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you and me, you and me, I'm

  • You and Me - You+Me (Pink & City And Colour)
    "(Lyric wideo)"
  • You And Me - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Swallow the stones that I see in your eyes Tell me that fable for bleeding surprise When you're old you're full of desire Come to my dream but do not take me higher Maybe I can't give you all that you"
  • You And I - Me & My
    "To see you happy, makes me smile. I finally found what I was looking for. When we're together I'm alive, and now I'm begi'n you don't walk out that door. No one but you knows me like you do and I don't"
  • Nice And Blue - Me Without You
    "You were a song that I couldn't sing you were a story I couldn't tell I've only ever loved myself But I've loved myself so well. And how defeated I return! (you're nice and blue, you're nice and blue)"
  • You Left Me - Me And My
    "It hurts so bad I'm almost falling apart It's oh so sad the way you broke my heart You took my soul, you took my bleeding heart You left me with the memory of how if feels to love Since I know you I don't"
  • Me And You - Mondo Generator
    "Everybody's gone, everybody's gone Me, you Thank god everybody's gone But me and you Me, you God's in love God's in love with me and you You and me I got a good time In my pocket In my mind For me, you For"
  • You And Me - Plain White T's
    "You and me, we like the same kind of music That's why we, make a good you and me We got style, baby we know how to use it That's why we, make a good you and me You know what I'm going to say before my"
  • You And Me - Tiger Trap
    "bees are buzzing up in my head i'm trying to think of all the things that you have said now i'm finding the words to say but the springtime takes me so very far away I ( ) forever if it was raining it"
  • Me And You - Ashley Tisdale
    "I know I'm just the avergage girl But I think I can use a little hook-up with you CHORUS Me and you are meant to be The stars shine on me and you Telling me we're meant to be But I know we're meant to"
  • Me and You - Lucky Twice
    "I swear that I'm trying Oh, Baby I'm sorry Just know that I'm trying The night is an endless wait for down, (And the days have got me shaking,) Will I be lost forever on, Is anybody out there, Is anybody"
  • Me And You - Archive
    "I'm beside myself But does it matter It's good to hear you're doing well But does it matter I'm beside myself But does it matter It's good to hear you're doing well But does it matter In the end It's"
  • Me And You - Alexia
    "one day you came and made me blue nobody close to me just you you have the power in your eyes me and you today you left me far behind how could I live without you tell me now forever waiting for your"
  • You And Me - Denison Witmer
    "You would not believe how this came up Two apartments echo in downtown A picture of you sleeping in my chair I sang songs for you because I cared About you and me You and me Don't tell me that I'm the"
  • You And Me - Hog Heaven
    "And if it's good you need him right away settled in your mind. Now if it's right, cause you will know, That's what you told me time and again, and since you're my friend, I just know someday it's gonna"
  • You And Me - Babybird
    "You & me Me & you (x3) You & me & me & you & you & me & me & me & you As long as we are one one of what? I don't care One of what? I don't care (x2) ................ in any language baby It means i love"
  • Me and you - Abhik Chatterjee
    "Abhik Chatterjee Oblivion Me and you I'm a bad bad boy With the bad bad smile In this mad mad crowd In this sad sad while So go away And keep away And go away And keep away And go away From me ......."
  • You And Me - Vonda Shepard
    "Part of me wants to break the ice And part of me wants to roll the dice Exactly how it stands Part of me wants to roll the dice And part of me wants to leave them curled up in my hands Where they will"
  • Me And You - Suburban Legends
    "I never wanted it to be this way I said I loved you each and every day Is this really happenin or is this just like a dream? Believe me when I say that I am more than what I seem Did you say you loved"
  • You And Me - Chris De Burgh
    "The time has come for me to take my bows and leave the stage, But I feel I'm just beginning, There's so many things I want to say before I go, But I'll be back, to sing again; And I'll lead you through"
  • You And Me - Lifehouse
    "What day is it? And in what month? This clock never seemed so alive I can't keep up and I can't back down I've been losing so much time Cause there's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do Nothing"

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