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winter up
  • Audio Learning Center Winter
    "She wastes her days away She sinks her teeth into her dead end job Long since had given up on Childhood dreams All the things that she could have become Muttering to herself Underneath her breath She"
  • Amebix Winter
    "The cold outside lays waste to life. Suspends the process of decay. Alone without a friend suffer as night becomes the death of day. Winter This is the season of the fire, this is when the reaper crawls. Feed"
  • Judas Priest Winter
    "Got no silver in my pockets Got no pillow for my head And the winter it gets stronger Got to ease my aching head In the morning when I wake up Get this feeling deep inside And I wonder if I'll die young"
  • Shelby Sifers Winter
    "Winter is coming, it's coming through my window, it's slipping up my shirtsleeves, makes the cars run slow. And I smell it in our skin and all the trees hang low. I built a fire, to warm all of our cold"
  • Tori Amos Winter
    "Snow can wait I forgot my mittens Wipe my nose Get my new boots on I get a little warm in my heart When I think of winter I put my hand in my father's glove I run off Where the drifts get deeper Sleeping"
  • Dream Theater Winter
    "- ("Uncovered" show at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London - 1/31/95) - (From the "Subconscious" CD) - Tori Amos (from the album "Little Earthquakes") Snow can wait,"
  • Bayside Winter
    "When Winter falls Next year, I'll be holding on To anything nailed down As for being patient, with fate and all, it's getting old. And my mind is slowly changing I'm calling all my oldest friends, Saying"
  • Slowride Winter
    "winter's comin' on can't you feel it in your bones now laid to rest with the very best i did the best that i could send me on my way with disaster on the brain with blackened lungs still my song is sung i"
  • Bebel Gilberto Winter
    "I feel the snow On my eyes It touches me Deep inside And now I'm here So high A cloud Up in the sky And this has got me thinking It's all because of you My heart is dark And my mouth so dry Where were"
  • Plastic Hotels Winter
    "Cedars covered in snow I was a younger man then Rest as the wind blows You are one with the stars As the moon lights the way to where you are Where you are I will never forget the last words you spoke Something"
  • Beach Boys Winter Symphony
    "Beach Boys Christmas Album Winter Symphony Autumn colors have gone Birds fled south with their song Snowflakes cover the earth quietly Night extends through the hours Coolly lit by the stars The pulse"
  • The Beach Boys Winter Symphony
    "Autumn colors have gone Birds fled south with their song Snowflakes cover the earth quietly Night extends through the hours Coolly lit by the stars The pulse of life slows silently Cuddle up in a cozy"
  • Tim Finn Winter Light
    "It's always in the back of your mind When everything is dark, still something shines One chilly afternoon, you drew the blind The earth was frozen Ice upon the water All at once you saw her There in the"
  • Neil Young Winter Winds
    "The summer ends and the winter winds Begin to holler all around the bend. We will smile and sail away This won't be no sadness day When the winter winds greet the trees back there. We can watch the turbine turning"
  • Sodom Nuclear Winter
    "Run up the spiral staircase to annihilation Deserted neglected into the dark Devitalised souls cripple the planet in greed Proceed until we are absorbed in blood Causing the premature burial of nature With"
  • Iced Earth Winter Nights
    "I feel, you'll see, the night cold and dead But watch out, we walk proud Together now until the end In these times we walk that line These frozen times Winter nights Bridge: Look up to the sky, see the"
  • Bruce Springsteen Winter Song
    "From their northeast source the sour wind roars Bear gifts fresh from the valley waters. Hallow echoes strip Pennsylvania mountain walls With their corsets and their old Betsy ruffle And their slips with"
  • Bob Catley Deep Winter
    "The setting sunlight fades and once again I'm lonely You're here beside me yet a thousand miles away So as I pray for sleep that I might wake up only To find it's all been just a dream, a big mistake,"
  • Dishwalla Winter Sun
    "I could hear you fall,I could feel your body through the floor,And all I see is the red of your blood for the first timeAs i hold you there,As i rush your pale life through the door,I feel the heat rise"
  • Scott Walker Winter Night
    "You're like a winter night Your thoughts are frozen You kiss your lovers In the snow Too many icy tears Glisten for someone You watch the leaves As they shiver your loneliness Your eyes are lanterns Growing"

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