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xxxtentation everybody dies in thier nightmares

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xxxtentation everybody dies in thier nightmares

  • Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares - XXXTENTACION
    "Ooh, ahh, ahh, ahh Don't go, don't go to sleep Don't go, stay up and Tired of feelin' like I'm trapped in my damn mind Tired of feelin' like I'm wrapped in a damn lie Tired of feelin' like my life is"
  • Nightmares - Viper
    "My time is ending fastly My pain is growing You have to hear my prayers Evil thoughts are coming The midnight train will leave me To live in shadows Don't walk across my meanings There's no return The"
  • Everybody Dies - Logic
    "you are watching a master at wokk this what you all been waiting for ain’t it? ra game homie, I been waiting for the payment all these little rappers come and go I wonder why they went 10 years of running we"
  • Thier plan - Templars
    "It's not what you say you are It's what they think you are The only truth that's true Is the truth that you know The only truth they'll know Is the truth we'll never know CHORUS It's all written in their"
  • Alcoholic Nightmares - Tankard
    "I'll crash your fucking party And I don't know for what I ate your awesome chilli Now you deal with my smelly butt We'll spend the whole night talking Dictate what you will hear But then I start to quiver In"
  • Alcoholic nightmares - Tank
    "I'll crash your fucking party And I don't know for what I ate your awesome chilli Now you deal with my smelly butt We'll spend the whole night talking Dictate what you will hear But then I start to quiver"
  • Nightmares - Iced Earth
    "The feeling that you get when we creep inside You won't see us there, you won't feel our stare But when we're next to you we do all we can do To get the cold sweat out, watch you squirm about And as you"
  • Nightmares - Great White
    "(Kendall, Russell, Holland, Black, Niven) Got a head full of fever My body's wracked with pain Staring into blackness Something's waiting there for me Try to hold to my senses But darkness has its hand"
  • Nightmares - From Ashes Rise
    "Next to nightmares, there are no dreams, shattered skulls in splitting seams. The pounds of cancer, they just can't scream. Six feet under, who would believe? Days and night living with death, medicate"
  • Nightmares - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "You keep stopping when you could be walking, Looking at the pictures on the wall. You keep quiet when you should be talking. You just don't make any sense at all. Remember when you were much younger, And"
  • Nightmares - Aereogramme
    "Nightmares en route to Dallas Born out of one bad habit One filled with lust and fire Unconcious, dark desire One riddled with guilt and pain To shame our family name My head is caving in And now Only"
  • Nightmares - Project Pitchfork
    "Nightmares This town A dark town No pleasure No peace Just hate and violence The rats gnaw at dead corpses Which are adorn the quarters They're now the masters This is a nightmare You wake up ahivering A"
  • Nightmares - Firma
    "The trend that your showing is not ok, it was expected you hide into the mess you've made The way we're going to tell you to go away but stay in touch is hard but its time, you understand. I have been"
  • Nightmares - Aion
    "She's picking up from vapours of a night She's flowing to your house white garments Are waving on the wind She's whispering sensually you can smell her Fire is going out Coldness is flooding chambers Lady"
  • Nightmares - Violent Femmes
    "I've been outside the palace I've been outside the gate I still don't feel that I made any mistake when I got off that train I felt my feet hit the ground I didn't want to go where that gravy train"
  • Nightmares - Nuclear Assault
    "I have been trapped Inside these four walls There is no future for Those in this place My cries for mercy Fall on deaf ears Padded walls locked indoors No way out Going mad, I must scream Am I sane? Thoughts"
  • Nightmares - Blue Cheer
    "(Dickie Peterson) OH! I have known her and chew me to the bone A thousand faces and still she stands alone But I can't change her Oh cause she likes it that way She got one foot on my heart And she got"
  • Everybody Dies - Billie Eilish
    "Utwór Billie Eilish 'Everybody Dies' pochodzi z albumu Billie Eilish 'Happier Than Ever'. Drugi album studyjny amerykańskiej wokalistki będzie miał premierę 30 lipca 2021 roku. Album 'Happier Than Ever'"
  • Everyone Dies - Cold
    "Take me back form God, well I can't sleep No one can hear the sound of your heartbreak Every little thing was on the floor Everyone was so in love with you Everyone dies my friend, they come down from Outer"
  • Everything Dies - Fleshtized
    "No savior - No forgiveness Nothing but a thorn in my side Bow down, servant, lashes are all you get Discarded - Passed over Punishment is all you deserve Never were we close Never were we one mind These"

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