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you'll figure that out

  • Figure It Out - Jill Paquette
    "Hey wait Let yourself hesitate and I will take the time 'Cause it's just like you to try running The first time that you stand Why don't you slow down, child Let me take your hand and I will walk"
  • Figure out - A Cursive Memory
    "The pain that you have fought, the pain that you have broken, I bet you never thought these words, they would be spoken now. There is nothing we can say, there is nothing we can do. There is no way to"
  • Figure 8 - TRUSTcompany
    "See that face from across the room And I can feel you're nothing Show your fear Its not hard to see Intention's pale, It's Blinding Stop stop from the place I've been, No good for the shape I'm in I'm"
  • Figure 8 - Trust Company
    "See that face from across the room And i can feel you're nothing Show your fear its not hard to see Intentions pale its blinding (Stop)stop from the place I've been No good for the shape I'm in I'm slow"
  • Figure It Out - Plain White T's
    "She says, I don't take her seriously And I don't, so I guess I'd have to agree I didn't mean that I really mean that I know, she gets mad at me all the time But that's fine, I don't let it ruin my night I"
  • Figure It Out - Sesame Street
    "Roosevelt Franklin: When I woke up this morning, first I laughed and then I cried. Was I feeling good or bad? I just could not decide! So naturally I asked my mom to tell me how I feel. But she didn't"
  • Figure It Out - Serj Tankian
    "Why pretend that we don't know CEO's are the disease Fredom is raped by war like whore Technology, technology, technology of materialism Personal freedom only an obstruction Fredom is raped by war like"
  • Figure It Out - Maroon 5
    "I'm happy you came to me first Before the bubble burst I'm happy you answered my calls I'm bouncing off the walls Impossible to be tamed Her need... cellphone I'm happy you like to play games Why did"
  • Figure It Out - Versaemerge
    "With a swerve, my eyes avert My mouth somehow forgets to work So I stare until you shout Wondering why you can't figure me out With a change, I call the names I'm spitting out words, hoping it works Still"
  • Figure It Out - Esmee Denters
    "18 years old I'm supposed to know what I want So much pressure at once Finally adult, what I've been waiting for But I don't know what I want or where I wanna go Who I wanna be, what I wanna do with my"
  • Figure It Out - Wiz Khalifa
    "Yeah It's all about a dollar man Don't let nobody else tell you anything otherwise Unless it's me Uh Leave my iPhone cracked if I take a loss Know I'm gon get it back, I'm always on attack Learn to let"
  • Figure You Out - Eve
    "Lady look I'm tryna figure you out (OK) I'm tryna find out what you all about (Yeah) Baby girl I wanna get in ya head (My head?) Damn is you everything that you said? (No Doubt) Mean no harm. I admire"
  • Figure Of Speech - Music Video
    "Shoot for stars like astronauts Keep the food until it rots Lets all drink 'til our heart stops With ink-stain blots and blue blood clots Pick the scab it bleeds again It's good to be American Buy one"
  • Gotta Figure - Erin McCarley
    "I separated my heart from my head To feel out whats inside I dont like what I see so I say Good night Dont wake me cuz Im dreaming in color Black and white is not my friend Candy coded figures only in"
  • Father Figure - Ace Young
    "I will be your father figure (Oh, baby) Put your tiny hand in mine (I'd love to) I will be your preacher, teacher (Be your daddy) Anything you have in mind (It would make me) I will be your father figure (Very"
  • Father Figure - Michael George
    "That's all I wanted Something special, something sacred In your eyes For just one moment To be bold and naked At your side Sometimes I think that you'll never Understand me Maybe this time is forever"
  • Father Figure - George Michael
    "That's all I wanted Something special, something sacred - In your eyes For just one moment To be bold and naked At your side Sometimes I think that you'll never Understand me Maybe this time is forever.. Say"
  • Father figure - Q Strange
    "Some knew my uncle Roc as a mob figure But to me he was much bigger he was like a father figure All that crooked shit he did he never let us see Welcome me into his home givin' me family A man to me closer"
  • Figure 8 - Memento
    "The beginning at the end of the beginning of the end Is the twisting and the bend found between one and ten The puzzle never ends, make your demons your friends It's the beginning of a road that leads"
  • Daddy Figure - Kool G Rap
    "(Talking) whasup girl?, I know that ya man and all but yo, what you see in that nigga? you need to get with a nigga like me, for real, does he got one of these GS-4's? Navigator system and everything,"

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