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you are very kissable

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you are very kissable

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you are very kissable
  • Diamond Rio Kissable, Huge Able, Loveable, Unbeliveable
    "She's so kissable, huggable, loveable, unbelievable. She's a mouth full of anything and everything a man could want. Yeah She aint typical, she aint predictable, she's available. It's a miracle How my"
  • Seven Nations Very Nice
    "Let's go play outside you seek I'll go hide wrong move you're it now it's truly just a game let's go fight with John he's strange he's always wrong let's build a church so we can have a place to pray I"
  • Debra Laws Very Special
    "All my love is all I have And my dreams are Very Special All my life I've looked for you And today my dreams come true You need me and I need you Love and us is Very Special Things you seem to do divine You"
  • Jasmine Guy Very strong
    "Feelings don't always go wellWhen your in a dark placeWho is there that countsWho helps you escape?I've always understood why i am this wayI've always knowen what was the matter with meFeelings i have"
  • Big Daddy Kane Very Special
    "My, my, my, yes, I must admit That I have never knew love like this before And I adore everything about you I do mean every part of For meeting someone this beautiful, have mercy I wanna kiss ya father You're"
  • Grand Puba Very Special
    "Hook: "Grand Puba is" (very special) uh ha uh ha (x4) Verse 1: Now many guys may come to you With a line that isn't true And you, pass them by (pass them by) But it doesn't mean a thing Cause Grand Puba"
  • Moby Very
    "You would never make it Inside , oh inside Love you won't be alone Inside, oh inside Pain It's cold out there So come inside So come inside Pain It's warm in here So come inside So come inside How we"
  • Fun Lovin' Criminals We Are All Very Worried About You
    "5 to 7 minutes to go, can you feel this? Your life on the streets is done, forget the business You get what you give, another day another dead one Picture me out on the edge with the half a tonne Tryin'"
  • Dusty Springfield Very Fine Love
    "I never knew how good love could be All I'd ever known was make believe So many times I've played the fool Baby, 'til I met you Now everything has fallen in place You can tell by the smile on my face For"
  • Zero Tolerance Listen Very Carefully
    "The answers we don't know Are the questions we don't ask So why is it then That we are all wearing masks (Chorus): So listen very carefully I walking towards your door So listen very carefully"
  • Buck Owens Very Merry Christmas
    "Snowflakes fallin' everywhere Christmas carols fill the air Santa Claus is almost here it's a very merry Christmas Children playin' in the lane echoes at my window pane Santa Claus is here again it's a"
  • K-Ci & JoJo This Very Moment
    "This Very Moment Lyrics I cant believe it's true, i'm standin' here in front of you, and you are here with me. so unbelievable, i'd never ever let you go. My heart is yours for keep. Lets make a vow,"
  • Vic Chesnutt Very friendly lighthouses
    "I hope that you are through andYou knew what you were doingYou proved what you were provingAnd it was sort of soothing to seeI couldn't say that it was new to meGuess you could say it but yours grew on"
  • The Hollies Very Last Day
    "(Stokey / Yarrow) Everybody's gonna pray On the very last day When they hear that bell Ring the world away Everybody's gonna pray to the heavens on the Judgment Day Well you can sing about the great"
  • Urge Overkill Very Sad Trousers
    "Very Sad Trousers Very Sad Trousers They're very sad I've got the hand, going out of my mind I'm just sliding, all I want is a try I'm not joking when I blow that tune The Royal Trux have got nothing to"
  • Peter, Paul & Mary Very Last Day
    "Chorus: Everybody gonna pray on the very last day Oh when they hear that bell a-ring the world away Everybody gonna pray to the heavens on the judgement day. Well you can sing about the great king David And"
  • Set Your Goals This Very Moment
    "I value you more than you will ever know! I know I'm not the only one concerned about where this has gone. The feelings that we both once shared, they still exist, they went nowhere. And you, you know"
  • Sahara Hotnights Our Very Own
    "This is our own our very own My naughty party and all of our voters turn the backsiders did we let you down the deepest sigh and did we really make that many remarks we hope you will forget C'mon let's"
  • Gus Gus Very Important People
    "You are spending your time, trying to keep me sterilized. Somehow my needs, are your consideration. Hanging from your wrist. Dangling on the edge. What is the meaning of life? If my dopey style is called"
  • Lisa Stansfield The Very Thought Of You
    "(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney/R. Darbyshire) The very thought of you The very mention of your name Babe I'm caught on you I just wish you felt the same 'Cos baby I hope and I pray you'll beg me to stay tonight 'Cos"

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