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you back today

  • Today - Erykah Badu
    "Please oh please wear blue ain't green so flowers can bloom and birds can sing today Hang out with your friends cool breezing sun and I'ma join y'all so we can all have fun today and blow me a kiss and"
  • Today - Sylvan
    "Today - I took it from you Today - gave it back too late Today I know I need you/face it without you Today I threw it all away... Spoken words from those days far behind echo through my head Endless loops"
  • Today - David Gilmour
    "If you should … I found ... .. say this light… … should … Now close your eyes and go to sleep What a day it’s been The Day of shoot a … What a day it’s been This time of year Just the day when … … Feel…back See"
  • Today - Lagwagon
    "As you expect here as the keys So come and go as you please What's mine seems to be yours Welcome to my drawers Today I heard them say a funny thing They were happy you were clean You were headed"
  • Today - Telecast
    "Lord, I must confide This world, it maks me tired Please help me keep my eyes on You today When everything feels wrong I step back into the light Where I belong And everything's alright And I sing"
  • Today - Eiffel 65
    "I'm saying good morning but it's not that way I should be blaming the weather today Or is it that noisy sledge hammer Of my freaky neighbor It's kinda early to talk right now Later on we can work"
  • Today - Stars Hide Fire
    "This signal's heading nowhere fast. There's intermission in the sound. It's fading out. It breaks down. It starts back up. This transmission's been shorting out, been shorting out. Today, I stand here"
  • Today - Skye Marona
    "Today, it doesn't matter what I say. Nah nah. Come Monday, she'll be back with him anyway. Yeah I've been planning, but I'd never cheat another man. (Tell me what do I do?) I know she's with him, but"
  • Today - Strata
    "My future seems so full of life And brighter now than it has ever been, But somehow I just can't allow My shell to crack And let the sun shine in... Today I feel so sick Today I feel comfortable with this"
  • Today - John Berry
    "It started with one look kept on getting stronger What I've been holding back won't be held back any longer Let me say to you what my heart's been longing to Every night I've dreamed about you every day"
  • Today - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold/music: Gold-Rusczcynski) Central park looks like a graveyard It never rained like that before I took the ferry to new jersey Never coming back no more In my hand i hold a ticket Statue points"
  • Today - John Frusciante
    "Today will not be happening We've come to far away from being to be at all We're putting the law back in your hands Today we're setting our sights for a new land Lean into me 'cause there's no signs on"
  • Not Today - Barbershop 2 - Back In Business
    "Why won't you grow up and be a man someday I can't believe that you're still playing silly games Now, why do I put up with all this child's play Now, if your word is all you have then you ain't worth a"
  • Looking Back On Today - Ataris
    "Ataris Miscellaneous Looking Back On Today 30th of April, seems like yesterday. We bought a house above the ocean where our kids could laugh and play. I called you from Paris to tell you that I wrote"
  • Looking Back On Today - The Ataris
    "30th of April, seems like yesterday Bought a house above the ocean Where our kids could laugh and play I called you from Paris To tell you that I Wrote our names on the observation deck Of the Eiffel"
  • It All Came Back Today - Tanita Tikaram
    "Well, he said it like he meant it But he did not really care So I sat upon the Eve's embraces I was never there - No, I was never really fabled I was never really lost I was cunning through that habit"
  • If You Should Come Back Today - Charley Pride
    "You'd stop at hundred and forty tears I forget the lonely years I know I've been lost for words to say I know my lonely heart would go wild you can bet I'd have to smile If you should come back today If"
  • Not Today - Avril Lavigne
    "Can't Stand the Fact You just turn your back Who cares how I feel Who knows what to say Just Turn your back Walk away I dont need this Not today You walk away You dont care what I say Nothing can change"
  • Not Today - The Wilkinsons
    "It's been raining five days straight This roof of mine could use a break The clouds are bound to blow away Someday, someday There's just some things you can't control Like when it rains or when someone"
  • Not Today  - Mary J. Blige
    "(feat. Eve) This is another one of those heartbreak hotel joints for the ladies Why won't u grow up & be a man someday I can't believe that you're still playing silly games Now why do I put up w/ all"

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