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words won't save you

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words won't save you

  • Words Won't Save You - Julia Marcell
    "when you left the room today it felt like they'd shut down the world I want to learn but I feel like I just mock you if your whole love is about writing you have nothing to write about like you'd want"
  • Words - Lady GaGa
    "I won't break down today Another brick's in my way of shadows The promises they made Regret themselves and say this is too hard Yeah they say you grow when you don't succeed But it's hard to breathe when"
  • Words - Holden Avenue
    "Everybody's making so much noise Pollute the air With dirty words Just take a listen To the smashing sound Of people talking lies Same old story again I talk, you talk I talk again But no one's listening I"
  • Words - The Monkees
    "Girl, don't you know everytime I see you smilin'? ''Hurts so bad cause when I see you, I start trying'' Try everything to stop but there's no denying ''Falling in love with you girl is just like dying'' Ohh,"
  • Words - Remembering Never
    "Last night I dreamt of you, things were going so damn great. Now I question ethics when the bad things in life are supposed to educate. Those words were more than just break up words. They ran too deep. To"
  • Words - Moonlight
    "I truly want to heal All the thoughts in your head I truly want to cure Your soul that's poisoned When you thought you could change everything All you changed was yourself Please listen to the words"
  • Words - Patty Griffin
    "Words won't come, and be the magic we needIf it was only as easy, as something you say or readIf only i felt i had the time to spare anymoreOr the strength to give, hours to live, looking forWordsI do"
  • Words - Lucinda Williams
    "I would rather suffer sweet silent solitude Deathly defiant from drowning out Filthy sounds stumbling, ugly and cruel Between the lips of your beautiful mouth Deep down within me words move in phases Frozen"
  • Words - One Minute Silence
    "Life - They fought and fell and died and never came home Words - For words they fought and words they fell and words alone War - I tried to see it your way Tried to see it your way But words fail me Life"
  • Words - Joan Armatrading
    "It's down to words I use It's up to what I say If you'll stay Run my fingers down the page Lost for words What to say I should be saying something But what should I say Should be feeling something What"
  • The Words - Acumen Nation
    "so you're alive -- not long it gets better -- no what goes around... -- not really how did you last this long lashing down the skyward lines you use to feed yourself liberty and lies like so much cancer"
  • The Words - Psapp
    "Oh Do you remember All the seconds You are awake Yes We take a lantern And we go back To your place Oh I won't abandon My foolish notion It's too much fun Though You say it's all right You do not ask me"
  • Words - Midge Ure
    "Words that touch And words that heal Words you know were written bout you That say everything, know everything you feel Words that save And words you fear Words that scream for every small demand And whisper"
  • Two Words - Kanye West
    "(feat. Mos Def, Freeway, The Harlem Boys Choir) We in the streets playa, getcha mail It's only two places you'll end up - either dead or in jail Still nowhere to go...still nowhere to go Now throw ya"
  • 2 Words - Kanye West
    "We in the streets player, get your mail It's only 2 places you'll end up, either dead or in jail Still nowhere to go...still nowhere to go Now throw your hands up bustless, bustas, boostas, hoes Everybody,"
  • Words - Scoffers
    "I could fly I could stop the time I could break the world destroy everything I could cry fall into madness I could die make the earth fly apart But it`s only words, but it`s only words But it`s only words"
  • Words - Guillemots
    "Words are never easy Words are seldom true Words are never simple darling When they're aimed at you Words are never gentle Words are never plain Words are never what they think they are That's the problem"
  • Words - Lacuna Coil
    "Words that no one understands I here these words In my head you know where they talk about about the dead(about the dead) They told me Ineeded to kill they told they will be with me Words that no one"
  • Words - Austin Sherrie
    "Austin Sherrie Words Words Words, they don't mean nothing So tell me why they hurt so much I meant to tell you something It was on the tip of my tounge Words rush by so quickly And its too late to take"
  • Words - Tamar
    "I wish that words could say How much I do adore you I wish that words could say How much I really need you I wish that words could say How you came and turned me inside and out I wish that words"

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