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  • Imagine - Dizzee Rascal
    "Imagine if i showed u 1 day i was leavin da hood, Wud u call me a sell out, wud u say its all good? Wud u folow if u cud? Or wud u jus tell me get da hell out? And imagine if i showed u dat id found another"
  • What If? - Lemar
    "Yeah oh baby Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah baby Listen Yeah Woah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Woah) Yeah ooh Baby Everyday was the same old thing Waking up out of bed Put my shoes on, Off to work Just"
  • Call Me Daddy - Lemar
    "Reminiscing about the day she first told me u were Got to ring you to I lie It wud have been a great November It was like our love had been reborn Can't explain the happiness in her voice that day It made"
  • Back To The Hood Of Things - R. Kelly
    "Wud up yo i'm R.Kelly i rape 14 year old girls, and tape it, fuck yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, yo yo yo yo, ho ho ho ho, merrrrrry ChristmasMAS!!!!!!!, We goin back to the hood"
  • Boo - Will Young
    "boo boo boo i fort i wud say boo boo boo boo all i can say is boo!!! in the mornin in the night in the evening i giv u a fright by sayin boo boo boo all i can say is boo boo boo boo u can sing this"
  • Bacchante - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Ado with a mean woe, An ado as aglow: Belying the paynim Thou rewrot'st the tome - An ivy-crown'd and dancing, And fawn'd and trancing - Espying the surly wud, And heeding her not. Celebration Afear'd"
  • Hey U - Groove Theory
    "Hey U I Hope You Know What I Been Goin' Thru Baby I Wonder If Ur Goin' Thru It 2 But I'm Afraid 2 Face What Might Be True, Hey U... I Remember The Day It Hit Me That I Really Loved Ur Way I Thought 4 Sure"
  • Let It Flow - Simon Webbe
    "Oho Let it flow Whats up girl? Tell me what you trying do to tonight And I try to cope girl Better you planning coming by You with your friends girl When you gotta tell your girls goodbye Then"
  • Ride By Blazin Squad - Blazin' Squad
    "baby we can ride got ma car parked rite outside ill even let u drive if thats kool wit me if u wanna wanna wanna got ride outside ill bring ma boys wit me if u bring ur girls tonite but if u give it"
  • I Met Your Mercy - Remy Shand
    "Do you love me or do you hate it's only when you wud looka t me that way (out of mind) i've been hanging round here for much too long (here on my own) when i feel that tremble deep inside i know my"
  • Callin Me - Jackie Boyz
    "Jackie boyz (boyz), n'd, Aaahhhhh, yeah (yeah), Oohhhhh (ooohhh), She got that(she got that) She got that, she got that for mi, She love my *ish, Baby where she goe'z She thinkin about it, I know that"
  • Angel - Groove Theory
    "It was time Lovin' all the girls was fine But she came along Young yet wise Kinda dropped out of the skies And blew his mind Yes, she blew his mind He cud not believe it It was everything he needed So"
  • Damn thing - Lil' Bow Wow
    "(feat. Da Brat) Hey Shorty, What I Gotta Do ? Say What ? To Get One Night With You One Night I Aint Tryina Play No Game Iis That Right? I'm Jus Tryina Do To Da Damn Thang Hey Boy First"
  • In The Kitchen - R. Kelly
    "(verse 1) girl ur in the kitchen cookin me a meal somethin makes me wanna come in there and get a feel walk around in ur tshirt nothin esle on struttin passed switchin dat ass y im on the phone (hook) cuttin"
  • Things Fall Apart - Hell Is For Heroes
    "I look out to the man on the street And I know what he's thinking Always knew that it wud come back to me I can feel self pity. Devil, keep me locked from the world The devil, sees me sinking Better,"
  • Brothers - Ms.Dynamite
    "When we were young life was so unjustAt timesw I felt it was just usMumma workin hard 2 put food on the tableAll on her own she sacrificedEven wen my sisters and brothers diedSomehow she stayed strong"
  • Handcuffs - Lupe Fiasco
    "Alright They're Kinda Sketchy...But I Hope U Like Em!!! Handcuffs You Know Wut Im Sayin You Know Sum Niggas Really Out There Bad You Know Wut Im Sayin Sum Niggas Is Forced In Positions Where They Gota"
  • Worry - Mr. Vegas
    "Deh! All a mi gal dem All a mi gal dem All a mi gal dem, all a mi gal dem unu follow me All a mi gal dem All a mi gal dem All a mi gal dem dis yah one anedda anthem Nuh gal cyaan mek yuh worry"
  • I Don't Mind That - Lemar
    "I seen this girl She works at the store on my block Pretty little girl so hot Feeling her for a minute cos she's got wot I want She looks so good Her smile hypnotises me She's the finest thing I've ever"
  • My Song - Destiny's Child
    "say lil mama wud up whoadi say say lil mama hey girl it's friday i know you aint got no job, you ain't got nothin to do so we goin out that's my song dj turn that heat up louder you heard"

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