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wolf people
  • Dua Lipa 'New Rules' For COVID Dating
    "What are you for dating Crazy Nothing is the way it was People texting excess Sex pages Form the basemant at the mum If you havce human contact Don;t know what your contract Do the first page always"
  • Pentatonix Mad World
    "All around me are familiar faces Worn out places Worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere Going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses. No expression No expression Hide"
  • Disturbed If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
    "You could say I lost my faith in science and progress You could say I lost my belief in the holy church You could say I lost my sense of direction You could say all of this and worse, but If I ever lose"
  • Bonnie Tyler If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)
    "How's it feel to be a woman How's it feel to be a man Are we really that different Tell me where you stand I look at you, you look away Why do you say we're night and day I'd like to try another way Oh"
  • Paloma Faith Better Than This
    "When the lights in my street go out and All the people lie sleeping under clouds And they’re dreaming of better than this"
  • Bring Me The Horizon Obey with YUNGBLUD
    "Another day another post-traumatic order (brainwashed and feeling fine) I bit off more than i could chew when i looked closer So i stabbed a fork in my eye Think i am losing my fucking mind Don’t know"
  • Reel 2 Real Can You Feel It
    "Can you feel it Baby (16x) This is mad stuntman pon your case Wicked everytime right (laugh) So all rude boys and rude girls Feel the rhythm and feel the vibe here me now Watch the D.J. Him a mix like"
  • Halsey Young God
    "Tnavresbo eht era evol ni desruc reveroF Liated eht ot evals a reveroF He says, "Ooh, baby girl, you know we're gonna be legends I'm the king and you're the queen and we will stumble through heaven If"
  • Widespread Panic Ain't Life Grand
    "watchin people roll by wonderin where they're goin hey, what's your job what are you knowin drivin to the grocery store pull my money out passin by the liquor store throw my money down ain't life grand ain't"
  • Alicia Keys So Done (ft. Khalid)
    "Cause i am so, so done Got it my time Holding me back I am living the way that I want Cause i am so, so done Fighting myself Going through hell I am living the way that I want I am living the way that"
  • Die Another Day Zars
    "Tjekkit.. A lot of people ask me Why I sometimes speak with an Afrikaans accent Tjek, the cool thing about South Africa is that You got 11 national languages to choose from So, if I’m speaking to an Afrikaans"
  • Die Antwoord I Don't Care
    "Even if it's raining, and the wind is blowing Even if we're far from home, even if it's snowing I know that our love is pure, our love will protect us Even if the world turns against us I don't care,"
  • Die Antwoord Happy Go Sucky Fucky
    "We live the life we love We love the life we live We live the life we love We love the life we live We live the life we love We love the life we live Don’t need no one fucking up my shit Okay, bitch Get"
  • Die Antwoord I Don't Dwank
    "Ninja, Yolandi? Fuck, bro? Fuck, dude, I'm so fucking pissed off, oh Like can you not drop fucking-fucking drop ash on my fucking carpet? Sorry, dude, sorry You know that fucking picture with the-with"
  • Die Antwoord Rat Trap 666
    "One, two, Ratties coming for you Three, four, better lock your door Five, six, grab your crucifix Seven, eight, gonna stay up late Nine, ten, never sleep again Muggsy, Estevan, success, Angel Baby,"
  • Die Antwoord Peanutbutter+Jelly
    "Yo, I was at the club just chilling and shit And this pretty little mama, Alana, pick the paddy up Outside, people smoking marijuana Sweet talking anna, zero fucking drama I'm dressed fresh, got my best"
  • Die Antwoord DON'T SLEEP
    "Hom Salute ma se kint Ja, if they can lie to you then they can steal from you, my bru If they can steal from you, they can kill you It’s not my fault I was born into this fucked up world Not sure how"
  • Die Antwoord OPEN THE DOOR
    "Sim’e mnyango You need to open the door Sithi nkqo nkqo nkqo nkqo Sithi nkqo nkqo nkqo nkqo Sim’e mnyango (sim’e mnyango) You need to open the door (open the door, open the door) Sithi nkqo nkqo nkqo"
  • Die Antwoord Alien
    "I am a alien No matter how hard I try I don't fit in Always all on my own, sad and lonely All I want is for someone to play with me Long ago I was a little girl yet I was never ever able to fit in My"
  • Die Antwoord BANG ON EM
    "Ha! Uh! Ja! Yo Ninja, where the fuck you been bra? Ons soek jou stem naaier, maak vol Come on! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Yeah muddafukka! Bang on ‘em! Bang on ‘em! Bang on"

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