feat. Ms Dynamite Wile Out
    "Dont you take me there You dont wanna know Where this crazy cool Is about to go Dont you take me there You dont wanna see What this crazy cool is about to be if he mad wile out go along good girl wilee"
  • BORYSS Tak wiele nocy
    "tak wile nocy nieprzespanych słodkich, namiętnych, tak wspaniałych znów szukam w łóżku cię nad ranem miało być pięknie a sam zostałem mówiłaś mi ze kochasz czule dziś wiem, to była zwykła gra kochałaś"
  • Serch Mc Lyrical Mc
    "Ive got a blue cat, a bed cat, a red cat, a whit cat, and things i can not deni, Wile u lot r hating, my crew is out making, sum thing to catch ure eye, so listen and hear, wile we drink sum beer, and"
  • Jill Tracy Evil Night Together
    "I'll hold your hand while they drag the river I'll cuddle you in the undertow I'll keep my hand on your trigger finger I'll take you down where the train tracks go Let's wile away the hours Let's spend"
  • Eleni Mandell Careless Driver
    "I'm blind I'm blinded I cannot see I want to sleep all day And wile away the hours I don't need to prove myself I am a careless driver I'll run I'm running Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow I don't need to"
  • Barry Manilow No Love For Jenny
    "Not even anbition Led her right in to the palm of his hand Not that she didn't know better But she never been out on the streets before Lost in her anbition She just had to know the good and the bad So"
  • Alchemist Wandering And Wondering
    "I feel and I smell and I taste and I see experiences they dub reality I'm living life's journey the best that I can but sometimes I find I don't know where I am I often perceive the world out of context The"
  • Dream Evil No Way
    "It will outlive us all booth you and I No rules without exception this one can not die Regardless of genres expression shape and form It sometimes just catches it's breath before the storm It is only"
  • Frank Black Ten Percenter
    "I'm just another ten percenter My mind is like an ocean My mind is like an ocean Im hanging in the harbor Im just drifting letting out the line Im letting out the drifting line Im just tyring to a guy Whos"
  • Master P Who Want Some
    "Who said he want some Boy you don't want none We wile out in the club and that dum diddy dum dum I like them girls but I don't fuck with them haters We in the club hella deep like the No Limit raiders And"
  • Dogwood Your Tongue Is The Deadliest
    "Possessed by the pawn Affect a secret smile Challenge your poison Your vigor is my trial Weary when you wait Executive degree Process to restrain The fate you have for me You make sure what you're running"
  • PJ Harvey Catherine
    "Catherine De Barra You've murdered my thinking Gave you my heart You left the thing stinking I'd shake from your spell If it weren't for my drinking The wind bites more bitter With each light of morning I"
  • Cirque du Soleil Child In His Eyes
    "if you think, if figure it out, if you think its how it should be tell me why children suffer and men wants to die. with so much love courage, knolage and hope. we still live,love and creting in vane and"
  • John McDermott Mary Of Argyle
    "I have heard the Mavis singing his love song to the moon I have seen the dewdrop clinging to the rose just nearly born But a sweeter song has cheer'd me at the evening's gentle close And I've seen an eye"
  • The Yardbirds Mr. Saboteur
    "(James McCarty) He's Just 'round the corner Nobody will warn ya' You wont see his coming The way your life's a running As he tries to wreck you He's bound to affect you Stops your inspiration And all your"
  • The Mission Cold As Ice
    "?? money ?? He dresses to kill so debonair Insatiable and cruel, gracious and sly, he don't care No, he don't care You do??? takes the gamble A roll of the dice, he's as cold as ice He's as cold as ice Though"
  • John McDermott Mary Of Argyle (I Have Heard The Mavis Singing)
    "I have heard the Mavis singing his love song to the moon I have seen the dewdrop clinging to the rose just nearly born But a sweeter song has cheer'd me at the evening's gentle close And I've seen an eye"
  • Dogwood Your Tongue Is The Deadliest Of Arrows
    "Possessed by the pawn. Affect a secret smile. Challenge your poison. Your vigor is my trial. Weary when you wait executive degree, process to restrain. The fate you have for me. You make sure"
  • Bloodlet Dogman With Horns
    "Eyes have seen. Ears have witnessed. The unspoken lamentations. To one man's sickness. Incandescent futrescence. A truth is spoken and lost. A life taken. A soul stolen. A memory held in one man's heart,"
  • Brahim Brahim
    "play it man oooh ooh ooh oooh yes you remind me say what (beatboxing...) say what (beatboxing) see the thing about you that cought my eye is the same thing that makes me change my mind cind of hard to"

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