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  • Wrinkled Ghost - Robert Pollard
    "There is wind in the trees It ripples like a song and I ask you please Are your lasers applied? Is your contribution generous enough to go inside? With good in everyone For this we have been striving This"
  • Dear wrinkled face - Greg Brown
    "Dear wrinkled face,oh, lover friend.Best enemy,I love your hands.That whole fine mindevery placeI find myself,dear wrinkled faceSuch midnight loveon this cross hungwould have scared uswhen we were young.Our"
  • Wrinkled crinkled wadded dollar bill - Johnny Cash
    "I've got a lot of blues on my mindand at least a million miles behind meand all that I've got between meand pauper's hill is a wrinkled, crincked, wadded dollar bill.Lake Michigan wind sure is coldand"
  • Blast - Wrinkled Fred
    "Blast, blast, blast Your head explode Grin on your face and twisted mind Sweat on your hands, excited like a child Another plan seems to work out The show will start, it's a question of time Run, run,"
  • Revenge - Wrinkled Fred
    "Walkin' down the streets you feel so fuckin' brave And you're nothin' but stupid loser who went insane You look for your victims in a silent park Say you're a hunter but why do you hunt when it s dark?"
  • Swallow - Wrinkled Fred
    "The magic, the atmosphere and pure air we breathe Fragile shakin' hand, your eyes - they're so insane The attic, the woods, the thing is understood She's on the run, countin's began She's gone to make"
  • Wrong - Wrinkled Fred
    "You can't expect no goddamned respect It doesn't matter if your intensions ain't bad Keep wonderin' why people treat you like a shade Your opinion won't make any change Now you're beggin me to try"
  • Backstabber - Wrinkled Fred
    "I close my eyes and exercise my mind Won't let my ears hear another lie I can't imagine how you became a legend Sophisticated liar with no strength inside Shinin' crown has fallen down And fattened heart"
  • Come to me - Wrinkled Fred
    "Break the wall of your loneliness Set yourself free in this world of chaos Leave your illusions, just leave them behind Give a rest to your tortured mind Get a new life, see the better world Conquer the"
  • Get wiser - Wrinkled Fred
    "Leave! The destrucion way you follow It will lead you astray Open yourself! The perception's gift you ought to take Try not to listen when you hear life's a bitch Get wiser! Show them what you've got! 'You"
  • Lawrence Liquors - Xiu Xiu
    "Don't tell me Someone is whispering Shut up, shut up, shut up Shut up, shut up, shut up Shut up, shut up, shut up Shut up, shut up, shut up Don't tell me You are not wrinkled Everything is wrinkled Don't"
  • Dust On Mother's Bible - Buck Owens
    "Chorus: There's dust on mother's bible Its cover's worn with age And though it's old and wrinkled Mama's there on every page The night the angels called her Mama called me to her side And handed me her"
  • Kicked Out The House - De La Soul
    "DOVE: In no way are we trying to disrespect any sort of house or club music, but we're just glad that we're not doing it. And if we were, this is how it would go. (I can't be your lover) (I can't) Kicked"
  • Synesthesia - AFI
    "Heartbreak incarnate. I'm nothing if not your memories. Heartbreak - Please let me be Your joy and your pain. Someday I will be, I'll be those common words spoken uniquely Because I may, will forever"
  • A Good Day To Die - Harmful
    "Whenever you start I will always follow you Dont ask me why I cant help myself Im still overrated with my pills, I cant move all day long just to keep you informed Im staring at the dark, wrinkled half"
  • Mr Right - Hunters & Collectors
    "I says hey old mother-fixed balding boy Here's one good goon that we can't blame Hey they all cry Here's one for the fruit-bin Look at him, look at him, look, look, look La la la Twas a shrivelled fruit"
  • Living In Dog Years - Neurotica
    "Light the trip fantastic, light them up in sevens Wrap my harlot graces, around my little finger But still I am tired, like a sleepy wrinkled old man Seems to stand to reason, I'm living life in dog"
  • Red (Nc17 Version) - Treble Charger
    "Saw you looking for a light face painted cigarette white you asked the cleanest boy you found you couldnt see me turned around his fingers stretched across your empty gaze but I just cant escape As the"
  • Make It Good - The Beach Boys
    "Look at me Funny face That's not you A wrinkled nose A tear You're crying Oh Rest your head Cry on me Don't be afraid I'll stay with you I know you'll make it And you'll make it good And you'll make it"
  • My boyfriend - Blink 182
    "13 miles down the roadLives a young boyHe's got jet-black hairAnd blue-green eyesAnd he's mineAnd every now and thenHe and I will sit together on the porchAnd I take off his pantsAnd I fuck him from behindAnd"

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