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you are my desire

  • Desire - Abingdon Boys School
    "Are you feelin' good? Are you waitin' for something you want? If you feel so blue No need to stay just free yourself Tonight! Can you hear the groove? Can you shout it out until the end? If you show me"
  • Desire - Darkseed
    "See, I fall for you Feel the hurts You do My world seems To fall apart I stand alone You burn in me You beat in me Desire You are my Pulsing heart You beat Tears in darkened Stillness Thunder Rain in me"
  • Desire - Pharoahe Monch
    "(feat. Showtyme) (Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh) Said its my desire, yes it, yeah yes it, yes it is, oh yeah, yeaaaah Comprehend the guidelines My chest out chinchilla all relaxed on the sidelines I'm so"
  • Desire - Bee Gees
    "Ah..... ah.... We may be big or small or black or white , eternally And black and white is you and me in a special light We may be young or old or in between ,but this much I know Together we can learn"
  • Desire - Andy Gibb
    "Ah..... Ah.... We may be big or small or black or white , eternally And black and white is you and me in a special light We may be young or old or in between ,but this much I know Together we can learn"
  • Desire - Secret Sphere
    "More than sweet words, a stream of emotions, Then around everything disappear, Hands are cold, tough the breath, In a moment you possess my desire Somewhere I'll meet your eyes again, Under the rays of"
  • Desire - Asia
    "From the very first rush To the very last sigh In a moment's touch To the whole of time Be the secrets of pain Kiss the tears that you cry Just to hold without Get to touch within From the sound of your"
  • Desire - Poets Of The Fall
    "Fatal velocity, comes on with a rush, overpowering, gives the final push What never moves, is never still, who has the final word It holds the world in a single pill, and all life rendered absurd Kill"
  • Desire - Phil Wickham
    "I'm running through the gates of love as fast as I can I can wait to see You, I'm a desperate man You made the light and sent it down To show us who You are Now it's bursting out my heart My desire is"
  • Desire - Tuxedomoon
    "DESIRE You're the buyer or the seller, makes you want what you can't have, I'm glad I made you cry, Makes you go where you can't go, Makes you want what you can't have, Desire Don't think, x4 Don't buy, Don't"
  • Desire - Blutengel
    "Candlelights are burning, you listen to my voice.I know you are virgin, you know you got no choice.This is the night we dreamt of,I wan't to take through the door of your desire.I'm moving carefully to"
  • Desire - Abominant
    "Lust for the burning touch of our emotions. It's the only way to live onward, for all I can see is the hunger of the animal within. What in life is there so conceiving, a taste of sweet pleasure. The power"
  • Desire - On Thorns I Lay
    "I sold my freedom eternal Wondering if we must Lament the dead forever Tell me how to really feel inside When I'm starting to get sick of you In silence and pain You are in my dreams I'll stay with you"
  • Desire - Ebony Ark
    "Shivering once again There is nothing to stop bleeding Heavier than wounds and yearnings Won't you tell wich are yours desires? In your dreams I have never been your sin Now I'm dancing in this ache of"
  • You Are My Desire - Sarah Connor
    "When the rain keeps falling Can't you hear me calling? For somebody new Someone just like you Don't you feel there's something Deep inside you waiting For the slightest change To go and do your dance "
  • My desire - Bob Carlisle
    "All alone in a lonely apartment I remember the moment my heart went crazy....crazy. You were all that a young boy dreams of when he's hopin' and prayin' for true love, baby. I never believed that dreams"
  • Desire - Holly Valance
    "Late night Party time All around me The room is jumping This feeling I can't contain it Got me reeling Our bodies pumping Your eyes move Like on my body And the headlights The heat is rising Nothing that"
  • Desire - U2
    "(Yeah) Lover, I'm on the street Gonna go where the bright lights And the big city meet With a red guitar...on fire Desire She's a candle burning in my room Yeah I'm like the needle, needle and spoon Over"
  • Desire - Jeremy Camp
    "You want to be real, you want to be empty inside You want to be someone laying down your pride You want to be someone someday Then lay it all down before the king You want to be whole, you want to have"
  • Desire - Lisa Chappell
    "I don't want to think, I just want to feel escape in your arms, splash around in your skin 'cause you woke me up from a sleep so deep that now I can't live not without you Let me run through the night"

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