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yelow riwer-christie

  • Christie - Jon Anderson
    "Christie, don't ever listen to the word they say You didn't have to change your way Talking to my Christie But time, you felt so helpless, they were so unkind But now I know that you are mine Talking to"
  • Christie Christie - Warner Mack
    "Christie Christie take my hand and slowly dry away my tears I turn to you in times like these for you're old and wise beyond your years Christie Christie I have needs that only you would understand I turn"
  • Christie Lee - Billy Joel
    "Let me tell you a story About a woman and a man Maybe you will find familiar Maybe you won't understand The man's name I don't remember He was always Joe to me But I can't forget the woman She was always"
  • Christie Road - Green Day
    "Staring out of my window Watching the cars go rolling by My friends are gone I've got nothing to do So I sit here patiently Watching the clock tick so slowly Gotta get away Or my brains will explode Give"
  • Christie Lee (Unreleased Version) - Billy Joel
    "One, two, a-one two three Let me tell you a story about a woman and a man Maybe you will find familiar, maybe you won't understand The man's name I don't remember, he was always Joe to me But I can't"
  • Duizend Dromen Worden Waar - Christie Ann
  • De Roos - Christie
    "Men zegt van liefde dat ze zacht is als een lief en teder woord Men zegt van liefde dat ze hard is en zo vaak het geluk vermoordt Men noemt haar hunker en verlangen men noemt haar redder in nood Ik"
  • San Bernadino - Christie
    "I've been all around this great big world to Paris and Rome And I've never found a place that I could really call my own. But there'se one place where I know the sun is shining endlessly And it's calling"
  • Yellow River - Christie
    "So long boy you can take my place, got my papers I've got my pay So pack my bags and I'll be on my way to yellow river Put my guns down the war is won Fill my glass high the time has come I'm going back"
  • Amarillo - Tony Christie
    "Ich geh' am Abend sogleich nach der Arbeit in mein Stammlokal. Ja dort warten meine Freunde schon und Durst ist eine Qual. Runde um Runde rinnt durch uns're Kehlen Bier und Schnaps und Wein. Wenn wir dann"
  • Dont Go Down To Reno - Tony Christie
    "I wanna talk to you of all the wondrous things of all the magic days our love is bringing. I wanna hold you close and never let you go and you will hear the words my heart is singing. We'll make our secret"
  • Going To Havana - Tony Christie
    "In Reno town for a few dollars down you can buy yourself a separation. And say good-bye to the love and the life that we shared together. Sign it away with a stroke of a hotel pen. All of the dreams that"
  • I Did What I Did For Maria - Tony Christie
    "The Captain Man he said he wanna to go Sail away out to the Island There's danger water when you hear the wind blow Sailors sleeping in the dry sand Coca Coca pretty girl Mary Anna Coca Coca not for many"
  • One Dance With Us - Tony Christie
    "Sun rise this is the last day that I'll ever see out in the court-yard they're ready for me but I go to my Lord without fear 'cos I did what I did for Maria. As I rode into town with the sun going down all"
  • Knocking On Your Door - Tony Christie
    "Knocking on your door Last night we met for the first time. And when I asked you to dance the thought of finding romance was far from my mind. Strangers that fade through together, our bodies swayed"
  • Moonlight And Roses - Tony Christie
    "Something in your eyes and fire on the scene Music in the air and on your lips a taste of wine. Now the day is leaving and the night is near. Walking side by side, your hand is touching me so softly. Let's"
  • Tears On My Pillow - Tony Christie
    "If you try hard enough you'll see day light at the end of all your tears. Get loving you this way I just can't win Let the heart ache begin . Can't you feel the rhythm of the music Can't you feel it deep"
  • Wind Beneath My Wings - Tony Christie
    "The wind beneath my wings It must have been cold there in my shadow to never have sunlight on your face you were content to let me shine you always walked a step behind I was the one with all the"
  • Yellow River - Tony Christie
    "Solong boys you can take my place got my papers I got my pay So pack my bags and I'll be on my way to yellow river Put my guns down the war is won Put my bags as the time has come I'm going back to the"
  • Almost In Love - Tony Christie
    "With your golden hair eyes ah blue i couldn't sleep thinking of you I was almost in love almost in love We could shoot the moon like the stars you were Venus i was Mars I was almost in love almost in"

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