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  • The Purest Breed - Folkearth
    "Summer's breeze blowing through their mane - Wild horses of the purest breed! Ride! Onward to battle, onwards like the wind - Cozak warriors of the purest breed! Hail! Spurs to the side, a lash of the"
  • Flight Of The Valkyries - Burning Witches
    "To Valhalla leads the way Only for the best tehy say They wait for Ragnarok Worrio wonam descending from the skies Sinister spirits deciding who wil die Worriors fierce with spears that shine as gold Piercing"
  • Ground Zero (Botcon Theme) - Stan Bush
    "In a cold far away word a better lives rage they needle and good from the stars it came here to earth calling (distrogel) to the hole universe nobody's worriors giveing there off fight in the skys"
  • Ven mami pegate aqui - Daddy Yankee
    "Daddy daddy daddy daddy yankeeEste es nicky jam yankee man yoA perrearPegate aquiVen mami pegate aquiQue vas a ver lo que vas a sentirVen mami pegate aquiQue el lo que quiere quitarte el chicrin (2x)Ellas"
  • I'm A Raider - Luniz
    "Yo yo I'm from da land of the playa, slick talkas, and colla poppas Narcotics, and boss ballas, pit bulls and rot weilers Niggas wit gold teeth, old schools on gold feet, killas, and O.G's Task postil"

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