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won wai ticket

  • Wai - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
    "The lameness of an unborn child The tidiness of cry The only way I'm leaving here Is curling up and die The way our shelter moves above Controlled by just my hand Insures the death you're dreaming of The"
  • Wai - Zoe Girl
    "You've been hurt You've been lied to You ran all your life Just to get out of your shoes But you settled in too soon Now your road is clear-ly Darkno room For any light to break through You're on a mission"
  • Won X - Pre)Thing
    "It goes on and on Like you know it's over And then you Read and you write And then you Wonder why And then you Find yourself alone And then you Maybe you call on the phone And then you Take that song And"
  • Won - Kaganiec
    "Niech padają częściej hasła o miłości Zamiast komercyjnej wolności Jak możesz to nazwać piękną muzyką Gdy ładne teksty przepełniasz polityką Wciąż na riffach napierdalasz i jak zabawisz tym gości A mógłbyś"
  • Won - The Beta Band
    "Vibes all I a bingee oots - (?) wssh one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do two can be as bad as one it's the loneliest number since the number one cinematic synergy a whole lotta energy"
  • Won - Get Set Go
    "Won't Let Her Go; Ordinary World ('06); Trk 12 She doesn't close the door, as she visits the bathroom; the sound of flushing water, comes a little bit too soon; I wonder what she's doin', as she hums"
  • Won - Hank Thompson
    "WON'T YOU RIDE IN MY LITTLE RED WAGON Writer Rex Griffin Won't you ride in my little red wagon I'd love to pull you down the street I'll bet all the kids will be jealous When they see my playmate so sweet Hold"
  • Won - Kumi Koda
    "*1 OLY OLY OLY OH! YELY YELY YELY YEAH!! THE UP. TOWN TOKIO, SLAMIN' NIGHT!! OLY OLY OLY OH! YELY YELY YELY YEAH!! THE UP. TOWN TOKIO, SLAMIN' NIGHT!! tarinai atama nara chie wo nusumya ii choujiri awasu"
  • Won - Bob Seger
    "You can cry if you want to, you can rage at the night You can blame all your wounds on the workd if you like YOu can drink from the bottle no ice and no glass You can lie in the mornin' and say it's our"
  • Ticket - Futureheads
    "He bought her a ticket but she wouldn't take it Back to her home but she would've hated it A perfect lover and they're both the same Take the ticket and nothing will remain Ticket ticket ticket ticket! She"
  • Ticket - Luxuria
    "Brutal bimbo beauty nonsensically sublime this hammy Armageddon turns out to be yours and mine your face is just the ticket to everything I ever wanted to see your face is just the ticket to everything I"
  • Ticket - Snuff
    "They called his name when he was 18. He couldn't wait to go. He knew that there was glory waiting, he knew all there was to know. So when they called his name he joined the line. Turned into a number,"
    "(Alfred Reed)/(Traditional) (G) - (C) - (D) (G) When a fellow has the blues and feels discouraged And there's (C) nothing else but trouble all his (G) life When he's always grumbled at and never"
  • Won On Won - Cocoa Brovaz
    "Smoky Lah, me got flav Smoky Gunz, Cocoa B's Who wanna look like, wanna act like us Wanna be like, roll the trees like us Wanna talk like wanna walk like us Wanna flip like get ripped like us Wanna act"
  • I've won - 88 Fingers Louie
    "I recall the time that changed My whole fucking life Call it fate, call it what you want, But it happened to me Some people go through life searching For this thing caled love Call it fate, call it what"
  • You Won! - Souls
    "someone may want to get a hold on you you're baning your head against the wall again he's always one step ahead who knows what he's planning next DO DO! WAH! OH! if you only could get away somehow someway is"
  • I Won - The Sundays
    "Ooh, let me take a candle to a cellar tonight I'd like to take some matches there and set it alight I can, cos I've seen those kind of places before Ooh, I'd like to have a party in a cellar tonight And"
  • You Won - Keith Urban
    "There was a world outside my door I wasn't in touch with anymore There was a way I used to feel I knew what was and wasn't real You built a bridge, I tore it down I felt safe on shaky ground And I was"
  • You won - Jennifer Chung
    "I drive you crazy, As I said that I would. Do you still want me? I don't see how you could. This is the way that I've been. This is what I have to change. I want to be better, Have much more to offer. But"
  • Won (cycle) - Shinhwa
    "Won! Sahl dah boh myun pi hae gahl soo up neun in seng ae buhp chik ee eet jji Moh doo sah hwae rah neun won ah nae sahl myun suh Doong gool kkae ji ki myuh sah rah yah ji Bool heng ae shi jahk! Won eul"

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