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you are the most important

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you are the most important

  • Important - Lisa Marie Presley
    "Maybe if I liked being alone I could give you your life back and let you go. Maybe if I got it together again I wouldnt be belligerent and such a princess. Maybe the reason Im so needy is because I never"
  • Very Important People - Gus Gus
    "You are spending your time, trying to keep me sterilized. Somehow my needs, are your consideration. Hanging from your wrist. Dangling on the edge. What is the meaning of life? If my dopey style is called"
  • I'm Not Important To You - Sia
    "You took me for granted You took me, you took me for granted But I landed back on my feet, back on My feet Cos you don't deserve me, deserve me You don't have the time that I need That I want, I deserve But"
  • Important Words - Gene Vincent
    "Important words That mean a lot They say, say I love you. Important words That's all I've got They say, say I love you. The days, the nights, the hours We spent makin' plans Have made both of"
  • Important Words - Vincent Gene
    "Important words That mean a lot They say, say I love you. Important words That's all I've got They say, say I love you. The days, the nights, the hours We spent makin' plans Have made both of us feel the"
  • So important - Mesh
    "Incredible A lie so terrible Took it in a thousand ways Took from me the best of days I wish it wasn't so important Because I could look away I wish it only mattered sometimes I hope it doesn't matter"
  • What's Important - Beat Happening
    "put on your boots and walk with me over the freeway and down to the sea that's where we can always go when we really wanna know we sit by the window and we watch the rain each little drop has got a name they're"
  • How Important Can It Be - Sarah Vaughan
    "Its the wrong time and the wrong place Though your face is charming its the wrong face Its not his face, but such a charming face That its all right with me. Its the wrong song in the wrong style Though"
  • Most Of Us Are Sad - Eagles
    "Most of us are sad No one lets it show I've been shadows of myself How was I to know? Tell me scarlet sun what will time allow? We have brought our children here Who can save them now? Oh, Weeping"
  • Most High - Jerzee Monet
    "Yo if you don't know what the world means to me Things change and rearrange Friends aren't friends anymore People go behind your back to score or anything Will we ever have peace Some one tell me please You"
  • Self-Important Freak - Malevolent Creation
    "You're the leader of the asshole race Lying your way to the throne of shame Sure to die in pain No longer willing to pay For the losers and the takers You have sealed your own fate Prepare yourself now For"
  • Miss you most - Mariah Carey
    "The fire is burningThe room's all aglowOutside the December wind blowsAway in the distance the carolers sing in the snowEverybody's laughingThe world is celebratingAnd everyone's so happyExcept for me"
  • Most Beautiful - Frente!
    "wide open eye you serious? you delirious? kissing chaos have you got a heart? you could really lose it in the super - people - mart you are the most beautiful thing i know and the most beautiful thing"
  • Most holy - Hillsong
    "There is no god above You, There is no other like You.Jesus, in You alone is righteousness and strengthFaithful in all Your ways, exalted above all names,Desire of every nation, high above all gods.Youre"
  • Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld
    "Some girls feel best in their tiny dresses Some girls in nothing but sweatpants Looking a princess Some girls kiss new lips every single night They’re staying out late cause they just celebrating life You"
  • Most def - Onyx
    "Cause right now you're gonna vibe, money Know what I'm sayin? New York style we just vibein Smoke mad L's, wide open, we gone vibe I ain't never had so many def threats in one year But talk is cheap"
  • Most Beautiful - Total
    "Mmm Mmmm mmm Mmm Mmm hmmm Mmm hmm hmm Mm hmm hmm Mmm Yeah (Pam) When my eyes met your eyes I knew from the day A moment you will never regret Maybe tonight will be so right For me and you You're so"
  • Big Important Nothing - Self
    "you've got a lot to lie about all the angles you've covered up we've got plenty to talk about because some of them you just can't block pretend you're the daughter of elvis and you're married to the king"
  • Faith - not important - Icon Of Coil
    "All they ever cared aboutWas the fame they breed with deathStill hide their faces, it's too real to be exposedHow I wish to force you all in the end to swallow leadTo put you six feet underBut you'll never"
  • Faith - not important - Icon of Coin
    "All they ever cared about Was the fame they breed with death Still hide their faces, it's too real to be exposed How I wish to force you all in the end to swallow lead To put you six feet under But"

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