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  • On The Brink - Yellowcard
    "Well I'm on the brink of something horrible Just what it is I'm not to sure But I can't take it anymore (round 1 fight) I can't explain the feeling's that I feel, I'm not even sure that they're for"
  • Rock Star Land - Yellowcard
    "Christmas break of ninety eight just flipped me upside down One coast out to the other, following the sound Headed west to get the best of what we all knew then One ocean to another, waves come crashing"
  • Millennium Changed - Yellowcard
    "Focus on the distance and you fall Deep inside of all the memories You choose not to recall Don't let go Friends are always learning Going to get things you couldn't hold Doesn't mean that they don't"
  • Radio Song Girl - Yellowcard
    "Building trust And pulling teeth again Guess she knew that Good guys never win Something's poking me Take this fuckin' feeling I can't stand too close But I never thought That this boy could take them"
  • Drifting - Yellowcard
    "When I look into your eyes, I can see Such a sad man in disguise Waiting, wishing, dreaming, drifting from me, I can see Hurts my heart to see you cry Waiting, wishing, dreaming, drifting from me I don't"
  • Cut Me, Mick - Yellowcard
    "I can't keep this together And I might lose this year I can't get through December And you know all my fears Someplace somewhere behind me I walked right through the truth Truth is that you're the one"
  • Paper Walls - Yellowcard
    "(Kids singing:) Let's burn a hole, so we can climb out Of these paper walls, and this empty house. Don't listen too close, their words are like guns. With bullets that fly and kill what you've won.. Let's"
  • Gifts And Curses - Yellowcard
    "Mary belongs to the words of a song I try to be strong for her, try not to be wrong for her But she will not wait for me, anymore, anymore Why did I say all those things before? I was sure (She is the"
  • Starstruck - Yellowcard
    "Where is your inspiration, you lost it oh so long ago so much for innovation, I saw this coming long before You had no motivation, your hopes are high but Trapped below, This constant competition, we've"
  • Something Of Value - Yellowcard
    "All that I needed to hear from you something of value but something untrue all that I wished that I'd find within you See how what she wanted and she needed tore it all down in the end some how like a"
  • Trembling - Yellowcard
    "Trembling Hold me now I'm torn between silence and violent expression Tired of believing everyone wants to care And cherish someone I'm so scared of never having anyone Haunted by my abandoned dreams"
  • Sureshot - Yellowcard
    "Get up, face this day Find some way to make the mean kids pay Playing it safe, it's your morals at stake You're a young man who's willing to wage war Break from the mold, never do what you're told After"
  • Big Apple Heartbreak - Yellowcard
    "This can't be home... anymore This can't be home... anymore If you, think I Have not been missing The way she breathes You are mistaken, my friend I've fallen down So put your mouth on My bloody knees One"
  • Bombers - Yellowcard
    "This is the deepest cut I Think I have ever felt These are the things I think, but I will never tell I'm trying to walk these bridges Burnin' beneath my feet I am an echo; I am heard, but never seen These"
  • Cigarette - Yellowcard
    "Watching the days burning out like a cigarette, just a few drags to go. You built me up and you broke me down, somehow Everything just seemed so clear to me, nothing left to know I'll love you right and"
  • October Nights - Yellowcard
    "Warm October nights You came and cuddled next to me Our noses brushed so close I wished it was our souls Drifting off to sleep I could hear the little snores you made Watching eyes shut tight Like doors"
  • For Pete's Sake - Yellowcard
    "So I'm left wondering, there is so much left I wish that I could say to you Silence, I keep For fear of breaking myself down, and maybe getting through Getting through to you (Chorus) For Pete's sake Lets"
  • A.W.O.L. - Yellowcard
    "Maybe it's not over yet Somewhere inside him Must be some new dream Awaiting the topple the rest When he finds himself feeling alive yet alone... Maybe the best he can get Is still out of his reach Ran"
  • Rough Draft - Yellowcard
    "Like a Saturday night I'll be gone Like a Saturday night I'll be gone Before you knew that I was there So you wrote it down I'm supposed to care Even though it's never there Sorry if I'm not prepared Is"
  • Underdog - Yellowcard
    "One more trip down To the lost and found To find your heart That the quarterback Punk dropped on the ground One more trip down To the lost and found To find your heart Left out The one they picked"

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