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winter day

  • Winter - Stratovarius
    "Silence is all I hear Blackness fills my world Midwinter days and lonely nights Depression takes over My frozen mind Morning starts a new day Dawning nowhere to be seen Oh won't you break My chains and"
  • Winter - Amebix
    "The cold outside lays waste to life. Suspends the process of decay. Alone without a friend suffer as night becomes the death of day. Winter This is the season of the fire, this is when the reaper crawls. Feed"
  • Black Winter Day - Amorphis
    "This is how the lucky feel How the blessed man think Like a daybreak in spring The sun on a spring morning Like the flat brink of a cloud Like a dark night in autumn But how do I feel in my gloomy depths? This"
  • Black Winter Day - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "''''''Chorus'''''' Torn apart now I cannot have this combination Confusion, of your related Torn apart now These are the choices we made Do I follow or walk away ''''''Verse 1 - Vinnie Paz'''''' Yeah,"
  • The First Day Of Winter - Screeching Weasel
    "the days are shorter now but you remember now i just wish that you weren't remembering that way you're gonna kill yourself everything is gray everything is not okay and i can't talk to you until i see"
  • Winter comes - Covenant
    "So the winter comes Where we belongI feel the cold Within my heartI see the night Deep in your eyesThe winter comes at lastHere the winter comes AgainSo the winter comesWhere we grow strongI hear your"
  • Winter Lady - Joni Mitchell
    "Winter lady, where you going With your hair all soft and loose like snowin'? Winter girl, December child, don't run away. Winter lady, walking sadly, does your lover Treat you badly? Do you dream or wish"
  • Winter Wonderland - De Heideroosjes
    "Everything was quiet in a peaceful winterland One day there came four boys, walking hand in hand The boys were just walking not knowing where to go It was already Christmas and there was a lot of snow"
  • Winter Wonderland - Heideroosjes
    "One day there came four boys, walking hand in hand The boys were just walking not knowing where to go It was already Christmas and there was a lot of snow And they were singing a song... (CHORUS)"
  • Winter Winds - Neil Young
    "The summer ends and the winter winds Begin to holler all around the bend. We will smile and sail away This won't be no sadness day When the winter winds greet the trees back there. We can watch the turbine turning"
  • Nuclear Winter - Sodom
    "Run up the spiral staircase to annihilation Deserted neglected into the dark Devitalised souls cripple the planet in greed Proceed until we are absorbed in blood Causing the premature burial of nature With"
  • Cold Winter - Wolfpakk
    "It's freezing cold-we need hideaway The hollow cave is not that far from here We have been there for so many times Give me shelter-ease my fear Our braveness will help us on the way Strong hearts - until"
  • Winter Wheat - Michelle Shocked
    "I seem to have lost my patience Waiting for the clouds of dust the custom cutter brings Well, the foreman called to say He would be here any day With his convoy of threshing machines Now what would make"
  • Winter melody - Donna Summer
    "Emptiness and just a memorylove is gone with nothing left for meall those wasted feeling for something I no longer haveI never knew that love could hurt so badWinter melody, winter melody, winter melodyplay"
  • Winter jam - The Underdog Project
    "(Hey-yeah, winter jam) (Hey-yeah) (Hey-yeah, as much as we can) (Hey-yeah, winter jam) Moonlight we spend lifetime together feeling so right let's make it last forever and I'll hold you tight it's such"
  • Deep Winter - Bob Catley
    "The setting sunlight fades and once again I'm lonely You're here beside me yet a thousand miles away So as I pray for sleep that I might wake up only To find it's all been just a dream, a big mistake,"
  • Winter Sun - Glenn Kaiser Band
    "Lord, it's cold outside tonight How I wish, Lord, the light should come So cold outside, Lord, I wish that the light would come At the break of day I'll feel the winter sun I was far away, far away, far"
  • Last Winter - Ryan Cabrera
    "Last winter, on the coldest day, people gathered 'round, I heard what you said behind me, now I'm here looking for another way now, I'm standing for an angel to take me away, oh how I feel you've woke"
  • Winter Falls - Gaia Riva
    "Clouds have been watching me for five hours and now sunlight streams down on you making heat without sound On the grass I have seen someone's traces still lived lives younger steps from the past and"
  • Winter Art - Mental Home
    "The long road under my feet Is like a stream in a cold air When a day dies beyond the cold horizon And each snow-flake falls on its shadow. As I touch the water glance Ice melts under my fingers Thousands"

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