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you beteer fly to the next level

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you beteer fly to the next level

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you beteer fly to the next level
  • Tha Alkaholiks The Next Level
    "Welcome to the next level The L-I-K-S, what makes them motherfuckers so damn fresh Youse a nigga everybody diss cause you can't bust this You got a bad name like Dick Butkis Welcome to the next level,"
  • Tha Alkaholiks The Next Level (Remix)
    "(feat. Diamond D) bust this You got a bad name like Dick Butkus Welcome to the next level, of rhyme flowin Scratchin, hookin up beats, and hoe catchin Everytime I come home, I got fifty messages I"
  • Eli Young Band Level
    "Going through the change, when it rains it pours these days Nothing stays the same, you gotta find new ways To swim upstream, while you chase your dreams And in between you keep your sanity Chorus: Waiting"
  • Alexis Y Fido The Next Level
    "(Grrrowf!) (Dile!) (Que vayan bajando!) ("Da' Music"!) (Esta gente no se les puede dar break, papa!) (Alexis!) (Fido!) Ella me dice a mi Que me guarde, que me estan velando (Que vayan bajando!) En la"
    "We level up We level up Smash Yeah we level up I’m gonna climb up the levels, go harder Lights flash every time we go fast I’ll never lose the game, I’m gonna last So let’s start Yeah we level up All"
  • Maestro Fresh Wes Higher Level
    "Yeah, going out to all my peoples, you know what I'm saying Now move to a higher level, I'm sprint First I inhale, then I exhale Allah's name You never see me pointing to the next male Never seen me judge"
  • Lootpack Level Zero
    "(Wild Child) '98 keep it real son cuz I guess I feel someday that Wild to the Child will rock at will son Keep them speakers boomin', body movin', Wild Child has proven Causin' mad paranoia like them kids"
  • Testament Children Of The Next Level
    "in trans-human state it’s time to evacuate waiting for a ride to take them to the Gate await the siren call more phenobarbital pour it down the hatch ingest it all children of the next level they’re chillin’"
  • As Friends Rust We on Some Next Level Shit
    "What we've got is an amalgam of spent ideals, an incomprehensible mismatch of spent ideals. Self-congratulatory edicts spit from gold-plated mouths, that will never understand what it means to miss a meal. Don't"
  • Michele Morrone Next
    "if you were in my head wouldn’t say I am wrong if you know my past you wouldn’t fly you think I am naïve I’ve try so many times a new begin the space turn around and se my empty glass you think I am"
  • Kanye West God Level
    "Provide a new coffin You don't seek murder like this this often God level God level Oh, father! Might as well make a new casket God level God level God level You see sharks in the water Then they"
  • Another Level Level-n-service
    "Intro: Ice CubeTitle's n themes, and shitYaknowhatI'msayin? Just let this motherfucker come on(yeah let's do this) And be fresh, like I am(serious nigga?)Verse One: Ice CubeI wish I was in high schoolSo"
  • Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event
    "Uugh, yeah yeah here we go y'all Here we here we here we go y'all Busta Rhymes Flipmode y'all Yeah yeah y'all extinction level event shit Bomb threat to the whole world What what what is going on What"
  • Beseech Higher Level
    "I can't resist nor refuse the thrill of lust you bring me The contradictions taking me down Down the darker side of me The insecurity is my fear To loose a part of me A pray of courage reaching my mind Forgive"
  • KRS-One Higher Level
    "Verse One: After seven years of rockin' How do you rate me? Poorly or greatly? Everybody seems to be goin' for their's lately Yo mad heads be needin' money So listen very close as I conduct this little"
  • Genitorturers Level 3
    "What took so long to get to level 3? Oh, was it hard to finally find me? What could it take to turn you oh so bad? Was it me that wrecked your courage Cuz your sentiment was had? Right here, all along Right"
  • Subb Ground Level
    "You elect the government so quickly, now you criticize them You don't have a reason for the fact, that you are bleeding Independent state of mind is driving you way out of line Could it be your problems,"
  • Krayzie Bone Thugga level
    "Big ballin bitch like Boss come thru like it ain't no thang Paper chase, hustlin nothin changed Ask me again I'll tell you the same Don't hustle the fame nigga, most of the game Put it down in the street"
  • Next Next Experience
    "INTRO-Rock-a-bye baby and it don't stop,when the shirts fall the pants will drop. Down will come boxers,panties and all. It's on, it's on,it's on. Yo(huh)this is RL, and what we tryna do right now is figure"
  • Zug Izland Fly
    "Spread your wings, flyin over frozen mountains, crystal rivers, and geyser fountains, Driftin above China's mystic forests, float with the breeze across seas to shore, Deserts, cactus, and tumbleweeds, Irish"

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