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with aut you

    "AC-DC Ballbreaker HAIL CAESAR Ballbreaker (1995) (Young, Young) He be the count of Monte Cristo Could be a quake any day Maybe somebody from Siam Begin the era of a new rage Keeps lickin' all the honey Chewin'"
    "He be the count of Monte Cristo Could be a quake any day Maybe somebody from Siam Begin the era of a new rage Keeps lickin' all the honey Chewin' up the fat he rakes Instead of sending to the lions"
  • Little Caesar - Kiss
    "Ten million stories in the city, ten million backs against the wall Desperation's out tonight, you can cut it with a knife Everybody wants to have it all Well they tell you that the world is rough But"
  • King Caesar - Head Automatica
    "You want a medal For the things you've done Well prizes don't come around As easy as you want them now You want a mountain with your face engraved So everybody in the world can see the face of nothing"
  • Cubic Caesar - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "My learning curve was so acute it formed a perfect circle. My whole wide world was virtual so I sank back in my shell. It's 16 cubic feet and i shall keep you all outside. I have this screen before me"
  • Caesar - Iggy Pop
    "people of america i bring you a great army to preserve peace in our empire throw them to the lions darling, let us go to the banouet hall... there will be a great feast tonight! who are these christians? what"
  • Caesar - The Stooges
    "People of AmericaI bring you a great armyTo preserve peaceIn our empireThrow them to the lionsDarling let us go to the banquet hallThere will be a great feast tonight!Who are these Christians?What is this"
  • Scream aut - The Unseen
    "1, 2, 3, Go!Well all my life this music saved meI can't afford no therapyMy frustration it needs release,So cut me open and hear me bleedPlaying punk keeps me saneI don't need drugs to numb the painIt"
  • They only come aut at night - Lordi
    "You know you saw them but no-one ever listens They'll be long gone by the time the sun has risen You feel 'em lurking, hear 'em howling in the shadows Wreaking haboc on your perfect world They are the"
  • Capped Teeth And Caesar Salad - Sarah Brightman
    "Capped teeth and Caesar salad, good old Beverly Hills, with every deal that's done an award is won. You can rent a car or rent a star. Suntans and Sunday brunches. Sprinklers sprinkle away. Careers"
  • Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie) - Nico
    "Amidst water lily fields white and green Grows a tree And from the tree hang apples Not for you to eat. In a way it matters more Than it did before To see the East voyaging through True hearts of dunes Mirth Birth Reverie There"
  • Hail Caesar - Dr. Sin
    "Watch out, legions are marching inMerciful warriors, ready to conquerSeeking nothing but victoryHail Caesar, hailHail Caesar, hailLook out, it's useless to resistThey'll make you weak, under siegeNowhere"
  • Anonymous Caesar - Pale Forest
    "(L.M. Jenssen / J. Hagen) Swipe the jelly glass clean I thougt I might let it all blow over We can talk about anything else I assume the matter is too delicate He's passing it over now with his"
  • Aut - Arakain
    "Tvrdej souboj dobe znaj projt peklem, brnou dl prej... der soupe dobe zn touhu vyhrt body dt prej... Aut, patnej der dej tu fintu mus znt ru nehledej lnej odpal hrt vyhrt me jen kdo mak na doraz ptou metu"
  • Capped Teeth And Caesar Salad (Reprise) - Sarah Brightman
    "Capped teeth and Caesar salad. Blood clot Beverly Hills. When business starts to dip wheel out the glucose strip. Have a cutthroat time with a twist of lime. Dreamers trapped in a jewel box. Big names"
  • The 13th Caesar - Cradle of Filth
    "''Oh how my rampant desire Ripped from the presence of God Now hunger like a beast For the knowledge of evil'' When Joan was burnt He knew malevolence At the heart of all A cold and jagged abyss bled"
  • Render Unto Caesar - Destroy!
    "Render unto Caesar every april 15th Taxation is extortion feeding the coffers Of the state Our sweat and blood is squandered On the politicans schemes Subsidize the rich With the wages of the poor Taxing"
  • Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar - Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
    "This is what it sounds like when my brother calls me: (wordless female vocals) My parents, they up and passed when I was none then three. I forced myself onto my brother, I made him watch me swell. And"
  • In Caesar We Trust - White Skull
    "Streams of goodly knights with red helmets Very young, to be slained, they obey In this land of myth and mystery Stone by stone are marchin' on to the goal Hail Caesar Rome look for the treasures of"
  • El Aut - Ska-P
    "Era una noche cualquiera Estbamos tranquilos en la barra del bar Atención ! que hace aparicion el pregonero de la critica Siempre jodiendo la manta Eres una especie de tortura mental El autntico, espabilao,"

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