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wumpscut wreath of barbs

  • Wreath of Barbs (album mix) - Wumpscut
    "Holy burning hand of wrath And this flaming orbit of shame Piercing forever through the heart Grinding binding taking away Ravages and splits the path Wreath of barbs Needles above the prey Has"
  • Wreath - Opeth
    "Falling inside again This nightmare always the same Still never enough Halting at the brink of discovery Moving into the darkness Leaking inside to cover up Dragging me down and under Entangled"
  • Laurel Wreath - The Ark
    "I'm afraid embarassed to I have never seen anything like you My God, you're great greater than I did expect and the night is silver 'round your neck and the night is silver 'round your neck Men high and"
  • Clutching At Barbs - Napalm Death
    "Waylaid by the hand that leads. Scale the heights of intimacy. Forewarned, unarmed, one intoxicating whiff and you're snared. Dose up to delirium, cross circles of death for the good, deflect (all) contests. One"
  • Man-Sized Wreath - R.E.M.
    "Turning on the TV and what do I see? A pageantry of empty gestures all lined up for me - wow! I'd have thought by now we would be ready to proceed But a tearful hymn to tug the heart and a man-sized wreath"
  • Wreath Of Seven Stars - Cadacross
    "From where the eye can see beyond miles From the top of mountain high I found it shining on the ground Blood-red like dragons tear it was The second by placing spoon on a stump From magpies nest I obtained What"
  • Line Of Corpses - Wumpscut
    "I've done too many bad things I'm going to the desert and I beg You to forgive me Forgive me It's not that easy Out here in the fields There is our home Out here in the fields Where we are born"
  • Opening The Gates Of Hell - Wumpscut
    "We set fire that you never wanted To your camp and to your home Too late for crying and too late for your prayers We set fire to the world Make your will we don't care if you will do so Hide your children"
  • In The Peace Of Night - Wumpscut
    "Prosecuted by pain driven by the urge for life In darkness we hide out there in the cold In darkness defiled out there from the mould Wail is all around us Our courage's running lower There's only one"
  • Schwarzer Tod - Wumpscut
    "Weck das Feuer in mir Weck das Feuer in mir Weck das Feuer in mir Du weckst das Feuer in mir Brenn Schwarzer tod Komm und lieb mich schwarzer tod Umarm mich schwarzer tod Vor deiner Fratze hab"
  • Sag Warum - Wumpscut
    "Das Leben scheint so sinnlos leer Kein Zeichen gibt der Alltag her Sag warum Sag warum Krebs zerfrisst mein Fleisch es ist blutig getrnkt Die sterblichen Reste an Maschinen gehngt Du kannst mir"
  • Schaltet Den Schmerz Ab - Wumpscut
    "Wo steckst Du Aha Du kannst reden warst Du Freiwilliger? Turns Off Pain Wo steckst Du Vielleicht in einer anderen Zelle Turns off pain Vielleicht was meinst Du damit Was soll ich damit anfangen"
  • Sch - Wumpscut
    "Dort steht der Mann Der nie gewann Was er auch tat Er steht gerad' Er mordet (sie sind ja...) Wer spricht das Recht? Unser Geschlecht Edel von Blut Gott gleich und gut Er mordet (sie sind ja...)"
  • Soylent Gr - Wumpscut
    "Willkommen in der neuen Welt Wo Leute um die Straen zieh'n hier gibt es keinen Held Der Blick zurck im Hass er ist sinnlos sowieso Wohin Du auch entfliehen willst es ist besser nirgendwo Leben Sterben"
  • In Der Nacht - Wumpscut
    "Kennst Du denn letzten Witz den Gott ersann Die Junkies in den Straen und den Bettelmann Die Droge frisst die Seele sie ist hoffnungslos Und Du legst deine Hnde in den eigenen Scho' Fhlst Du nicht"
  • Fear In Your Eyes - Wumpscut
    "Burn that was all you said Burn down with all you had I'll burn all your limbs and found Burn all your ashes down Your soul can't be burnt in flames It survives and it will remain With a pain of"
  • Dudek - Wumpscut
    "Here standing at the gates of hell I'm asking what to do Should I deal with? Should I don't? No matter when deside to move The heart of the dead man is throbbing in the net On my stroke On my stroke"
  • Concrete Rage - Wumpscut
    "When I was born In times of agression I couldn't bear My mother's obsessed When I was born In times of agression I had no faith Besides your chest Concrete rage When I was born In times of agression I"
  • Hunger - Wumpscut
    "Ich berhre Dich Entfhre mich Begeb' mich auf die Reise sagt mein Verstand an mich Verndert mich Auf ganz besondere Weise Verlangen brennt in mir Gedanken - sie verdunken sich Versuche nicht sie zu ergrnden Meine"
  • Dying Culture (first movement) - Wumpscut
    "Dying culture don't abuse me you'll need me soon Fighting for you I'll tear up you bodies taste the sweet smell of blood Slow death I cause and nightmares I bring Dying culture no more money counts only"

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