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  • Doobie - Kinderzimmer Productions
    "Chorus: Doob-Doobie-Doob Doobie-Doob Mag sein, dass nichts hlt, dass nichts zhlt, man sich qult, man stndig falsch verbunden ist, ob man oder ob man sich nicht verwhlt, man sich fhlt wie eine regennasse"
  • Doobie Ashtray - Devin The Dude
    "What you gonna do when the people go home And you wanna smoke weed but the reefer's all gone And somebody had the nerve to take the herb up out the doobie ashtray Why they do me that way What you gonna"
  • Doobie Wah - Peter Frampton
    "Whoo! Do what everybody says is wrong You cant believe nobody takes too long Changing your mind, ooh, let me up I cant believe that kind would drink my cup Yeah, yeah Take away what you can make today Look,"
  • Doobie thing - Dave Matthews Band
    "Oh she might not change and go leave itand i wont let them die againi know that whatever she doesShe may never go down my way againleave it oh and they walk on the mountainand stream againAnd then when"
  • Floobie Doobie Doo - Shel Silverstein
    "As I walk down to Bishop Street I met a girl who smiled so sweet Now she was young and pretty too And on a string she walked with a thing called the Floobie Doobie Doo Oh the Floobie Doobie Doo now what"
  • Doobie Brothers, The - Garbage
    "gather round the corner, half a mile from here see those long trains running and watch them disappear whitout love, where you would you be now whitout love.............. know i saw mr Lucy, down along"
  • Shaka Doobie (The Limit) - Sammy Hagar
    "Walk out the bedroom Into the light Cant sleep cause mornings come Cant sleep all night Burned out on the TV set Burned outa sex I aint trashed Im fucking wrecked The sky.......s the limit Shaka,"
  • Long Train Runnin'(Doobie Brothers) - Kalan Porter
    "Down around the corner Half a mile from here You see them long trains runnin' And you watch them disappear Without love Where would you be right now Without love You know I saw Mrs.Lucy Down around the"
  • Long Train Runnin' (Doobie Brothers) - Porter Kalan
    "Down around the corner Half a mile from here You see them long trains runnin' And you watch them disappear Without love Where would you be right now Without love You know I saw Mrs.Lucy Down around the"
  • Szklanka Szaleństwa - Woobie Doobie
    "Stałem na dachu i parzyłem jak Na moje miasto spada głucha noc I zrozumiałem ze ja tu tracę czas Tyle szans ucieka co rok Coraz nas więcej ale każdy chce Kimś wyjątkowym na tym globie być Nasze marzenia"
  • Dark eyed cajun woman - Doobie Brothers
    "I think back to the timeWhen I first saw your faceYou were walkin' across the deltaTo your cold and lonely placeYou know, I took you for a small girlReally not quite seventeenOh, Lord, but I was wrong,"
  • Daughters of the sea - Doobie Brothers
    "Autumn breeze blowin' to the eastShift of breeze upon a sea of peaceHear them call, can't you hear them singHear them call, how their voices ringDizzy dancin', golden ladiesMisty eyes that cannot foolSilver"
  • Dedicate this heart - Doobie Brothers
    "No more goodbyesOr waitin' for some lucky dayNo driftin' alongNo walkin' awayWhat I feel insideAin't some idle game I playThis love is aliveAnd I'm here to stayHere in your lifeThere in your heartThere"
  • Dependin' on you - Doobie Brothers
    "When I was so lowYou were there to lift me upWell, theres one thing that I know for sureYoure gonna win lifes lovin cupDarlin, youre always there at my rescueDependin on youDarlin, youre always there by"
  • Disciple - Doobie Brothers
    "Night time, I jumped back in the alleySaw a shadow closin inAnd blue smoke all around the figureA knife blade is flashing grimI made my move to get awaySeems like nowhere to runAll of a sudden I was blinded"
  • Divided highway - Doobie Brothers
    "Two lanes - twistin down a dusty highwayTwo souls - on their way to where it leadsTail lights - fadin on the far horizonBut theres a detour on the road to destinyIt goes up in a blinding flashWhen two"
  • One chain - Doobie Brothers
    "(Don't Make No Prison)Just because in a moment of madnessI took advantage of your sweet loveDon't just hand me a lifetime of sadnessWhen there's so little I'm guilty of One chain don't make no prisonTwo"
  • One step closer - Doobie Brothers
    "Baby, theres a chance you ought to takeChance of a mistake you gotta makeMaybe Im mistaken tooTo take my chance with youI need you like a shadow needs a lightIll follow you like morning follows nightWhen"
  • Ordinary man - Doobie Brothers
    "In between the doubts and the dreamin'Comes my humble quest for a plan.I've been out there hoverin' by,Don't forget to pull me in sometimes.Will you be with me as I make my journeyThrough the labyrinth"
  • Our love - Doobie Brothers
    "Day by day Im lost for words to sayI try and speak but the words wont comeYou and I should take these wings and flyIts time to ring every bell and beat on every drumCause our love can take us where weve"

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