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xandria kill the sun

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xandria kill the sun

  • Kill The Sun - Xandria
    "I am down at the water My bare feet are numb And for aeons now nothing seems real Now it's hard to hold sight Through your soft eiderdown But I still got my hands on the wheel You can rain down on me But"
  • Kill The Sun - Colorfinger
    "It's good to have a window on the world, Live deep in the heart of the beast in the sun Night after night, do the same damn thing Do the weirdness dance for those who can't Getting to the point where"
  • Kill The Sun - Everclear
    "It's good to have a window on the world And to live deep in the heart of the beast in the sun Night after night, I do the same damn thing Do the weirdness dance, for those who can't It's getting to the"
  • Kill - The Cookies
    "someday I'm gonna kill you all 'cause I'm going insane living with y'all someday I'm gonna kill you all 'cause I'm going insane 'cause I'm going insane yeah some day gonna kill you babe gonna leave your"
  • The Kill - The Dresden Dolls
    "I am anarchist An antichrist An asterisk I am atheist An acolyte An alcoholic I am eleven feet Okay, eight Six foot three i am an amazon an ampersand an accident I fought the British and I won I am a rocket"
  • The kill - Dresden Dolls
    "I am anarchistAn antichristAn asteriskI am atheistAn acolyteAn alcoholicI am eleven feetOkay, eightSix foot threei am an amazonan ampersandan accidentI fought the British and I wonI am a rocket shipA jet"
  • Kill Me - The Pretty Reckless
    "Every day I wake up Every day I wake up alone Every day I wake up Every day I wake up alone Let me open up the discussion with I'm not impressed with any mother fuckin word I say See I didn't cry when"
  • Kill Somebody - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "this is a rifle, this is a gun this is for killing and this is for fun this is a rifle, this is a gun this is for killing and this is for fun this is a rifle, this is a gun this is for killing and"
  • Kill The Switch - Circle Takes The Square
    "Mouth the words to deny, deny the symptoms, as 'oh yeah I'm doing fine', as I've found a most endearing psychosis. Somewhere out there there's a thrill I swear. Desperate as I am I just can't strip bare"
  • Kill Me - Secret Discovery
    "The dust is darkening the sun, all around is bathed in grey the air is dry and warm, the silence's swallowing my steps the day is slipping away while my fear grows up and I wish I could leave but I don't"
  • Kill Tomorrow - Mushroomhead
    "Want to We can if we want to Lead you from behind you Time will takes it's toll re-evaluate The leeches and the lepers start to salivate Truth is impaired cannot moderate Tension escalates you cannot"
  • 401 Kill - Rise Against
    "As I watch your life go up in flames you'll swear up and down you'd like to change but when the sun sinks slowly into the sky now you're right where you started again with nothing to say without an argument"
  • Kill The Poor - Dead Kennedys
    "Efficiency and progress is ours once more, now that we have the Neutron bomb It's nice and quick and clean and gets things done. Away with excess enemy. But no less value to property. No sense in"
  • Kill The Pain - INXS
    "Put the red lights on Don't tell them that you've gone Leave behind your fears You know they can't be wrong Kill the pain you feel Kill the pain you feel I know you've seen some things That buried you"
  • Kill The Pain - Ugly Kid Joe
    "Setting is the sun Rising is the moon Just like the fool Never knows when to run Hating is the love Trampled are the wounded And always too soon It comes to an end Let me kill the pain Let me be the reason"
  • Kill The Light - Lacuna Coil
    "Hold me Teach me Tell me what to do But I'm not looking for a guide I can't stand the light Of the day outside Feeling so cold inside your shadow Watch me when I'm falling down Step aside Don't ask why Let"
  • Kill The Lights - David Usher
    "Sleep dear The world has gone quiet I know you'll wake up again when you feel the Sun So please breathe I know you're pretending There's blood at the discothque so sick what we've become Come on let go And"
  • Kill The Barflies - Self
    "It was all right there in front me While on a club kid's high On old folder labeled photography With naked photos inside Acting as if it were not happening Were dead rappers on the television rapping If"
  • Kill The Messenger - Waxwing
    "Up much too late writing letters in my head To far away people wouldn't know if they were dead People far away that I once knew Some people so close you can see right through Most people your whole life"
  • Kill, Kill,kill. - Marilyn Manson
    "I don't know what is wrong with me, the person I use to know and love is no Longer me. maybe it is my gun every time I look at it, it says-shoot me, shoot Me, shoot me. I beleive it has me under a spell"

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