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woman woman say

  • Woman - Anti-Nowhere League
    "Woman I'm in love in you My love is deep My love is true To you, woman, I'm in love Your hair's so soft Your eyes are blue Your skin is warm And I'll be true to you Woman, I'm in love with you You came"
  • Woman - James Gang
    "Dale Peters; Jim Fox; Joe Walsh Woman! I've been hearin' 'bout the things you say Woman, yeah I don't want you talkin' that way Wanna take you home, give you some money Every time I try, you think that"
  • Woman - Rage
    "Woman, I know it's not easy to say But I miss you the longer I'm so far away You know me, it's not easy to find the words Woman, I miss you each day in the desert Woman, tomorrow I might bite the dust Believe"
  • Woman - Jennifer Brown
    "woman lives woman learns woman burns her fingers in love once man comes man goes man stumbles over and over someone won't call are we stuck in the middle hopelessly spinning you don't have to understand"
  • Woman - Heartsdales
    "(J) diet cause I wanna lose weight everyday it's the same old ? frustration no doubt no doubt about it (R)can't hide it what's the dealio? don't know what to do, so i pray * Wow wow wow"
  • Woman - Rick Springfield
    "And I say no (no), no more, I can't see you again But I don't know if I mean it I don't know if I just pretend I make up my mind the feeling's dead But who's fooling who inside my head And I know that"
  • Woman - Alessi's Ark
    "The ring around the moon last night Was caused by the refraction of moon-light From the crystals of silver, crunchy ice I thought i'd call To say I think you're nice Some things are better sung than said I'd"
  • Woman - Ca
  • Woman - Scabs
    "Now you can tell a woman what she might want to hear Whisper sweet nothing's into her ear Buy her diamonds and buy her pearls Buy her everything in the world And she my tell you you're the only one That"
  • Woman - Tynisha Keli
    "I see it in your eyes I hear it in your voice When we're saying our goodbyes, I can feel it In my heart I know that things ain't been the same I go on tryin to maintain but things have changed I keep tellin"
  • Woman, Woman - Gary Puckett
    "Woman oh woman Have you got cheating on your mind, on your mind Something's wrong between us That your laugher cannot hide And you're afraid to let your eyes meet mine And lately when I love you, I know"
  • Woman Woman - Engelbert Humperdinck
    "WOMAN WOMAN (Jim Glaser - Jimmy Payne) '67 Ensign Music, BMI Woman oh woman have you got cheating on your mind on your mind There's something wrong between us that your laughter cannot hide And you're"
  • Woman Woman - Glen Campbell
    "Woman oh woman have you got cheating on your mind on your mind There's something wrong between us that your laughter cannot hide And you're afraid to let your eyes meet mine And lately when I love you"
  • Woman - Breathe
    "Its Sunday night, I am curled up in my room The TV light fills my heart like a balloon I hold it in as best I can I know Im just another fan But I cant help feeling I could love this secret agent man"
  • Woman - Simple Minds
    "Spirit of girl I know's in front of me I brought her home its where she'd want to be Picture of some strange tattooed bird on her thigh Shine on walk on take a walk with me Something going I can tell The"
  • Woman To Woman - Joe Cocker
    "Woman to woman (woman to woman) Heartache to heartache (heartache to heartache) Lover to lover (lover to lover) Woman to woman (woman to woman) Woman to woman Ev'rything I say ev'ything that's happening Seems"
  • Woman 2 Woman - Urge Overkill
    "Woman 2 Woman Attitude! Well I'll take my time gettin' over it Girl blow my mind, there's no controllin' it Didn't see that sign, it was an accident Girl say goodbye cause don't empty hands don't want"
  • Woman to woman - Beverly Craven
    "Every time you get a new boyfriend I dont see you for weeks on end When I call cos I need to talk I feel like Im taking up your time There are things that I can onkly say to a woman from face to face But"
  • Woman Power - Yoko Ono
    "You've heard of woman nation, Well, that's coming, baby. What we need is the power of trust, That it's coming. You've heard of the law of selection, Well, that's how we're gonna do it, baby. We allow men"
  • Pretty Woman - Bad Company
    "pretty woman walkin' down the street Pretty woman, the kind i like to meet Pretty woman, i don't believe you You're not the truth No one could look as good as you Mercy Pretty woman, won't you pardon"

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