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  • X&Y - Coldplay
    "Trying hard to speak and Fighting with my weak hand Driven to distraction So part of the plan When something is broken And you try to fix it Trying to repair it Any way you can I'm diving off the deep"
  • Trap Niggaz - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Well they done put you on a track with a well known trap and (Hell, I'm well known myself so I might as well trap withcha) Shit can get crazy dawg, I hope you brought your strap withcha (I'm a cap peelin"
  • Bobby Trap - RZA
    "When I was young, I slept with a battery on my tongue So when I spit, the impact with the sting of a stun gun At full blast, rock your cradle, fatal razorblades graze you Split you open, stitch you back"
  • S-E-X-X-Y - They Might Be Giants
    "Dressed only in clothes From her head to her toes This is the way The talking part goes S-E-X-X-Y More than enough Around the clock with nobody else S-E-X-X-Y There she is Standing on the bed Cookie"
  • X and Y - Moving Units
    "hello, ok hello, let's play hello, come in hello, let's begin moving closer now moving to the sound it's just human nature, it's just human nature moving closer now moving to the sound it's just human"
  • X, Y, & Zee - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "I am he who is X Y and Zee I carry no card my life is cheap Have no worries I do not fret Some may have what I'm yet to get And you may wonder, "Is it how?" A kitten may turn into a cow With bells and"
  • Y i X - Wac Toja
    "zapukałem do drzwi bylem tam sam pośród dawnych dni dawnych kłamstw nie miałem nic a mój cały świat to muzyka i sny codzienny haj palimy po 3 i pijemy na raz puszczamy dym i śmiejemy do gwiazd to blask"
  • X and y - Coldplay
    "Trying hard to speak And fighting with my weak hand Driven to distraction So part of the plan When something is broken And you try to fix it Trying to repair it Any way you can I dive in at the"
  • X - Liberty X
    "(X) Hey yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, hey (Let's go) (X, X, X, X) 6 to 5 I'm two times We're still around Working night and day We're still"
  • X - Słoń
    "Ludzkość pędzi przed siebie Za kółkiem Hanka Mostowiak W hip-hopie liczy się prawda Te, sram na to ziomal Bo przy mnie cipki tak mokną ze robię rap dla powodzian podobno Słoń nie ma taktu i jest okropnie"
  • Alphabet Rap - Divine
    "A B C D E F G H I J K Elementary B is for boys... BOYS! G is for girls... GIRLS! M is for money... MONEY! X is for extacy... EXTACY! Everybody say A... A! B... B! C... C! Say D... D! E... E! F is for"
  • Rapa Rapa - Kumbia Kings
    "Tu querias cumbia,escoje cumbia pero con requeton Sheila E. con sabor Kumbia Kings empesando Ay,ay,ay Para que vayas calentando El DJ Kane que les va presentando Una cosita que dice asi CHORUS:"
  • Trap Star - Gucci Mane
    "24's on yo car yous a trap star, If you known to buy the bar yous a trap star, You got a watch on ya wrist yous a trap star, You got ice around ya neck yous a trap star (X 2) Verse 1: Pimpin is the topic, money"
  • Rap, Soda Y Bohemia - Molotov
    "mama, mamate a un cabron le vole la choya con un pistolon mama, con el dedo en el gatillo le meti 6 balas al cabron por el fundillo mama, sabes si vienes por ahi te digo "que te pasa?" si te metes con"
  • Now Y - La The Darkman
    "(Intro: La The Darkman) Yeah. Yeah. Yo. Yo. Yo. Trapacanti. Yo. (Chorus: La The Darkman) When I walk these streets, like bamboo, I'm strapped Get your brain tapped by fourty-four caliber gats It ain't"
  • Hardcore Rap Act - Das EFX
    "Intro/Hook (x2) (*The hardcore rap act is back!*) (*Ha ha, ha ha, now who's rhymin?*) HARDCORE!!! (*The hardcore rap act is back!*) (*No I, no I ain't smilin*) Verse 1: Dray Yo, yo I said it first with"
  • Simple X - Natalie Pastrana
    "Ser parte del abecedario de la vida sera gratificante no ser conocida sobrevivir sin popularidad es tan dificil como ser normal. para una simple x no es tan divertido no por eso hoy te pido una pisca"
  • Madame X - Francis Cabrel
    "Madame X et ses enfants Tout l'hiver sans chauffage Caravane pour des gens Mme pas du voyage Et pourtant comme elle dit C'est pas elle la plus mal lotie Elle en connat qui couche dehors Dans les parages Quand"
  • Animal X - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    "There was a girl, call her Animal X 22, 24, 25 it’s hard to tell It’s hard to tell She comes from the city where there is light and air Where you can watch television Where you can go to the movies And"
  • X-plosion - vico c
    "Oye joe hubo un tiempo en queyo me miraba frente al espejo y decia asi1; 2; 3 y...Hoy bienes a decrime q te sientes bienq ya no eres fiel a la heroinaperop t ves delgado y confundidommmpidiendo dinero"

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