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you and l

  • L - Gigi Dagostino
    "I still believe in your eyes I just don't care what you've done in your life Baby I'll always be here by your side Don't leave me waiting too long, please come by I-I-I-I still believe in your eyes There"
  • L-L-L-L-Lies - King Diana
    "Oh why, oh why, oh why, You tell me l-l-l-lies Never t-t-t-t-think That I woulda re-a-li-a-li-a-lize Things you say-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Will make you fay-ay-ay-ade away So b-b-b-bye-bye-bye-bye(goodbye) 12"
  • L-L-Lies - Diana King
    "Oh why, oh why, oh why You tell me l-l-l-lies Never t-t-t-t-t think That I woulda re-a-li-a-li-a-lize Things you say-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Will make you fay-ay-ay-ade away b-b-b-b-bye-bye-bye B-b-b-b-bye-bye-bye-bye"
  • P. L. You - Duran Duran
    "Well there's no surprise One look into those eyes Having sex every Saturday In the afternoon, with the TV on It's all you know It really makes you wanna throw It could be time for a holiday On the S. O."
  • Let 'Em Have It "L" - Big L
    "Hook: Settin' it off lettin' it off (whatever) (x4) (Let 'em have it L) What? (Give it to 'em L) Yeah (x3) (Let 'em have it) Verse 1: A-yo I'm serious I'm not the type to joke a lot Dressed in all black"
  • Let 'Em Have It 'L' - Big L
    "Settin' it off lettin' it off (whatever) (Let 'em have it L) What? (Give it to 'em L) Yeah (Let 'em have it) A-yo I'm serious I'm not the type to joke a lot Dressed in all black never seen in polka"
  • L - 5 - Todd Rundgren
    "Yesterday a postman Delivered to me The pictures that I've longed to see A special place A wheel in the sky Half a mile wide Will they have a place for me Up in space I'm on my way to l"5 I want to stay"
  • L-Y - Tom Lehrer
    "You're wearing your squeaky shoes And right there taking a snooze Is a tiger, so how do you walk on by? Silently ... silently ... silent ... L-Y You're a secret agent man Who's after the secret plan How"
  • L. A. - Bonfire
    "There's a city in the west of the USA It's the city of the angels, called L. A. Girls look pretty and the air is tastin' sweet California dreams, in anyone you meet There's no yesterday, we're livin'"
  • L A - Britny Fox
    "Paris I remember a day So high from all the world That lay in front of me And maybe I just don't deserve To feel that much alive anymore But I believe in you and I Watching a million stars go by I'm"
  • Little L - Jamiroquai
    "There you were freaking out, Trying to get your head around the fact that me and you and love is dead See how I'm trippin out 'cause you can't decide what you really want from me Why does it have to be"
  • L Train - Groove Shootyz
    "A yo this is the way we lay down, on the L train yo help me out now, yo yo A, yo Black I need help I mean immediately and right away every single day I swear I'm gonna find a better way my enemies are"
  • L. Mine - Smolik feat. Mika
    "Feeling the sun kissing my face What a place can't replace, slow pace, no chase Just me being me and you being you And a lovely sunlight shinning through I know this to be the only way things should"
  • Karma-(L) - Alicia Keys
    "Weren't you the one that said That you don't want me anymore And how you need your space And give the keys back to your door And how I cried and tried and tried To make you stay with me But still you said"
  • Fallin'-(L) - Alicia Keys
    "I keep on fallin' in, in and out of love With you my baby I love ya Say umm, I feel good sometimes I feel used Lovin' you, I'm so confused I keep on fallin' In and out of love with you I never loved someone The"
  • Dajana L - Fame Factory
    "(Oooooohoahoah) Ooooah baby Come On! I've Been hidin' for quite a while I've been discussing my emotions I'm gettin tired of you lyin So now I'm going with an ocean I've been working so hard I've been"
  • Samuel L - Midasuno
    "Champion a cause that you don't understand Vision and rumour led you astray Rule with your heart (not your head-that's the wrong way) Decision on truth what you said Out there they put our ghosts in the"
  • L. A. - Amy McDonald
    "Oh here's a story bout a boy named J. Nothing he did would ever get in my way but there's still a long, long way to go. I've only ever seen his face on film, I've only ever heard the lines he'd say But"
  • L - Nicole (FI)
    "jt patsas tuulen pois ota lahjat, kaiken saada voit ota kahdet kasvot pois el thdet, nahkan luoda voit l vrn vaakaan luo l kylm vallan maljaa juo ole tiedon huoneessa ole viisaan seurassa aivan kuin hengitt aina"
  • L' - Dusty Springfield
    "Le soir qui descend doucement Les fleurs qui se fanent lentement Et tous ces bateaux Qui ne vont plus sur l'eau Tout me dit que l't est fini The evening is gently falling The flowers are slowly fading The"

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