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wymowa piosenki deeper ella eyre

  • Gravity (feat. Ella Eyre) - DJ Fresh
    "All hands on the trigger All eyes on the gun They don't believe that we're Strong enough to hold on Cause I'm the only one to get you The only one to figure you out You're a place I can go to A face I"
  • Business (with Ella Eyre) - Becky Hill
    "Why do boys think every song is about them? Why do they think we ain't livin' without them? Like a damsel in distress Damsel in distress As if you're always in my head Always in my head No Girl, you'll"
  • Deeper - Ella Eyre
    "I've been thinking 'bout the little thing you said, Doesn't sink in, and you fought above my head 'Cause I'm scared, I can't lie I don't feel the same inside I can't decide if I have the heart to confess And"
  • Waiting All Night (feat. Ella Eyre) - Rudimental
    "I’ve been waiting all night for you to tell me that you need me Tell me that you want me I’ve been waiting all night for you to, Oh, oh, tell me what you want yeah I’ve been waiting all night for you to"
  • Think About It (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre) - Naughty Boy
    "Got me up all night Used to start a fight You don't wanna think about it You drink about it You smoke about it Don't talk about it Every night, the same Who's the one to blame? You don't wanna think about"
  • Deeper - Alaine
    "(feelin', ooh) I can't imagine, living, without you (without you, oooh), My world would just stop, spinning, without you (ooh without you), Floating on a cloud each time you say my name, I wanna scream"
  • Deeper - Live
    "I can't even look at this skin tonight Knowing that our time here is on a while Hold me in your arms and breathe me through Like I know that you can only do In your horizon, no, nothing truly dies Never"
  • Deeper - Sixpence None the Richer
    "I only wanted to tell you goodnight and whisper something sweet in your ear a simple melody to sing you to sleep to let you know ill always be near and deeper and deeper our love is growing now funny how the"
  • Deeper - Skillet
    "Jesus pure truth Recollect my mind (ya-di-da-da-da) Hurt that I push down Shows my anger why I can't go underground Everything I bury gets exhumed I gotta dig deeper And all the things I bury gets"
  • Ella - Carlos Vives
    "Ella Ella...ella es como el aire necesario pa'respirar pero se te escapa cuando tu lo abrazas, ella Ella...ella es como el agua como el agua para beber y es tambin la causa de esta sed extraa, ella Ella..."
  • Deeper - Alice Cooper
    "We must complete the trip Try not to lose your grip No sight of solid ground and never look straight down Deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper your claustrophobic brain Sucking you down the drain The walls"
  • Deeper - Attica Blues
    "You gave your all Expected nothing in return but a promise that you would be the sole one I told you then I saw it all But could just stand by to watch you fall deeper Your skies caved in Tears escaped Then"
  • Deeper - Michelle Branch
    "She moves with a tender kiss,And i can't stop feeling.She soothes with a tenderness,And i can't stop feeling.I don't even know her name,But i can't stop feeling.She says that she feels the same,And i can't"
  • Deeper - Holy Moses
    "(Music: Andy Classen/Words: Sabina Classen) Inside of me - I love to be I'm ready now - So show me how Don't marry me - Be wild and free You're thrilling me - It's for you and me I like to tell - Pass"
  • Deeper - Jude Harrison
    "If we don't talk That's okay Cause I hear everything That you say You got my heart to mend to you A hole that hurts inside It shows And you can't hide But if we open up We'll break through You"
  • Deeper - Jeremy Spencer
    "Written by david rugely. Just a little smile, makes it all worth while And when it's possible, try and walk the extra mile Ooh a gentle squeeze, sets my mind at ease Your love pours down on me My love"
  • Deeper - Dexter Freebish
    "At the end of the day, and into the night, That's when I get my peace and quiet. I'm on a fast ride, and I wanna get off. Whatever I do, whatever I say, Is anyone listening anyway? I'm fallin' deeper"
  • Deeper - Static Major
    "I love it when you push it back When I'm making love to you And baby when you bite your lip I Wanna go deeper, deeper, deeper Keep on pushing back(Keep on pushing back) Just keep on pushin back(just keep"
  • Deeper - Hillsong
    "Light to menLove of GodHealing for the wounded heartLike a child quiet my soulHear Your voice surround me LordJesus, hold me into Your heartInto Your heartLord my soul delightsAnd I know You hear my prayerTake"
  • Deeper - Hillsong United
    "Light to men Love of God Healing for the wounded heart Like a child quiet my soul Hear Your voice surround me Lord Jesus, hold me into Your heart Into Your heart Lord my soul delights And I know You hear"

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