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you are not a robot

  • Robot - Hawkwind
    "Nine to five or ten to six, up to the city and back to the sticks You've got to unwind your mind, you've got to unwind your mind Sit back, switch on, your face has got a twitch on Your fuses are blown"
  • Robot - Nada Surf
    "you're just walking round your little mazes figuring out how to get by, how to get laid and get famous, get yourself paid, impress the guys. you think you're thinking for yourself but when you get on the"
  • Robot - Kosher
    "Living day to day with nowhere to run... people in three piece suits make this assembly line run. Don't live by boundaries or machines. Got a dream (if you know what I mean) and it feels like it's everything. I'm"
  • Robot - Tatu
    "Nobody , never, will understand anything Such love is artificial honey, Artificial honey, artificial ice Artificial paradise, turn if faster on. And I won_t tell anyone, that I love robot, I love"
  • Robot - Futureheads
    "I am a robot, living like a robot, talk like a robot, in the habititting way Look up to the sky (robot), you can trample ove me (robot) Do anything you do, now the ground has gone I am a robot, living"
  • Robot - The Futureheads
    "I am a robot, living like a robot, talk like a robot, in the habititting way Look up to the sky (robot), you can trample over me (robot) Do anything you do, now the ground has gone I am a robot, living"
  • Robot - Big Dumb Face
    "This battle has raged for too long, but we'll soon right what went so wrong, you see we found a faster feces, faster morning for the freebees, kill the bastards want to die? Use your knif to stab"
  • Robot - Diana Ah Naid
    "Fuckwits in uniform trying to make me conform I won't subscribe to your magazine don't try to convert me You can't stand above me because I won't kneel down You think that your winning but you're losing ground 'cause"
  • Gay robot - Adam Sandler
    "Pass the fuckin ball!What an idiot!Fuck it, I'm gonna go get another beer. You guys want one?Alright...Two Please!Oh boy...Hahahaha(phone rings)Hello?... Yeah, yeah, cool, we're all just hangin out..."
  • Go Robot - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "I called the teacher cause I wanted to confess it now Can I make the time for me to come and get it blessed somehow She spoke to me in such a simple and decisive tone Her sweet admission left me feeling"
  • Robot Tanks - Contribution X
    "Robot Tanks (Holocaust) Exploring Babe Ruth through the roaring 20s My slice is gleam, between dark or high winged Dragon eyes fighting the challenge, scream Why my savage sword Excalibur Many challenger"
  • Rebel Robot - Voivod
    "You don't decide What's wrong, what's right You can't define what's good, what's not You have to hide all your feelings Having opinions can be your worst enemy You will respond without asking You will"
  • Robot Oeuf - Uffie
    "Got up this mornin' and thought about, what was I doing last night? I met a boy, the kind I like, so I took him on the side. I had some fun, the time was right and you know I'm pretty wild. Love is"
  • Is A Robot - dEUS
    "Air of a temptress Buxom and bright We're not missing anything At least not tonight Chimera of charm Innocent of hardship Luxurious qualm In a self-darkened daytrip And then I'll take you home Where"
  • I'm Not A Robot - Newcleus
    "See that boy with his head in the sky Spends his days and his nights gettin' high What he's searching for is how to be free what he finds is that he's lost hold of reality See those people on the corner"
  • Robot - Bee Gees
    "Robot , robot , rorororororobot , robot , rorororo ain't never no ... Gonna caress you , you can invest your time with me , don't stay away If you're in danger , I will engage the enemy , night and day Never"
  • Robot - Time To Express
    "You are in the water, you're inside of cold you are out of border, in this machine 's tongs. Did you shut the window or let inside the air? you are in the circle, you are everywhere... I see your crying,"
  • Robot - Regurgitator
    "i just wanna f**k some shit up stare at the wall and then close it off dear god it's more than enough to get by and survive you know there's so many f**king pigs and cops getting around out on my town pull"
  • Am I Robot - Goodnight Electric
    "Everyday I swore to you To make it happen, it is true To be the light To see the love It's more than just Like we both do At the first time you and I Broke the cage you let me trough You gave it all And"
  • Do It Like A Robot - Princess Superstar
    "(C.Kirschner) Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI) Moog Modular/Tamborine: Curtis Curtis. Samples/Scratching: Concetta Bass: Walter Sipser Go Baby Girls: Calicia Briggs, Dahlala, & Leital Drums/Keys:"

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