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wymowa piosenki just a dream nigscore

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wymowa piosenki just a dream nigscore

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wymowa piosenki just a dream nigscore
  • Angel Just A Dream
    "The stillness of the night arrives, And leaves a dream that few survive. It brings the past and future lives, And drifts before my tired eyes. I'm standing by the empty stream, My life reflects in front"
  • Yaki-Da Just A Dream
    "I'm just a dream. Fade away now. Fade away now. I'm just a dream, Go back to where you came from; When there's a problem, You go there; Up to your highlands, Doing what you don't dare; So fade away and"
  • Jump5 Just A Dream
    "When I look in your eyes I see a whole different sky Like I've never seen before And when I hear your voice It's like a song that I can Listen to o', over again It's so crazy how you make me go crazy Every"
  • Thomas Anders Just Dream
    "All what you need to do Just dream The eys of our children Can show us the wonders Of things we have almost forgotten to see Afraid of emotions Building defaces Ration of thinking of what could"
  • Jimmy Wayne Just A Dream
    "I had a dream last night That you weren't in my life It felt so real, that i Woke up reacin' for you baby What would i do, if ever i lost you I would walk this earth I would sail the seas I would"
  • Jerry Lee Lewis Just A Dream
    "JUST A DREAM WRITER JIMMY CLANTON Just a dream, just a dream All our plans and our all schemes How could I think you'd be mine Those lies I'd tell myself each time I know that we could never last We"
  • Griffin House Just A Dream
    "I dont think you know how much time I spend As I wait on my own contemplating ends I am torn in the middle of a world that wont let loose I hang here before you, though invisible the noose. I love you"
  • Eleni Mandell Just a Dream
    "you kissed me in the sun in the blazing afternoon they were busy on the streets we were lazy, we were cool oh no, that was just a dream that I had oh no, it didn't happen like that you kissed me on the"
  • Carrie Underwood Just A Dream
    "It was two weeks after the day she turned 18 All dressed in white, going to the church that night She had his box of letters in the passenger seat Sixpence in her shoe Something borrowed, something blue And"
  • Quimby Just A Dream
    "just a dream I was down in the Hell's Ditch along with my fears where time fell asleep and it's dreaming I saw a girl wrapped up in tears It was you, once again you I reached out my hand straight"
  • Chuckie Akenz Just a dream
    "Sometimes I dream of a life where we're strong, Where we don't have to find a law of getting along, But when I see crying, no more pain of getting on, It's just a dream so I'm living on See I once had"
  • B.B. King Just A Dream
    "Well, I wanna tell the story about a hard luck guy Nobody seems to love me, I guess that's the reason why Just dreams, dreams all night long and through the day Yes, and it's so sad, oh, to break my heart"
  • Saybia Just Dream
    "Child... I dreamt I watch you die... you die right in my arms... felt you fell away... Likely another day...son, I swear I fell that day a pain that walk remain... a few I had no need... So... I went"
  • Kaila Yu Just A Dream
    "(feat. Tek-Nique) Verse 1 Looking back to when our eyes first met Before our love had any regrets It was meant to be, a mystery How you said to me Said you would always cherish me Love me oh so"
  • Zug Izland Just A Dream
    "Are you climbing up the slippery pole falling deep in a hole are you lost in a exitless maze chasing impossible ways are you running up a slippery hill are you going to spill cant you build a snowman"
  • Madonna Just A Dream
    "Was it just a dream? Did I feel your devotion? Dreams are never what they seem Did we just go through the motions? I keep your photograph by my bed to remind me That I was part of your life I say my prayers"
  • BB King Just a dream
    "Well, i wanna tell the story about a hard luck guyNobody seems to love me, i guess that's the reason whyJust dreams, dreams all night long and through the dayYes, and it's so sad, oh, to break my heart"
  • Uncrownd Royalty Just A Dream
    "(Prem) UC Creepin, while you sleepin, ha, yeah.. yall know (Derty) Aint no escapin death, you gon live like a bitch.. betta man the fuck up. Aint nobody fuckin wit me or UC, not even my momma can save"
  • Youngbloodz Just a Dream
    "It ain't a thang in this world thats gonna knock me off my feet As I unleash total chaos into the streets For I observe these dirty words whispering' through your mouth So I now I take it you the big dog"
  • Delerium Just a dream
    "Walking barefoot on the shoreHypnotized by the ocean roaringThoughts of you drifting in and outNever fails to calm me downI still see your eyes when light hits the waterAnd I've never seen a color so beautifulSo"

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