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with the little bit of luck

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with the little bit of luck

  • With a little Bit of luck - Kelly Clarkson
    "I'll be perfect and You'll be sweetI'll be contempt and You'll forgive meI'll forget and You'll be numbHelp undo the damage we've becomeYou'll quit smoking and I'll be soberHide the marks that bend us"
  • With a Little Bit O' Luck - Audrey Hepburn
    "Alfred The Lord above gave man an arm of iron So he could do his job and never shirk. The Lord gave man an arm of iron-but With a little bit of luck, With a little bit of luck, Someone else'll do the blinkin'"
  • Little Bit - Lunik
    "A little bit you make me cry Everytime we say goodbye When you close the door behind your back I never know if I'll see you again I never know if I'll meet you again A little bit I love you A little bit"
  • Little Bit - Lykke Li
    "Hands down, I'm too proud for love But with eyes shut, it's you I'm thinking of But how we move from A to B, it can't be up to me 'cause I don't know Eye to eye, thigh to thigh I let go... I think I'm"
  • Little Bit - Lykkie Li
    "Uh ooh ooh uh ooh ooh uh ooh oooh Hands down I'm too proud, for love For with eyes shut It's you I'm thinking of But how we move from A to B it can't be up to me Cause I don't know Eye to eye Theigh to"
  • Little Bit Of Life - Craig Morgan
    "A little bit of guitar A little bit of truck A little bit of hound dog And a little bit of luck A little bit of Bacon A little bit of beans A little bit of you lovin' up on me And a little bit of how it"
  • Little Bit Of Heaven - Charlie Landsborough
    "Oh the north wind is blowin Soon Ill be goin on my way Theres nothing here for me Youve made that pretty clear So Ill depart With a little bit of heaven and a Whole lot of hell in my heart Theres a"
  • With A Little Luck - T'Pau
    "Are you happy now? Now you're standing out from the crowd Is that a measure of the way you are? Got to hear your name out loud Well I wonder How do you compare? Now with the other people living"
  • A little luck - Del Amitri
    "Have you not met her? Well, let me tell ya something first, oh yes, She arrives and your whole life hurts And you might be forgiven for killing to be with her Each little gesture Each little look cuts"
  • Little bit of soul - The Ramones
    "Now when you're feelin' low and the fish Won't bite you need a little bit o'soul To put you right you gotta make like you Wanna kneel and pray and then a little Bit o'soul will come your way Now when your"
  • Little Bit Of Emotion - The Kinks
    "See all the people With hatred in their eyes I can't help thinking that It's only a disguise Cause underneath that core There's got to be more Than what we realize Maybe they're scared To let"
  • A little bit - Chipz
    "My Friend.Ther's something going on.Won't you come along.Let's spread the word around.It's gonna down tonight.Knock on every door.What you waiting for.Let's get off the ground. Bridge:right now we can"
  • Little Bit Lonely - Billy Currington
    "Well, I parked my car in the driveway Somewhere around 1 am Worn out from the road with a big heavy load On my mind, what a week it had been Then I stumbled into the kitchen And I saw that little red light Blinkin'"
  • Little bit lonesome - Kasey Chambers
    "I'm a little bit lonesome I'm a little bit blue I can't stop crying Since I lost you There's a pain in my heart Like a lightening bolt I'm a little bit lonesome It's all your fault Well everytime I wake"
  • Little Bit Frightening - Wanderers
    "(Parsons/Bators) lasers probe the streets curfew set at eight police with lib glass back search for those out late jackboots of the right marching in the fear if it don't affect your life you don't really"
  • Every little bit - Patty Griffin
    "It's funny how a morning turns a love to shameDisguised and disfigured and you thought I tasted like rainThere`s nothing here but a shadow nothin hereNow you knowNow you knowNow you know Now you knowThere's"
  • Little Bit Of Rain - fred neil
    "A LITTLE BIT OF RAIN (Music & Lyrics : Fred Neil) Fred Neil Harry Belafonte If I should leave you Try to remember the good times Warm days filled with sunshine And just a little bit of rain And just"
  • Little Bit Of Love - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion Little Bit Of Love Look at you baby The picture of a broken man Your confidence is shaken The world caved in on you again But i know what to do to ease the pain And bring you back"
  • A Little Bit Of Sunlight - The Kinks
    "Tears would fall like the falling rain, There would be a sea. But you don't have to cry to prove your love, Just believe in me. 'cause a little bit of sunlight is all that I want from you, A little bit"
  • Little Bit Of Love - Free
    "I believe If you give A little bit of love To those you live with A little bit of love Oh oh oh Has gotta come your way. Well in my mind It's easy To lose sight of the truth But in my heart I can't deny My"

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