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xandria betrayer

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xandria betrayer

  • Betrayer - Xandria
    "This is goodbye Once, before ancient times, a circle of knights Were sworn to the queen of magic arts An oath to usher her daughter to where She'd just tear the all apart Betrayer, promise breaker, beautiful"
  • Betrayer - Kreator
    "This is a song which I use to describe what I feel About people like you No sense for humanity, no idea about life This premise has been proved You used my trust to satisfy your brainless lust Your word"
  • Betrayer - Savage Grace
    "His heart filled with envy, contempt in his soul A man with vindictive ambitions beyond his control Blinded by want and desire his trust bought and sold His desperate illusions of power never seem to unfold "
  • Betrayer - Black Abyss
    "Betrayer They follow blind their agressor Side by side and line by line Who are the liars Hatefull fights for gods and races Its a war we cannot win You are a betrayer From everything you vlose your eyes How"
  • Betrayer - Wizard
    "The bad dreams of Freya shows her what will happen to her shining son Baldur the light god She saw him living in the dark world of hel killed by a hand which was guided by evil Bridge1: Loki heard what"
  • The Betrayer - Fireside
    "I'm the betrayer Well, I'm the I'm the betrayer I'm the second one What have I ever done to you What have you done to yourself? I guess it takes you back A decade or two I'm the black sheep boy Another"
  • You Betrayer - Zonata
    "I can't believe my eyes You think I am a fool Brought evil with your lies And I believed in you It's time for you to pay now It's time for you to face me You may think you are safe now You will never"
  • Verrater (Betrayer) - Grip Inc.
    "Take the mask off show the fiend Take the mask off show the fiend Vows of loyalty fertile the promise Catch the glimmer follow spinning wheels Quick easy painless tongues split in two Beware of wolf hiding"
  • Liar and Betrayer - Wizard
    "Once we were brothers Fighting for steel Blood turns to black This betrayal is real But no one will stop us Fighting for the whole We raise our weapons Celebrating your fall Surrounded by demons Us standing"
  • We Are Rebels - Betrayer
    "We Are Rebels we fall out of the light into the dark We Are warriors we rise to sweep away the heritage divine pray for mercy we bring human pain for the servants of God die or surrender prepare for"
  • Vampire - Xandria
    "Dark are the streets, gloom's creeping out of the walls Dirt comes alive and all the neon-lights call Demons and fools and a lady of black She's of the kind nighttime-insomniac She sees the prey and she's"
  • Beware - Xandria
    "I dress myself in black In black from head to heels I take my promise back Cause you don't know how it feels No, you don't take me as I am No, you don't want to know at all Who is the face behind the"
  • Emotional Man - Xandria
    "Watch my poster on the wall View my pictures on the magazines you store to have them all Let me be your guiding light Be the salt inside the wounds of your most ordinary life Come closer - what you want"
  • Salom - Xandria
    "They call for me Dance Of The Seven Veils I have no choice I'm nothing if I fail Lonely Salom Dancing Salom Veil for veil away Villain and prey The first veil falls - illusion The second one - innocence The"
  • Firestorm - Xandria
    "Close to the flame Behind my eyes there is a beast That longs for you Calling my name So if you're brave enough to risk it Follow me Into the firestorm Have you ever been inside a flame? Did you ever"
  • A New Age - Xandria
    "Ll Bells ringing, it's my wake-up shout I know the way out It's five past twelve, we'd better run A new age has begun Hush, little darling, don't you cry I am your favour I am your answer, I'm your light I'm"
  • The Wind And The Ocean - Xandria
    "I am like the endless ocean Carry dreams to distant shores You are like the wind that moves me Whispering breeze and roaring storm Azure is my garden I grow some seaweed on the ground I sleep and dream"
  • Sisters Of The Light - Xandria
    "Follow me through the night We are sisters of the light Follow me through the night We are sisters of the light We are daughters of sin We are laughter in the wind Follow me through the night We are sisters"
  • Sleeping Dogs Lie - Xandria
    "Night falls down and soon we're all alone What do you have in mind, guidance of the blind, I feel lost Lost inside this maze of shame and sin A taste of sweetest wine, addictive yet so fine, I want more The"
  • On My Way - Xandria
    "I'm on my way To the places only you have seen So far away Show me places where I've never been Come touch my soul You're here to fill this life of mine Take my control This Midas touch is all divine I"

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