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yellow truth pati sokol

  • Pati - Moonlight
    "I znowu tutaj jestem Tak jak chcesz Czekałam bardzo długo Na ten dzień Powiedz jak to się stało Ja nie wiem znów Tak jestem inna od nich Dobrze wiesz Hamujesz moje myśli I swoje też Dociera do mnie więcej Niż"
  • Yellow Tricycle - Yellow Tricycle
    "Where i'm going where i'm from on my yellow tricycle The nights i've been looking for a way back home The things i am going through the fear just to talk to you The friends i don't understand And you"
  • 3 Pati - Pati Yang
    "znowu jestem tu dokładnie nie wiem gdzie wśród tych czterech ścian zastanawiam się kim jest ta dziewczyna w moich snach choć wszędzie słyszę głos: to tylko ty w mej głowie tyle głów pod oknem tłumy rąk może"
  • Sokol - Zuby Nehty
    "dobr den dobr den pjde pjde Sokol ven j tu zvonm na zvonky rybnk u je zamrzl ped domem postv nohy ve snhu zebou pak vzhru zamv poj dol Sokol je za oknem a na elo si t'uk jsem tady zamen nemu nikam jt a"
  • Yellow Cake - Ministry
    "''...and war goes on... ...and war goes on...'' There's no crisis of conscience The truth is dressed in disguise Feeding the hungry with Yellow Cake Feeding the public with lies Yellow Cake No crimes"
  • Yellow 5 - Oblivion
    "Wake up salty to the sound of sunlight, And thank you god that youre not alive. Dont supervise the glass in the state room, Give it all for Yellow #5. You walk on byes and hellos as if dancing, But you"
  • Yellow Star - Donovan
    "A-One, two. One, two, three. There have been bad thing done There have been some good one And many people died And many nations cried And many babies came As many died again Yet always Man prevailed"
  • Yellow, Brittle - Full Scale
    "You compromise your style to make that inch a mile It's a pit the truth just died But you never held that dear Excusing pedophiles How do you sleep at night Hold on with all your might With a golden"
  • Yellow Wallpaper - Run Level Zero
    "What is one to do when no one takes you by the hand This nervous condition / shadows play across the wall In certain lights I can see a different shade The pattern crawls / the pattern calls Why must"
  • Yellow Sun - The Raconteurs
    "Yellow sun is shining in the afternoon I'd really like to tell you but I feel it's too soon My actions are dictated by the phase of the moon The phase of the moon The sun it isn't hiding when it sets on"
  • Yellow - YeLLOW Generation
    "Warning atari chirase Breaking out! Breaking out! Kuzureru made Genkai nante mada sou dare mo Shiritsukushite nai naa sou darou? Caution ikari chirase kako mo haji mo shobun sumi sa Arigachi na koto nante"
  • High Yellow Girl - Teena Marie
    "Everybody says that you're so beautiful From the inside to the out My precious jewel I hope that I can give you all the love you need I'd lay down my life for ya baby, yes indeed High Yellow girl Golden"
  • Black, Red, Yellow - Pearl Jam
    "Exponentially serving. Perpetually unnerving. Vehicle swerving. The adjectives they are all a-blurring. Freud walking the sidelines clipboard scoring the brain. Black magic painted traits. Makes me sain. Hormones"
  • The Truth - Lil' O
    "(Billy Cook) Too many brothers locked, there'll be too many dying And if I set it up out, then I'd be lying (Hook - 2x) You want the truth (yeah), bujt you can't handle the truth (no) Us niggaz ain't"
  • Yellow - Emm Gryner
    "Can you see the yellow on the road Lying there for quite some time Here my hands shaped like your hold explanation Helps nothing, how dare you make me cry I utter vows left and right and east and west How"
  • Black Red And Yellow - Pearl Jam
    "exponentially serving perpetually unnerving vehicle swerving the adjectives they are all a blurring freud walking the sidelines clipboard scoring the brain black magic painted traits makes me sane hormones"
  • Yellow - Alex Parks
    "Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do Yeah, they were all yellow. I came along, I ERR you, And all the things you do, And it was called "Yellow." So then I took my turn, Oh"
  • Yellow - Coldplay
    "Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah, they were all yellow. I came along, I wrote a song for you, And all the things you do, And it was called "Yellow." So then"
  • Yellow - Blake Lewis
    "Look at the stars,Look how they shine for you,And everything you do,Yeah, they were all yellow.I came along,I wrote a song for you,And all the things you do,And it was called Yellow.So then I took my turn,Oh"
  • Yellow - Kashmir
    "Comming home, throw my leatherjacket on the floor I drink a cup of coffee trough a book Uh there ain't no wonders better on Except the little dirty picture on the wall On the screen it's very hard for"

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