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you a women

  • Women - Foreigner
    "Women behind bars Women in fast cars Women in distress Women with no dress Women in aeroplanes Women who play games Women in uniform See that woman with her clothes torn Women who satisfy Women you can't"
  • Women - Lou Reed
    "I love women, I think they are great They're a solace to the world in a terrible state They're a blessing to the eyes, a balm to soul What a nightmare to have no women in the world I love women ... We"
  • Women - Def Leppard
    "Ooh we ooh Ooh wee ooh In the beginning God made the land Then He made the water and creatures, then He made man He was born with a passion, love and hate A restless spirit with a need for a mate"
  • Women - The Guess Who
    "Colder women light a fire in me Bolder women seem to tire of me Older women put desire in me But without em to hold, where would this poor man be? Crazy women make a fool of me Ruthless women seem so"
  • Women - Jamey Johnson
    "Women Can't live with em And somehow you can't ever live without Women Can't understand 'em But tryin' to is what makes the world go 'round I've made a sad one laugh And I've made a good one cry I've"
  • Women - Brian McFadden
    "(Lose Lose Situation)When we fall out I like to go driving in my car Listen to something ironic And end up in a bar Get an earful of shit from a stranger Who's got a broken heart Weighting up what would"
  • Women - Primitive Radio Gods
    "Don't say you love me, life isn't fair And I don't care...So don't be stupid Who builds the missiles? Who trains the gods? I am the rod in desperate women We can ask for nothing more Chocolate legs and"
  • Women To Women - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Women To Women You and i We love the same guy Don't it make you sad Don't it make you cry You and i Asked you to choose Someone must win And one of us has to loose Women to women Women"
  • When A Women - Tamia
    "He met her in his hometown a couple of years ago She was beautiful inside and out How could he just let her go He had girls on the side and he tried to hide But somehow she knew Still she stayed, she stayed But"
  • A Women Will - Dave Hollister
    "Mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm Woo, mmm It's funny how a woman does so much There's nothin' she won't do when she trusts you She will let you in She will lift you up She will take good good care of you Have you"
  • Country women - Bee Gees
    "Country women now, what you gonna do with your life Country women now, why don't you get out of this life Leave my life alone The first time I met you I knew you were the devil's daughter You came on like"
  • Only Women - Alice Cooper
    "Man's got his woman to take his seed He's got the power, oh she's got the need She spends her life through pleasing up her man She feeds him dinner or anything she can She cries alone at night too often,"
  • Women & Men - They Might Be Giants
    "When the ship runs out of ocean And the vessel runs aground Land's where we know the boat is found Now there's nothing unexpected About the water giving out "Land's" not a word we have to shout. But there's"
  • Wacky Women - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) Wack Wack Wacky Wacky Women Wack Wack Wacky Wacky Women Hello, everybody, this is Russel Right before I sing I'm gonna make a muscle Now that's out of my system Here's some M=FCnchen"
  • Outlaw Women - Hank Williams Jr.
    "She works in a bank and she works in a store And she don't go for that old stuff anymore She likes to get high and listen to the band She likes to make love to her kind of man These outlaw women first"
  • Outlaw women - Hank Williams
    "She works in the bank and she works in the storeAnd she don't go for that old stuff anymoreShe likes to get high and listen to the bandShe likes to make love to her kind of menThese outlaw women first"
  • This Women - Bee Gees
    "Well she walks like you in so many ways It's a different look It's a different time of day One look in her eyes How can I make you understand She's the one good thing that's happened in so many years There's"
  • Women+Men - OK Go
    "Uh, uh, uh, here we go say women and men, what a magic combination women and men what a magic combination women and men what a magic combination tada- what a magic combination said men and men what a magic"
  • Lonely Women - Laura Nyro
    "No one hurries home to lonely women No one hurries home to lonely women A gal could die without her man and no one knows it better than lonely women No one knows the blues like lonely women do No"
  • Pretty Women - Stephen Sondheim
    "Sweeney Todd: What can I do for you today sir? Stylish trimming of the hair? Soothing skin massage. Sit sir, sit. Judge Turpin: You see sir a man infatued with love! Her ardent and eager slave! So fetch"

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